1. So, IU in last place in the MAC at 0-2. I have to say I never expected this. This is unbelievably depressing.

  2. This is the LAST game I go to Ever if LYNCH remains head coach. My God even when we where winning 2 games a year we could suck out against MAC teams. I’m done if their is no god damn accountability in the program then screw them, I will draw a name outta a hate each week and cheer for them. Back up QB throws for almost 500 yards. If I hear anyone try to defend him in public i’m gonna Tyson their ass. He is the worst coach in D 1. Only a clueless idiot would try to run it up the middle (THE ONLY PLAY THEY STOPPED ALL GAME) when they were tearing up the D running out in space with their superior speed.

  3. Hey… last yeare when I predicted this year I got hammered. Uh…………………….. where are you band wagon folks today???????? ONE BIG TEN TITLE IN 108 YEARS of BIG TEN FOOTBALL… UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO HAS SEVEN.

  4. The Peegs Nazi’s will think of a way to say Lynch needs to stay, that site is horrible.

    Also Lynch has to go, I can’t believe some idiots didnt see this coming

  5. Way to go Hoovers, Lynch has this team running like a well oiled vacuum cleaner. (Still Suckin!!!)

  6. Lynchypo has them looking like a bunch of retards trying to hump a football. This is probably the worst hoosier team I have ever seen with the performance/talent level as high as it is. Where was doss and Lewis at the end? Lynch just does not seem very competent.

  7. Looking back (painfully) now after a few hours, it occurs to me that we (IU) seemed to be content to play football today, instead of being intent on trying to WIN. Almost as if we didn’t really think we could LOSE. Like you would expect at an exhibition.

    The season is a big disappointment, and maybe I’m not making any sense. We had several players hurt today, hopefully the injuries are not serious.

    Last year was sure fun in Arizona. Would love to do it again sometime soon. Maybe next year? Hope the coaches get this mess fixed. Backup MAC QBs should not being laying 500 yd games on IU at home.

  8. I had a good discussion with our group that goes to the games. Is it just us or is this years IU football team a bunch of pansies? I have never seen more kids (Thig, Lewis, Line) that constantly get hurt during some point in the game and never come back in. Thig has done this for the last 2 years, cannot take a hit. Lewis has done it all year. Then they play the next game or play after sitting out one game. Crazy!

    I love what Patt said about being a warrior. All I can say is conservative play with a small lead or large lead is as far away from what Coach Hep envisioned for IU. 2nd weeek in a row IU runs the ball up the middle on 1st and 2nd down and 2nd and 23 and we run up the middle. Last week we are up and ran up the middle on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd down. When announcers constantly talk about the bad playcalling and I have friends 5 states away that ask me who is calling the plays and how random it is…that is an issue that needs addressed. I am scared from reading what Glass has said that he will give Lynch one more year no matter what, that scares the hell out of me. They need to clean house, down to the custodians.

    I never say this, never…but I am excited about basketball season at this point. I know they might struggke but I bet they play to win, are excited, and prepared!

  9. where did glass say that? if he did, hes an idiot from the same good ol boy mold as the other admins and lynch

  10. I have read all of the transcripts of what Glass said and while he never comes out and says it, I think he is a major Lynch supporter…but I could be wrong. He is a football guy and let’s hope he sees what we all do.

  11. Predictably, sadly pathetic. No continuity on either side of ball. Gimmickry needed to try and win MAC games. Back-up QB’s lighting it up like Joe Willie Namath in his prime. My God! 100+ years of this. Please stop,..in the name of competency, drop football as a varsity revenue option or actually do it correctly. NOW!!! IU followers have suffered enough. Cub fans think they have it bad.

  12. if they don’t fire Lynch then I would be in favor of dropping the program. At least Hep gave us hope.

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