Crean: “We’re going to be our own reality show.”

Tom Crean met the media today, just two days before he’ll pit his Hoosiers against Anderson in an exhibition game at Assembly Hall.

He admitted that he has no idea what to expect. But he’s trying to enjoy the uncertainty.

“If we don’t smile and enjoy it a little bit,” he said, “it’s going to be a very disheartening experience.”

Crean then compared his team to a reality show, specifically something called “Real Housewives” of which, my research has turned up, there are two varieties: Real Housewives of Orange County and Real Housewives of Atlanta. Seeing as I am much more of a Project Runway guy, I’m going to have to check these shows out so that Tom and I may have something to bond over.

Back to basketball . . . . Crean hasn’t even decided on a starting line-up yet. Says he just has the beginning of an idea of who might step on the court first on Friday night.

Other tidbits from today:

  • Anderson’s got a strong tradition and will come in here and show different looks to IU. “They’re going to challenge us, but right now anybody would challenge us,” Crean said.
  • Crean had a workout for six potential walkons this morning, and will continue to consider adding more players. Though the Hoosiers already have six walk-ons (and eight eligible scholarship players), he’s still searching for players who may contribute during games or, at the very least, make practice more competitive. The try-out process is fluid; it’s not as if a player comes in, has one good day and is added to the team. After adding Evan White, a 6-1 guard out of Fort Wayne last week, Crean’s not after more guards. He need wings now.
  • Crean said he has “all kinds of concerns” but that the one thing the team is struggling to grasp the most is just how much of an emphasis he puts on playing up-tempo basketball whether the other team makes or misses.
  • The team is scrimmaging with refs as I type (the session is closed to the public and media). Crean said it won’t be a straight scrimmage; he’ll also put the team through scenarios.
  • This week is being treated like a typical game week. Assistant Tim Buckley is scouting Anderson, Crean will design a gameplan specifically catered to the Ravens and planned on implementing some of it today.
  • When asked if his team was grasping his system yet, Crean said he purposefully has not allowed them to. “Every time they grasp something we throw something else new in,” he said.
  • Indiana’s lone senior and returning scholarship player, Kyle Taber, hasn’t been cleared for contact, yet, but is on pace to possibly return by next week. Taber had knee surgery in late August.
  • Crean said: “He (freshman G/F Nick Williams) has to rebound better. Please write that.” So I did.
  • Daniel Moore, who has led Indiana in assists in both public scrimmages so far, must do three things to see significant playing time this year: 1) he must be more vocal, 2) he must be “an absolute nasty pest” on defense and 3) he needs to develop a reliable jumper.


  1. Apparently last night’s episode (he watches Atlanta) was heavy on his mind today. He brought it up at a luncheon we attended. He was also still trying out walk-ons as of this morning, with 6 kids giving it a go at about 10, and a few invited back for this afternoon. Interesting lunch!

  2. And here I thought Tom Crean and I shared an affinity for ‘Top Chef!’ Next you’ll tell me Bennie Seltzer is a ‘Survivor’ and ‘America’s Got Talent’ devotee!!! Here’s hoping Kyle Taber isn’t going on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ this season; he might go the way of Misty May-Treanor ……..

  3. Now that is a media interview. His comments, thru Chris’ interpretation make me, as a fan, feel a part of the process. I already like this guy. No traces of the “no speak” pressers we had for a couple of years. I am anxious to watch and cheer for this team and their coach.

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