Indiana 103, Anderson 71

Daniel Moore makes a save.

Overall, Indiana head coach Tom Crean was pleased with how his team played.

The 21-2 run was important for this team. Crean has been saying for weeks that he wasn’t sure how it would perform under the lights and against another team. He got his answer quickly.

“The crowd revved our team up so much,” he said.

The team apparently was nervous before the game, so Crean cut the walk through short. Instead, the team partook in a mosh-pit during which someone tried to kick Crean and mess up his hair.

Verdell Jones III, who had a smooth debut of 18 points, three assists and three steals, admitted to trying to mess up Crean’s carefully crafted hairstyle.

This really is a reality show.


  1. I forgot how much fun basketball could be. I know it was a D3 school, but it gave us a chance to see what lies ahead. Great job guys!

  2. Good Team Basketball!!
    There is some young, young talent on that team.
    Way to go guys. I was proud to be there.

    Go Hoosiers!

  3. I was watching them warmup and could definitely tell that they were nervous – they couldn’t complete bounce passes and were missing layups, it was actually kind of funny to be honest. Good effort though, you can definitely tell that these kids are learning every day and are working hard at all times, I love the way Jobe sprints down court

    Have to say I am worried about being out-rebounded by a DIII school but I’m sure that is what they will work on in their next practice

  4. I encourage everyone to contact the Big Ten Network and complain about the streaming experiment (I just did). Be nice, but explain how choppy it was, how it locked up every 5 seconds or so, and how the audio was missing. If they get enough complaints, hopefully they’ll throw Tuesday’s game on one of the other channels instead of the web (which is how it’s currently scheduled).

  5. Drew–
    I did this last night because I was disappointed in the quality of the online streaming. Here is my response.. they didn’t say whether or not if the game will be televised. However, if the outage was the problem then hopefully it’ll be fixed over the weekend.

    “Hello Josh,

    We apologize for the trouble with our exhibition games. Due to a network outage at our encoding facility, we have been struggling to bring quality video to our consumers. The network outage is also affecting our ability to publish archives of the games, although we are doing our best to find a solution for the archives. Thanks for
    your understanding.

    -Big Ten Network”

  6. I posted this on one of your blogs earlier today, but couldn’t resist posing the same question again:

    “Checking the BTN schedule for Tuesday 11/11, it looks like they’re showing a 2003 archived game as opposed to telecasting the I.U. / Bemidji game. Is this for real? How is this justified by the BTN?”

  7. Yeah, I don’t get it. They went from televising the exhibition games last year to putting a number of the same type of games online this year. It’s like they actually got worse covering men’s college basketball. I really hope the rest of the online streamed games come in without any trouble if they won’t be televised.

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