Indiana 81, Chaminade 79

Indiana holds off a late surge by the Silverswords — one made possible by missed free throws — and will leave Maui in a few hours with a 3-2 record and the satisfaction of getting a win on the final day.

That the win came against a Division II team that dressed only eight players, most of whom are new to the program, won’t wipe the smiles from Indiana’s players.

They, too, are mostly new. And because Chaminade has been built with transfers, the Hoosiers actually had less Division I experience than the Swords.

Hoosiers coach Tom Crean was unabashedly pleased with the win.

“I think we got better everyday,” he said. “And that’s the objective you have to be able to measure by. They’re learning so many different things. The greatest thing they’ve learned is how to bounce back in a hurry.”

Listen to the post game press conference with Crean, Verdell Jones and Tom Pritchard by clicking here.


  1. Chris or Doug,

    Didn’t IU also preemptively take away two scholarships because of the hit to APR under Sampson and with all the players transferring? Were those two fewer scholarships for this year, next year or when? Also, when would the APR score that reflects all of that be released?

  2. Hound raises something that crossed my mind earlier in the week- is there any way you guys could put together a composite piece showing the status of our sanctions; what they entail, who they affect, from which indiscretion they originate, and how long they last? Like a Christmas calendar, it would be nice to peel them away as each sanction expires. Thanks & happy Thanksgiving to the Scoop and all its readers!

  3. Hound, Chronic,

    As you can guess, I don’t have all of my APR files with me. But I can tell you this much:

    — IU docked itself 2 scholarships this season in anticipation of the next APR report, which will come out in the spring.

    — As far as I remember – and the sun may have bleached away a good deal of my memory – IU is through with all of its sanctions (unless you count the not giving a scholarship this year as ongoing). Crean and his staff are back to full recruiting power.

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