1. Chris,
    Does Wilson have you on some kind of blog quota? I don’t think I ever remember you posting so much in one day before. You’re in paradise, 4,300 miles from your boss. You should not be sober enough to be typing right now. What gives, man?

  2. When the head honchos see the bill for this trip, there’s a good chance their first instinct will be to make me the next victim of the economy. So I need to at least be able to say, “But I blogged incessantly!” It’s just self defense, really.

  3. Blogging really helped the football team. What a waste of resources! FIRE LYNCH FOR CHIRST SAKES ALREADY.

  4. Hey, if the IDS can give papers away for free and still cough up the dough to send Dollinger, the HT has to send you, right? I’d play the pride card on them there. As a fall-back argument, you can always remind them of all the money they’ll be saving by not sending you guys to Tempe this year. Besides, March’s travel budget probably won’t get hit too hard this year either. I’m just wondering how Doug got left out of the action.

    Have a boat drink for me. And when doing so, keep this in mind, I used a can coozy outside Ross-Ade not to keep my beer cold but to keep my hand warm. You’ve got it rough.

  5. Well thanks for stepping on my excuses for Korman. I can tell travel expenses are clearly NOT a touchy subject in Ernie Pyle Hall. Is the bitterness about that matter pro bono, too?

  6. Do these two schools play each other within the state of Indiana or do they have to travel to HI to do so? Where’s the fiscal responsibility in that?

  7. So I’m hoping perhaps Pritchard can play some insane ‘D’ tonight, but I’m afraid that Luke is going to put up something like 38 and 17.

    Also who is going to guard Zeller?

    I’ll just be happy if IU looks as if it has made strides from the first two games. I’m not as high on ND as most people.

    Let’s go IU!

  8. If Crean is supposed to be a great coach then I’m not at all impressed. What happened to those 3 point shooters we’re supposed to have? Roth? Not playing! Crean is not trying to win that is burning my ass to no end.

    IU has had enough of pussy coaches and I think we have another one.

    This team is forcing the ball inside withone one player that can do it well. This is going to be a long season! No subs when they are obviously dragging ass.

    Not impressed at all!

  9. Bloomington South has more basketball smarts than this team! This is a national disgrace!!

  10. BacktoBasics…get a grip. This season is about learning and rebilding, not winning. You should know that if you follow IU basketball. Watching this team grow will be fun. Don’t count the wins and losses. Count the moments where you said “I’m proud to be an IU fan.” I didn’t say that much last year.

    That being said. There are things to build on from this game. Pritchard should be a solid player for this team for 4 years. He and the rest of his teammates need to FINISH when they are close to the basket. Good intensity, hustle, etc. Not much quit in this team. Tom Crean won’t have it.

    There will be plenty more games like this. Saddle up. But we can all say, “I was there when…”

  11. I dont want to say “I TOLD YOU SO” but expect more failure from Creans team. I said it early and I say it again “FIRE CREAN NOW!!”

  12. Jesus, there’s got to be a way to ban these idiots from the blog… They obviously have no basketball knowledge and just like starting $hit.

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