Glass: Bill Lynch will be the football coach at Indiana University

Incoming IU athletic director Fred Glass said Friday that Bill Lynch will remain Indiana’s football coach.

Glass wasn’t initially planning to talk about Lynch and his football program until starting the athletic director job on Jan. 2. But in consultation with university President Michael McRobbie, he changed his plan because competing schools have been trying to exploit in recruiting the uncertainty created by a change in athletic directors and a losing football season.

“I just think it’s very important to be very clear that Bill Lynch is and will be the football coach at Indiana University,” Glass said.

Glass said that with IU having entered into a four-year agreement with Lynch that promised a chance to build IU’s football program, the university isn’t going to cut that opportunity short after just one year.

“I think contracts need to mean something at Indiana University,” he said.

Glass and Lynch met Tuesday. The incoming AD said he told Lynch that his expectations are for IU to win Big Ten championships, and while that isn’t likely to happen next year, he “certainly expects progress toward that goal.”

“He shares my expectations,” Glass said. “I have the very highest expectations. . . .My expectation is that we’ll do what we need to do to win Big Ten championships, and I’ll do my best to give him the resources to do so.”

Glass said he’s received a lot of e-mail from fans – some of it belligerent and some very thoughtful – about Lynch and IU’s 3-9 football season, and many of those who want Lynch fired are also people who didn’t want him hired last year. The question now, he said, isn’t whether Lynch should be given a four-year contract. The question is whether after a “terrible” season, IU should make a change just one year into that contract.

“I think the answer is clearly no,” Glass said.


  1. “I think contracts need to mean something at Indiana University,”

    I agree with Glass on that one (especially the clauses which provide for termination upon cause). I also think you get what you pay for, and for $600,000/yr., we’ll get a 3-9 coach.

    Glass’ vote of confidence may aid Lynch in recruiting, but I don’t think it will be equally reflected in ticket sales.

    Ultimately, I think Glass was shackled to this contract & isn’t in a position to get out. If donor dollars and ticket sales continue to dry up, he’ll have no choice but to act next season.

  2. Most of us knew this was coming, however it doesn’t mean we have to like it.

    I won’t turn my back on the team, will continue to keep my season tickets and root on the Hoosiers.

  3. It will be interesting to see just how bad a BCS program can get. Having a poor coach with a tradionally poor program is a recipe for spectacular failure.

  4. Isn’t that just groovy. I’m with you Mike P. I’ll support the team, But I’m not going to drive four hours to B-town and watch the Hoosiers get kicked by 30+ from the lack of effort that the coaching staff and the player have shown this year.

  5. No more season tickets for me, I can support IU at home with my HD TV. I will not give them a dime of my money while Bill Lynch is the head coach. Besides, i had enough people asking me to take their tickets for free this year. Why spend money when i can get tickets for free? That is what I call a creating a winning atmosphere!

  6. Let us only hope that some miracle happens between now and next fall! If Lynch is safe what about the coordinators I know there were injuries last year but the offense was way to predictable! Qb next year? Lewis can run but can’t throw. Chappel can throw but can’t run!Bad year to be an IU fan. I hope Sampson is enjoying his 750,000 buyout for cheating!!

  7. I WILL NEVER EVER, EVER, I MEAN EVER GO TO ANOTHER FOOTBALL GAME. Talk about what is wrong with athletics, the acceptance of underachievement and the most moronic coach in America. You know when you lose by 52 to the second to last place team in the conference (and your main rival) after a horrendous season everyone that CARES about the football program fires their coach! But not at Ole IU. They just “keep battling” getting blown out almost every week. They just “keep going to work” not scoring in the second half unless a miracle happens. What a slap in the face to every true fan out there that asks for some hope. Fire Fred Glass as well. I think its time we confront these crooks one way or another!

  8. Proactive comments from Glass on a hot topic. I like it. Sort of like the President Elect acting presidential before the middle of January. Greenspan is lame duck and should step out immediately.

    Go Bill Lynch, prove the naysayers wrong.

  9. YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I will still buy season tickets but several of them will be on stubhub by mid-September. Here is to another fall tailgating in the grass lot. Keep ’em coming.

  10. glass failed already. I will not go to a football game while lynch is the coach. Enjoy the thousands of empty seats with a loser coach.

  11. wow. Bill is a nice guy and all. But he cant coach. He coached ball state, (the old ball state) and look how well he did there…not very, and that was the MAC. Well maybe we will get lucky and win the first game next season against indiana blind!

    Come on glass. Give IU a chance, we need something, and lynch isnt it!!!!!

    Oh, you might want to take your time on the new part of the stadium, cause it aint gonna sell a single seat next year

  12. This is the worst news a Hoosier fan could possibly hear. A nation divided will never succeed, point in case thought history time after time. Its definately a fact that Hoosier nation is not behind Lynch he has to go for any chance of success!

  13. “Glass and Lynch met Tuesday. The incoming AD said he told Lynch that his expectations are for IU to win Big Ten championships”

    Haha… Yea, right!

  14. Mike P
    You’ve said it well again.

    Glass had to do this. We all knew it. Glad its said and done and now we can focus on ….. oh yeah…basketball?

    Not just anybody can be an IU fan….

  15. I will continue to support IU and the football team (even driving 3 hours). It would be really nice to see Glass step into fixing the coordinator problems though. I think a lot of the problems with the team could be corrected with good coordinators. I’m not sure if he could talk anyone into joining a staff that may be on a very short leash though.

  16. What good assistant coach would want to come to IU with Lynch basically being a lame-duck coach thru next season? I don’t see any changes in the coaching staff, and after we get drilled by Purdue by 50 at home, hopefully then Glass will clean house, and once again we will start over. Why did we ever fire Mal? At least his 2 and 3 win teams in 95 and 96 gave some heart and effort, this team looked as if they were ready for the season to be over, as was all of the fans at the Wisconsin game.

  17. the recruits will still leave because lynch has been exposed as the loser that he has been his ENTIRE career. pathetic that IU admins cant see this. absolutely worthless.

  18. Honestly, I think these guys should all be fired but AT. Its official, we are the Detroit lions of college football. We sink of epic proportions and its just stay the course. Well that’s just crazy. If you keep someone who is a loser, in an environment where its easy to be a loser, you are pretty much insulting everyone’s intelligence! I guarantee we will beat up on 2 division schools again (note i count newly wku d 2!!!). Then maybe we will suck out a close game against a big ten that is too drunk to throw it to the right team. But we need to ban together and boycott this farce!

  19. Excellent. Maybe over the next few years this University and those who call themselves “fans” (as opposed to citizens, voters, parents, employers, employees) will begin to see that, in the big picture (maybe even the small picture) football is of no importance whatsoever. If all the effort and money that went into football were used for something of value- we’d all be better.. Fans- find something important to fix.

  20. Actually- maybe that’s what the fans have been saying anyway- what was the attendance at those last games….?

  21. This guy is a puppet already. I talked to a high ranking IU booster today (believe if you wish). He told me that there is an out in the contract, if IU lets him go they owe him nothing. But he also said he is hoping to give the guy another year. I actually agree with the decision but don’t let this be construed as some HUGE decision by the new AD……he’s going to go with the boosters for now.

  22. Maybe we can talk Bill into violating some NCAA rules and force the hand of the AD. What are they gonna do, keep us from a bowl game? HA. take a sholarship maybe?(that would mean we dont get the 23 best running back from Alaska. Big deal) At least we could force some change.

  23. JZ – November 28th, 2008 at 5:18 pm – No more season tickets for me, I can support IU at home with my HD TV. I will not give them a dime of my money while Bill Lynch is the head coach. Besides, i had enough people asking me to take their tickets for free this year. Why spend money when i can get tickets for free? That is what I call a creating a winning atmosphere!


    We need to set up a program where anyone who has purchased IU football tickets can donate their tickets to organizations like Big Brothers, the Boys Club, etc.

    I attended the Iowa and Northwestern home games this year and was amazed at the number of empty seats.

    When I see all of the empty seats at IU home football games, I immediately think that there needs to be numerous changes made in personnel in the IU Athletic Department.

    Incompetency is incompetency, period. These personnel changes need to be made ASAP.

    Why pay people in the IU Athletic Department good money when there are 23,000 empty seats at an IU home football game?

    Empty seats are demoralizing for everone, e.g., the IU football players, IU football recruits, IU football fans, the IU President, the local economy, etc.

    Lets bring back the Knothole Club and provide discounted home IU football tickets to grade school, middle school, and high school students.

    Over the 8 home games this season, 65% of the seats were filled and 35% were empty.

    In 2008 IU had a total of 139,545 empty seats which calculates to an average of 17,443 empty seats per home game.

    08-30-2008 WESTERN KENTUCKY — 19,158 empty seats
    09-06-2008 MURRAY STATE — 19,102 empty seats
    09-20-2008 BALL STATE — 7,876 empty seats
    09-27-2008 MICHIGAN STATE — 17,393 empty seats
    10-11-2008 IOWA — 15,797 empty seats
    10-25-2008 NORTHWESTERN — 18,527 empty seats
    11-01-2008 CENTRAL MICHIGAN — 23,085 empty seats
    11-08-2008 Wisconsin – 18,607 empty seats

  24. Don’t worry though, next year’s O$U game will bring take pictures of the new stadium day, they will sell the place out, and the Purdue game might be a sellout as well. Of course that will only make up for the crowds of 20k at all of the others. Were a joke, if I weren’t an IU diehard, I would be laughing, but I’m not.

  25. To: blacklistedfrompeegs

    I agree. In 2009 the IU home football games with both Ohio State and Purdue will likely be sell out games. For these two games there should not be any tickets offered to the Knothole Club members. In addition, IU should designate these two IU home football games as ‘premium’ games and charge a higher price for the tickets.

    For example, in 2008 IU charged $39 for the home IU football games with the exception of the ‘premium’ IU home game with Wisconsin when the price was increased to $49 per ticket.

    The Ohio State and Purdue games in 2009 should be designated as ‘premium’ games and the ‘premium’ ticket price should be charged to the IU fans, the Ohio State fans, and the Purdue fans.

    However, for the remaining IU home football games in 2009 the fundamental principals of Economics E-101 regarding Supply, Demand, and Price, should determine the IU home football ticket prices.

  26. Lynch in his first year takes IU to a bowl game and gets Hardy drafted in the first round, Porter in the second, turns Middleton into an all american and Starr into the best kicker in the big ten.

    Tom Crean in his first year has us struggling against division II teams and is given a contract extension before coaching a game and makes $20something million and is given hero status.

    What is wrong with this picture? Support Lynch or go root for illinois!

  27. One is a proven consistent winner over his career I believe, the other has not demonstrated that.

    I pose the following non-emotional questions once again:

    1. Who is ultimately responsible for the performance of, and the progress made by, the IU football program?

    2. What progress or improvement in performance did this year’s football team display?

    3. What about BL’s past performance gives one any confidence that he is likely to turn around the IU football program?

    4. If/when BL leaves the IU football program, which/how many BCS schools will be lined up to give him an interview?

    5. If we take the giant ‘leap of faith’ and allow that BL was responsible for the accomplishments of the players that Aruss seems to argue for, then is he not also responsible for the lack of accomplishment by this year’s players?

    We have had season tickets for several seasons now, including all the years BL has been here. During those seasons, we have not missed a single home game, and been to several away games–Purdue and Illinois this year. Preparation, discipline, etc. appear to be lacking. I would think that even the coach himself would agree that he is disappointed with the performance of his team. Careful consideration of these questions in the current situation leave me very skeptical of the current coaching staff. Either way, I’ll be back in my seats next year supporting the team.

    Just because some are concerned about this coaching staff is NO reason to suggest that they should ‘go root for Illinois’!

    Not to get too far off topic, but during the previous two seasons some IU fans were Sampson supporters, and others were Sampson skeptics. Some were right, others appear now not to have been. They were (are) all IU fans. It’s ok to disagree sometimes–frustrating I suppose, but ok.

    Go Hoosiers!!
    But I’m not rooting for Illinois.

  28. BHSS Football Fan,
    I agree 100% with your post, hopefully IU football sees it that way.

  29. I’m not renewing my season tickets. To be honest with you if you do renew them you are part of the problem. Until we really show them how dissatisfied we are with the current state and terrible performances, then they might let this incompetent loosier who ran ball state into the ground stay on another year after next years 3 or 4 win year. Do us real fans a favor and don’t spend a dime on football until they get a coach.

  30. the only person that believes lynch had anything to do with the things you mention arsus, is you and his family. nice try, but he isnt responsible for any of those things because he destroyed each and every one of them this year. pathetic coach results in pathetic play from our team. huge mistake by glass and the IU admin, they will see next year.

  31. I have a question. Were there any restraints on Lynch, while he was the coach at Ball State? Was the recruiting budget very low or reduced? I recently read a story about Ball State’s success this year and in the story was a mention that Lynch was limited in recruiting afforts. While an answer might placate anyone, I would be interested to know what went on in Muncie, during Lynch’s tenure.

  32. Let’s take a look at Iowa and look for some similarities in their situation. I’m not comparing the teams as they were clearly better than us this year, but the situation they were in, specifically regarding Coach Ferentz.

    They have a crappy first couple of years in his tenure. Ferentz then gets the program rolling and they go to bowl games for I dont know how many consecutive years…then they have a couple of sub-par years the past few seasons (including consecutive losses to us). All of a sudden Ferentz is an idiot who has no idea what he is doing and should without question be fired. That seemed to be what the fans were thinking.

    Then what happens this year? Iowa bounced back and knocked off #1 Penn State and is stting at 8 wins.

    Lynch’s first year we go to a bowl. Give whoever you want the credit for this but Coach Lynch was still the coach. Then this year is not pleasant in any way, shape or form. I’m not saying Bill Lynch is Kirk Ferentz, but let’s at least give him a chance to right the ship and establish something. Instead of getting rid of a coach when things go bad, give him a chance to fix it. If he can’t fix it, then it will be time to go in another direction.

  33. First of all why was Lynch hired in the first place? He performed horribly at his previous job at a MAC program in Ball St. How does this make him qualified to coach Big Ten ball at any university. Even when he was the interim coach for two games when Hep was ill he also did not have the team ready to play and we lost to a D-1AA team in Southern Illinois. Besides the 7-5 season which should of been a much better one with proper coaching (Ben Chappel pass against NW went for a pick 6 his first real game play of the year, why throw that pass?! Run the ball until the next play when Lewis goes back in!) Although, it is not just Lynch the play calling has been subpar all year long and the defense never blitz as we drop 8 guys and get picked apart all year long. Its truely depressing watching this team play because they have soooo much talent and potential and you know that the surface will never even be scratched. Committed recruits are starting to second guess their commitments… I guess the team on the upswing is no longer moving up and its obvious to see.

  34. Aruss-

    Bill Lynch backed his way into a horrible bowl game and got blown out. And since when does “getting” a person drafted in the second round become a resume-builder? What a crock of *(&^(* you are.

    As a Seattle sports fan and an IU fan, I think I am officially the most miserable sports fan in America. Can you think of a worse combination?

    Seahawks – 2-11
    Mariners – 61-101
    Sonics – moved to Oklahoma City
    Husky football – 0-10

    IU Football – 3-9, with the worst coach in Div I coming back
    IU basketball – heading towards an 8 win season


  35. Ball State 42 Indiana 20 in Bloomington
    Iowa 45 Indiana 9 in Bloomington
    Illinois 55 Indiana 13 in Champaign
    Central Michigan 37 Indiana 34 in Bloomington
    Wisconsin 55 Indiana 20 in Bloomington
    Purdue 62 Indiana 10 in West Lafayyette

    These games were just plain embarassing and are the reasons I won’t re-new my season tickets next year. Losing is one thing, but getting ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED is something else. But, because of injuries, these outcomes are understandable and excusable?

  36. I would just rather not renew my tix because I can scalp easy or just buy at the box office, but I would lose my priority points. I understand that Glass really cannot make that move so quick but something has to be done to give us fans a little something to hold on to. Let Canada and a few others go, clean up the training and conditioning (injuries), or put a new scheme offensively in the playbook…this seasons crap does not work. Announce a positive change in the media right now. I mean I need something to grasp in a positive light for next year. I am totally unexcited for the first and I mean first time in my life. How do I get excited about next year with Lynch, a tougher schedule, undisciplined play, no fundamentals, conservative play, uninspired-non motivated play…how do I get the 4 people in our group to decide they want tix again??? Honestly, there are many reasons he should be let go but just on halftime adjustments alone, Glass would be justified to fire him today. The numbers in being outscored in the second half are AMAZING! I am bummed! Hell, I wish I was contributing thousands so I could call and say…NO MORE until he is gone but I am lucky to have enough for tix alone. If IU was not in the AD transition phase, he would be gone!

  37. if only lynch had as much dignity as croom down at mississippi state. each man takes a team to a bowl game and follows that up with a season plagued by unprepared football teams. the season culminates for both with embarrassment on the final day of the season as their rivals blow them out. croom resigns. bill lynch vows to ‘keep battling.’

    what a joke.

  38. I agree with Ryan. Croom stepped down after 5 years and if Lynch hasn’t turned IU football around by the time his contract ends, he should step down as well.

  39. Croom did resign after an embarrasing season topped off with an embarrassing loss to a rival, much like IU’s season went. However, Croom was the head coach for 5 years. He had time to instill his foundation in the program. Clearly it didn’t work that well and now he’s gone. Bill Lynch has had 2 years. Whether you like the man or not, 2 years is not an adequate amount of time for any coach to establish a program.

    Also, while Lynch and the coaches certainly deserve blame for the poor season, let’s not forget that the players ultimately play the game. A Mississippi State player said this after they lost Friday:

    “I think it is unfair,” wide receiver Delmon Robinson said of the criticism. “When it’s man-to-man coverage, it’s the receiver against the [defensive back]. If the receiver doesn’t win, it’s not the coach’s fault that he didn’t win. It’s all about the players. We’ve got to win and we’ve got to go out there and execute coach’s plays.”

    Again, not to take all the blame off the coaching staff, but based on people’s comments it sounds like the coaches were the ones out there that couldn’t block well or cover any receivers on defense the whole season. Players have to take care of business too.

  40. the problem is not just the players, its the coaches for not preparing them and making bonehead play calls. lynch will never inspire a team to play hard 100% and stive to achieve. hes to complacent being a loser whether he knows it or not. zero intensity, zero agression, which by the way, is important in FOOTBALL. the only other loser will be IU if they give up 5 years of mediocity to a loser coach.

  41. Aruss said “Lynch in his first year takes IU to a bowl game and gets Hardy drafted in the first round, Porter in the second, turns Middleton into an all american and Starr into the best kicker in the big ten.

    Tom Crean in his first year has us struggling against division II teams and is given a contract extension before coaching a game and makes $20something million and is given hero status”

    Yes, we made a bowl game, and got trounced as we were totally not prepared for it.

    He done NOTHING to get Hardy or Porter drafted.

    Hardy was made a starter by Hep, he spent his voluntary workout time between seasons AWAY from Bill & Billy Lynch working with NFL receivers on what will make him a high draft pick. By the way, he was the 10th pick of the 2nd round, not a 1st round pick, get it right.

    Porter was considered one of the top corners in the nation coming into last season. He became a starter for 2 years under Hep! He was a NFL draft pick before his senior year, and his 2nd round status came from him having an amazing workout at the NFL combine, not a damn thing Lynch and that f**king cover 4 defense did.

    He turned Middleton into an All-American? That is funny. Where was Middleton this year? Completely inefficient against a double team or against the run, not to mention he was suspended for discipline problems to start the season.

    If you’re going to sing Lynch’s praises for what he done last year with a team playing on emotion, make sure you don’t forget to mention all the stuff that was F**KED UP this year!

    I don’t even want to go into the Tom Crean thing, but you are comparing apples to oranges. Lynch took over a team full of players he had been with for 2 previous seasons. Crean is at a new school, with no returning talent, yet has already been able to build a top 5 recruiting class for 2009! We knew basketball would struggle this year, but some of us truly though we could get a bowl game again this year, and expected at least a 7 win season, not a 3-9 season where we got embarrassed in the 2nd half of 8 games.

    Hate to tell you this, but the 2007 season, is something most Hoosier fans have forgot because of the debacle that was the 2008 season that ol’ Billy boy was in control of! He is returning the majority of his starters next year, getting some key guys off injury and off red-shirt, anything less than a bowl-bid next year should be his removal from this state!

    For everyone else, I seen Darius Willis today, he appeared to have put on 15-20+ pounds of pure muscle in his red shirt year. He is beastly in appearance.

  42. i also find it sad that our AD and PR puppet heads have to come out and make these statments claiming to nip any recruiting shenanigans by other schools. note to AD and JD, other schools dont need you to tell them that BL is coming back to stop them from takng our recruits away, Lynch screwed things up himself and our top recruits will still be recruited away based on IU being a crap hole program to play for, with zero fan support, and a coach under fire. these recruits wont have lynch here for more than 1 year. keeping him 1 more year actually does more damage to the program, if thats even possible.

  43. Another fine performance by IU versus Northwestern. I will never watch the Hoosiers ever again. what a bunch of chokers 28-3 and geat beat 29-28 Nice job Lynch!!!!!!

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