IU basketball tickets for sale

Below you’ll find a story I wrote for today’s paper. The quick summary: about 4,000 students tickets have gone unsold, and you can now buy them.

Single-game tickets cost $23, and are available both through IU and Ticketmaster.

Season ticket packages cost $451 and are available only through the IU ticket office.

Tickets are in the balcony.


Low student sales means IU tickets available

Purchases of student season tickets down about 4,000 from last season’s 8,061

Another sign of how drastically things have changed within the Indiana men’s basketball program: you can buy tickets to games less than two weeks before the season begins.

Seriously. Log onto Ticketmaster.com. Do some searching around. There they are.

The athletics department has started selling season ticket packages, multi-game packages and single game tickets through its own ticket office. Ticketmaster is selling single-game tickets.

About 4,000 seats usually reserved for student season ticket holders have not been purchased, leading to a potential revenue shortfall that the school would rather avoid.

Those seats, located in the balcony, are now available to the general public at the cost of $451 for season tickets and $23 per game (except when Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Illinois visit and the price raises to $38 per game.)

Students are still able to purchase season tickets for the regular price of $210 and can get single-game tickets for $15 a piece.

Deputy athletics director Tim Fitzpatrick said Wednesday that the students’ failure to purchase tickets is “not a crisis” and has necessitated a “different system” for reaching potential buyers. Research conducted by IU’s ticket office showed that schools across the conference are selling fewer student ticket packages this year, Fitzpatrick said.

He said a number of factors, including the economic downturn, have contributed to lower sales.

Obviously the turnover on the basketball team has had some impact in Indiana’s case. Last year, with Eric Gordon and D.J. White leading a team that some thought had a shot at the Final Four, 8,061 students bought season tickets. As of Wednesday, only 4,066 students have plopped down their money to watch a team that returns only Kyle Taber and Brett Finkelmeier.

Fitzpatrick said that the number of tickets reserved for students in future years will not change due to the lack of demand this year.

Indiana’s allotment of 7,800 seats for students is one of the largest in the country and represents 45 percent of Assembly Hall’s capacity.

Fitzpatrick said that the Athletics Committee — a group of faculty, students and alumni — was involved in determining the allotment when Assembly Hall opened in 1970, and has continued to monitor it. Any change would likely come through that group and only after a sustained pattern of students not buying tickets.

Fitzpatrick did say the athletics department will consider implementing a points system for students similar to the one used for public ticket holders. Under the system, points are awarded for ticket purchases (to football and possibly other sports as well as basketball) and then used to determine who gets seats (and who gets the best seats).

Such a system would award loyalty and dissuade students from sitting out a down year and jumping back onto the wagon when things improve.


  1. I was wondering how after being on a waiting list since 2000 that I finally was able to get tix. Last time I checked, IU had the second most student seats in D1 bball. Note to students (I was a student not long ago), this does not help your argument about moving closer to the floor!!!

  2. I got season tickets this year, and for all but 2 of the games I am sitting in the lower section, so thank you other students for not buying season tickets. I get great seats because of it

  3. I think it’s pretty pathetic that at a school of 39,000ish students, only a little over 10% of them bother to buy tickets. This after they cheered for Sampson after his violations came out and acted as if their birthright had been stolen when he was forced out. That’s not the nature of the IU student body as I remember it ‘back in the day,’ as they say. Ricky, you would appear to be an exception, as is any other student who bought tickets.

  4. Pathetic. I guess they were too busy playing get out the vote for Obama. I like the idea of rewarding students who bought tickets this year, vs. next year’s bandwagon fair-weather fans.

  5. The struggles of this year will be the fire that forrges the STEEL of the new IU basketball program. For the student body not to appreciate the efforts of these players is unfortunate. What kind of welcome is this for Coach Crean and his players? I for one am very excited -VERY EXCITED- to finally, FINALLY see players that are going to be playing for INDIANA again, instead of ME. We now have a coach that is going to insist on that. I go back a little way, my campus days were during the Isaiah Thomas era.

    Next year, and the year after, when the student section is smaller because their tickets have gone to alumni, they will receive little sympathy from me. I have always had the sentiment that the programs belong to the students first. If they forfeit that ownership, they cannot complain later, but they will….

    Good Luck to Coach Crean and our Hoosiers!!!

    And don’t cry boohoo balcony to me, my Alumni season tickets have always been in the balcony.

  6. While the lack of student tickets purchased is disappointing, I would ask to not be lumped in to the “students” category that doesn’t care this year. This is my 5th straight year of having basketball tickets (grad school now), and I have been saying for years that there needs to be a point system to give the good seats to the loyal student fans. But instead next year I’ll be stuck in the balcony again for the good games, even thought I was a true fan and bought tickets for this “down” year.

    On a side note I’m actually excited about this year’s team because I finally expect to see a basketball team that hustles and plays hard every game. That applies to mainly last year, but not D.J. He was awesome to watch and always played his heart out.

  7. I wish I could go to the games. Its pathetic how the students “support” the football (and now the basketball) teams. What a fairweather fanbase.

  8. Obviously we’ve got two Erics posting here, so I commend the grad student Eric for sticking with the team and continue my disgust with the students who apparently don’t care!!

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