It’s morning in Maui, and the island is alive

Banners inside the Westin.

Maui, as you may have guessed, flourishes with life of all kinds. We met a lizard in our hotel hallway the other day. Birds of all sorts sit outside our windows, some making the most harmonious tweets and twits and others that sound as if they are choking on a bad piece of pineapple.

Today — and for the next three days — it will be alive with basketball.

All eight coaches who have teams in the 2009 Maui Invitational are about to hold a joint press conference, which will be moderated by ESPN’s Jay Bilas, in a broad courtyard at the Westin. We’ve got a view of the ocean, and it is much more pleasing than Phil Martelli (no offense, Phil.)

There will be a free-throw shooting contest after the press conference. Who do you pick to win?


  1. Not that it means anything, but Sagarin shows Notre Dame about 1.7 points better than Indiana, which is way less than I would have expected.

    Of course, Sagarin is based on early games only and his matrix grid can’t have much information yet, but…. still interesting.

  2. Do these two schools play each other within the state of Indiana or do they have to travel to HI to do so? Where’s the fiscal responsibility in that?

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