IU to receive three years probation

The NCAA will announce today that Indiana University’s men’s basketball program will be put on three years probation, but will receive no additional sanctions, according to a source close to the investigation.

The announcement will be made during a 4 p.m. NCAA teleconference with reporters from across the country. Reaction from IU officials, including coach Tom Crean, is expected this evening.

Typically, being on NCAA probation means that a school has to make regular reports to the NCAA indicating that it is complying with all regulations.

In addition, the NCAA will announce, according to a report at Indystar.com, that former IU coach Kelvin Sampson has been given a five-year “show cause” penalty, which will make it difficult for any NCAA school to hire him. Rob Senderoff, a former IU assistant coach and now associate head coach at Kent State, was given a three-year show cause penalty.


  1. Regardless–I am proud of this squad, representing the Hoosier tradition with hustle and never giving up as was common over the past 7 years. The movie is Hoosiers, not Sooners!

  2. No. It just means we have to not get in trouble again in the next three years or our penalties would be especially harsh. Since we managed that for 50 years or so before Sampson came around, we should be able to handle that.

  3. After viewing IU’s pathetic performance against ND yesterday, three years suspension form Big Ten play would be a blessing. Can we petition for that, and just play the IUPUIs of the world for the next three years (and all home games to boot)?

  4. This decision is pretty much expected. Nobody expected IU to get off scot-free from these allegations, so probation is certainly fair. I am glad the NCAA decided not to punish the current team (or next year’s team) with a post-season ban, though.

    Probation is fine. All IU has to do is not screw up, and I’m not worried with Crean in charge.

  5. That’s the best-case scenario in my opinion! At last, it has ended. By the time the probation has lifted, we should be back in mix as a legitimate tournament threat, maybe even sooner now. Better yet, no more having to deal with the uncertainty on the recruiting trail. Crean has to feel like a free man for the 1st time since arriving in Bloomington. Equity prevails after all in the NCAA.

  6. No, Rick Miesel, the performance was not pathetic yesterday. The team did their best, and that is all that any true IU fan is expecting of them this season. I want to see them play each and every one of those games in the B10 schedule this year. I don’t care the outcome or final score. But I like this group of kids and am really looking forward to watching them play, compete as best they can, and learn under Coach Crean. This is a special season – and I’m more excited about this year’s team than I have been in a long, long time. Just watch them play and be glad that our basketball program is back on track.

  7. I was so pleased to see the reaction of the fans in Maui during yesterday’s game. Despite being down 20+ most of the game, the fans cheered every IU bucket heartily and made sure all the players knew that they had fan support.

    I’m proud of IU fans so far this season. This team won’t win many games, but they’ve already won the hearts of the IU faithful.

  8. Keep in mind its all not up to just Crean and the basketball staff. I feel that Crean will do his part…but let’s not go out and get a “pigskin” man to go and mess this up.

  9. We couldn’t ask for a better result… Great to finally have Kelvin “I almost destroyed the IU basketball program” Sampson behind us.

    I have been an IU fan since the late 80’s and I have supported each and every team during that time period – with one exception – last year’s. To clarify, there were bright spots and things to appreciate (think DJ White), but I just couldn’t get behind the team after Sampsongate and I was especially disappointed with the play of the team after Sampson’s dismissal.

    I’m so happy to be able to support my team again. I don’t care if they win 10 games, or even 5 games this year. As long as they don’t cheat (think Sampson) or quit (think the team after Sampson’s departure), I’ll be proud to support them.

    Go Hoosiers!

  10. I can live we games like yesterday for a year if the players aren’t thugs and are going to class.

  11. DD, I agree with you. I meant to comment on the fan support yesterday but got distracted by news of the NCAA verdict. The fans were great and I was proud that they were there supporting the team even as they got clobbered.

    Probation without further sanctions is better than I expected, to be honest. I guess the NCAA realized that a 1 or 2 year postseason ban was meaningless and went with a longer probationary period instead.

  12. I am proud of our “new” IU Men’s basketball team and staff……all of them. Win or lose, I will certainly be supporting genuine Hoosier Basketball……the Hoosiers are back…..finally!

    VERY sad that a certain (former) IU Prez is not man enough to own up to the fact that he forced the Sampson hire, because he had (took advantage of?) the authority to overrule the IU AD. This is a COSTLY lesson for true Hoosiers and one, I hope, will not be forgotten in the future when IU is making significant hires. This goes for both academia and athletics.

  13. @ jacoby – sampson got a 5 year show cause order. bozeman got 7. I guess straight up paying a player’s parents is 2 years worse than being a liar and a cheat.

    anybody else find the irony in the fact that the ncaa is going to call out sampson via conference call?

  14. The lesson to be learned here:

    You can hire a known cheater.
    Fail to monitor that known cheater.
    Have that known cheater cheat.
    Then have that known cheater lie to the NCAA.
    Then, after the known cheater is caught cheating, give yourself some real serious sanctions like:
    -not give the known cheater who cheated a raise (ie save yourself some money)
    -take away a scholarship you know you won’t use anyway

    And after all of that, you get probation, again.


  15. Probation is a fair penalty. It is pretty obvious that the program has already been decimated.

  16. I think the NCAA got it right for once. We now need to get behind Coach Crean and the whole team 100%. Our season tickets are in the balcony and there are hundreds of open seats there every game so far. Still, I am enjoying watching the team and getting to know them. They may get beat by 50 points every game from here on out but so what. We have an honest, intelligent coach for the first time in a long time. Our program has weathered this mess and we will only get better. COME ON PEOPLE. COME TO THE GAMES AND BE A PART OF BUILDING BACK THE PRIDE IN OUR PROGRAM!

  17. No, Chris V. That performance was truly pathetic — nothing at all like the play in the first two games. In those first two games, you could tell the talent was a bit thin, that they were a bit slow afoot, and didn’t know how to set a pick, BUT they played smart, defended reasonably well, and were very patient on offense. Against ND, however, it was one-on-one, street ball, with the predictable results. Chris, start being honest with yourself, or you’re going to be suicidal by mid-February.

  18. This is the best possible outcome. Now if the Bucks would tank this year, get rid of Cellvin and make him homeless for 5 years then my year is complete.

  19. I always enjoy reading all of the comments about IU. I have been a fan of Indiana University since before Bobby and a 1980 Alum. Let’s face it for some of you; either you are a fan or you aren’t. When Tom Crean has a group of young men that are in the final four in the years to come let’s not jump on the band wagon then. Support them now and always.

  20. Glad it’s over. Looking forward to seeing what Crean can do on the recruiting trail without the limitations.

    As for Kelvin Sanctions all I can hope for is no other program is stupid enough to hire him and he ends up a footnote in the college basketball history.

  21. @ Rick Miesel: I disagree IU looked like they played smart the 1st two games. They looked like a team with some young, raw talent that has only played a few games together & has little veteran experience to guide them. They got away with it against NW State because it’s a 1-AA school with lesser talent & barely got by IUPUI because the Jags are trying to fill the huge voids of Hill & Montgomery. Plus those games were at home.
    IU looked lost & impatient last night because, frankly, that’s what a top 10 team like ND should do to a young, raw team like IU.
    That said, I was happy to see IU hustling to the very end. I didn’t expect anything more than what I saw but appreciated how they never hung their heads or looked like they gave up. Last year’s team would’ve turned last night into a game of Gordon trying to drive every time Crawford wasn’t shooting from half-court & no defense other than what DJ could give.
    I hope these early games against ranked teams toughen up these kids to the point that the conference schedule seems much more winnable than what many really think.

  22. Since there was basically no punishment, can Crean call the NCAA and get us Crawford for this season now? Our point guard has a stress fracture and we need him to step in for the Final Four. Thx Xavier Fan

  23. Hey Bobbie Xavier: Keep playing ignorant about the punishment that IU has received and keep playing ignorant about Xavier being a Final Four team. You can’t make the Elite Eight even with Crawford and his brother! I hope Crean makes the call you want!

  24. I am fine with 3 years probation. After the 38 pt loss last night and today…losing BIG is punishment enough!!!

    Anyone know when Lynch will be cut loose???

  25. Rick Meisel,

    Somehow I think Notre Dame may be a bit better than NW St. and IUPUI put together, and that may have had something to do with how IU played. Had you considered that?

    I just got to catch a few minutes of the game while at lunch, and I thought IU played reasonably well. St. J is pretty good and Martelli has proven himself as a coach. I wish I could have seen the first half when IU apparently hung in there with them.

    I’m behind the team 100%!

  26. Bottle Rocket-

    Right on, sir. Last year, this game would be a 5-point win, Gordon would score 20 points solely from the free-throw line, Stemler would go 1-7 from downtown, and D.J. would be in foul trouble but working hard the whole game.

    Daniel Moore dribbling-of-his-foot aside, I’d much rather watch the youngsters develop than the veterans, JC players, and one-and-dones give me a heart attack every night in games they should be dominating.

  27. does the three year probation translate into a ban on post-season play for three years or what?

    i suppose it could have been worse — double secret probation.

    seriously, in 1960, iu got hit with the worst penalty, short of the death penalty assessed to smu, ever — a four year ban on ALL sports post-season play.

    it kept the iu swim team — best in the world — out of the ncaas and the iu basketball team with bellamy, radovich, etc, out as well — assuming they could ever have beaten ohio state with lucas, havlicek, nowell and some guy named knight to win the big ten to qualify…

  28. johnny, we are not banned from post-season play. Its just probation. We will receive “no additional sanctions”. Its really not that complicated.

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