Indiana 72, Bemidji State 54 (Final)

Tijan will get you.

Box score (PDF)

First things first….greatest picture of Tijan Jobe ever taken.

Now, to the game.

There were dicey moments.

Namely a 10-point run by Bemidji State to open the second half, which cut Indiana’s lead to 37-36.

Indiana coach Tom Crean didn’t really have any words of enouragement for his team.

He just started putting new players in. And that’s the lesson from tonight: this year, Crean won’t wait for a player to get into the game. It’s got to be immediate, or you’ll be on the bench and somebody else will be giving it a try.

“Energy is going to be king,” Crean said.

The Beavers, a Division II team, certainly were more of a physical challenge than Anderson, a Division III team, was. Indiana’s starting back court did not respond well: Matt Roth (1-for-3), Verdell Jones (3-for-11) and Devan Dumes (2-for-10) were a combined 6-for-24.

“I’m glad that we had to go through it, and I’m glad that we found some guys to come off the bench to change the momentum,” Crean said.

Daniel Moore and Malik Story seemed to provide the most energy off the bench tonight.  Moore was 2-for-3 — including one impressive drive to the basket — and finished with five points, three assists, two turnovers and a steal in 18 minutes. Story led the team with 15 points in 19 minutes and added seven rebounds.

“I think my role tonight was to bring energy off the bench,” said Story, a freshman from Los Angeles.

Story’s natural inclination is to play more of a perimeter game. He did shoot four 3s on Tuesday night (and made two) but he also showed an increased willingness to scrap.

“I’m learning to use my size and quickness against the bigger players,” he said.

Kyle Taber made his return to the court; he’s still in the early days of being cleared after August knee surgery, and was limited to 15 minutes. In that time, he had nine rebounds, tied for a team high with Tom Pritchard (who played 30 minutes, more than anybody).

Pritchard was once again tough in the paint, and he once again struggled to finish. He was 3-for-10.

And though Pritchard will have to be play a huge role, his spot is not safe. He was yanked less than five minutes into the game after struggling to defend.

“It’s hard for me to look and think, let’s pay through this,” Crean said. “We don’t have any demonstrated ability to play through it yet.”


  1. The Big Ten Network streamed the IU-Bemidji State game on their web site.

    I received the audio OK but the video would lock up all of the time and I could only see about 1/5 of the video.

    Anyone else have the same problem with the BTN web stream of the game?

  2. We are going to suck. Not just in an IU Football kind of way. I mean, who is our best player, Finkelmeier???? Even having to ask that question is incredibly pathetic.

  3. I too had problems with the webstream, but not as bad as the Anderson game. Download the newest Mozilla browser, and Adobe Flash 10 (both free) and use the lowest bandwith (500). It only sucks part of the time – but does freeze occasionally making it necessary to refresh and watch another Jimmy Johns commercial.

  4. Whoa there!!! Easy on those football team comparisons. At least the IU basketball team can BEAT the Division II teams in a down year!!!

  5. Most people say they understand this is a rebuliding process, and it’s gonna take a few years, but I garuntee there will be guys like “Scott Horn” who immediately abandon ship. You’re right, they might suck this year, but what did you expect? How about some of the positives, like Malik Story playing very well, or Moore playing pretty good “d” and running the offense.

    How about the fact that there is some movement in the offense this year?? Last year it was like Sampson had no gameplan. It was like, hey EJ, see if you can dribble, drive and score, if not, throw it to DJ.

    My point is, it’s pretty early to start with the nay-sayer attitude, especially when you know coming into this that it’s gonna be a rough year.

  6. I agree, Steve O.

    We’re undoubtedly not going to be amazing–but especially not this early in the season. When we take the floor, we look like exactly what we are: a team of young, inexperienced players who have only been together for a handful of months. Give them some time. I’m not making any bold predictions for this year, but I’ll be very interested to see how we look in the last 5 or 10 games of the year. I guarantee we’ll be much improved from the preseason product you’re seeing right now. So let’s all calm down, keep a rational outlook on this season, and be supportive as we witness what will hopefully be an ever-improving team. If nothing else, we’re witnessing a historic season in one fashion or another.

  7. Steve Horn should go away. This team has played its heart out in both exhibitions. They will be overmatched most nights, but they are going to play hard, pass the ball, move without it, and defend to the best of their ability. Watch and learn. See if you can appreciate where this team is going to be in a couple years, and enjoy the ride–bumps and all.

    Jobe gives his all, and I would rather have 100% of a kid like that, than 50% effort from some of the “superstars” we had last year.

    Go Coach, and go Hoosiers! I’ll be there every night.

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