Jones is OK

Straight from IU director of communications J.D. Campbell:

“Verdell (Jones) was taken to the hospital out of precaution and evaluation.  All studies were normal, there was no evidence of serious injury and he was released.  His status will continue to be monitored.”

Jones was immobilized and taken off the Assembly Hall floor on a stretcher after running into a Cornell pick during the first half Sunday.


  1. That’s great to hear. It sure didn’t look good when he fell to the ground.

    I almost felt bad for the center who set the pick. It was a great pick and I’m sure he felt awful afterward, especially considering the fact that we booed every time he got the ball. Although I will say that it was a lot of fun to boo him and then yell airball when Wittman got the ball back to back.

  2. love the kids effort. i like how we are playing, even if w dont win a lot of games. They play hard selfless ball.

  3. Would a 14-16 or 15-15 year get us into the NIT tournament? We could do it if we can go 6-10 or 7-9 in the Big Ten. Not likely, but who knows how much better they’ll be by January and February. They look MUCH improved after the trip to Maui.

  4. Been going since I was a kid and I have never seen a player down so long. Glad he is OK.

    Michael, I would think 14 or 15 would get us in for sure…maybe even 11 or 12. It would make for a great “feel good” story for sure.

  5. That’s certainly good to hear. It was a clean play, Jones was looking one way, and turned just in time to get a facefull of shoulder as he hustled up the floor. Scary to see, and you never want to see a kid hurt. Glad he looks to be ok!

  6. wonderful to hear verdell is okay…I don’t think the Cornell player should’ve continued to be booed the rest of the game. He set a perfectly legal screen. Our guys needs to call out screens better. as Crean said after it happened.

  7. People weren’t booing him because he set the pick–at least not anyone in my section. We had been booing him since the incident earlier in the game when the ref made him pull his pants back up.

  8. So glad to see VJ3 has no serious injuries after that wicked screen. I have never seen or heard The Hall so quiet too.

    I personally like the Booing, chanting, taunting and so on the students spout off and I heard Crean say he wants a hostile environment for the opponents to play in. I wish there was more of it tonight and that it just gets louder and louder each game. Albeit The Hoosier Nation does have class and sportsmanship, so I understand Dubs and others not liking the booing.

    All in all a great win on many levels and looking forward to a hopeful NIT birth at the end of the season which would bring some more games to the Hall.

  9. Glad VJIII is ok. it sure looked bad from where I was sitting. The team played harder after he went down. My question is, Why is Whittman not in an I.U. uniform?

  10. Scott-
    Same reason Greg Odon, Mike Conley, Sean May, Josh McRoberts and countless others didn’t choose candy-stripe pants: Mike Davis.

    In his defense, however, Davis kept it in the family and landed us Adam Ahlfeld.

  11. Glad to hear about VJ. He is a real hustler as are the other players. I really enjoy watching IU B-ball once again. I do not care how many games IU wins this year as long as I see improvment, the players represent IU in positive light, and Coach Crean continues his “passion for the past…excitement for the future”. Coach and the team get passing marks on all three counts. Former players in the stands supporting the team also tells you alot about the direction of the program. GO IU!!!!!!

  12. I am feeling more optimistic after last night. It now seems like 12 wins wouldn’t be impossible.

    Man, I can’t help but think how nice it would be to have Jeremiah Rivers running the point right now…that might be what it would take to get to the NIT…

  13. Let’s talk about Rivers next year. For me, I’m pleased with Daniel Moore this year–he’s a pleasant surprise.

  14. I was sitting behind the Cornell bench and the complete lack of respect that the Cornell coach had for VJ3 was disgusting. He was screaming at the officials for stopping the game for the incident. The coach’s own assistants were embarassed.

    No one around me could believe the disrespect and tempertantrum the coach threw. It was very disappointing when I had to explain why the coach was acting crazy to my son.

    Anytime a person’s well-being is jeopardy, the game should be stopped. I love IU basketball, but not at the cost of a good young man’s health.

    Go Hoosiers.

  15. Glad to hear VJ3 will be fine. I didn’t watch the game last night, I was in football mode all weekend with the IHSAA State finals, which by the way had 56,050 people by tickets over the weekend.

    As for Rivers, I don’t see him running the point next year, that will be Jordan Hulls.

  16. Maybe I am crazy, but I thought last year or the year before, there was team in the NIT with a losing record by one or two games. I could be imagining that because I pay NO mind to the NIT, not even when Davis took IU.

    Mike, I am thinking Rivers experience might win out…but maybe you are right.

  17. Rivers and Hulls will probably both see time at point… With Rivers’ size, he will probably start at the 2 as well. I don’t see him coming off the bench much, being that he’s probably gonna be the best defender in the Big Ten. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

  18. I hear ya, but he played a lot of point at Georgetown if I remember. I hear/read he is a scorer that was not used at Georgetown so maybe we can tap into it. I am giving you heck, a little anyway, because of that Bloom South bias you have.

  19. I believe in 2006 the NIT adopted several new rules regardling who can and cannot be invited to the tournament.

    One was that teams no longer had to have a .500 or above record to make the tournament.

    I also believe regular season conference champions are automatically berthed in to the tournament as well, helping reward smaller conference teams that sputtered in their conference tourneys.

  20. I too am glad to hear that VJ will be alright! It looked terrible from where I was sitting and it was legal.
    In reference to the Cornell coach being upset about the ref’s calling time, he did have reason. The NCAA rules state that there are not injury time outs while the game is in session. IU could not call time out because they did not have possession of the ball. Again, I am glad play was stopped, but the Cornell coach had a right to complain.

  21. The NCAA rules state that there are not injury time outs while the game is in session. IU could not call time out because they did not have possession of the ball.

    If thats the case, then they sure need to change that rule soon.

  22. I think Hulls may come off the bench as long as Dumes and VJ3 are still around… Dumes will be a senior, and even though I’m sure MikeP will disagree, he’s a little undersized and will probably need a year to develop into a starting point guard in the Big Ten.

    Rivers will have the ability to step right into the starting lineup, you would think. And with either Dumes or VJ3 at the other guard spot, and Watford, hopefully starting at the 3, Hulls will probably be one of the first off the bench.

  23. I think it is up to the ref and a “judement call” if the athlete needs immediate attention or will cause a risk to other athletes.

    Anyone know if the IU womens volleyball team made the Tourney?

  24. Shelly,

    If the Cornell coach did act like that, he was wrong and so are you on this one.

    This is from the current NCAA rule book for basketball:

    Rule 5
    Section 10. Stopping Game and Shot Clocks
    The game clock and shot clock, if running, shall be stopped when an

    Art. 1. Signals:
    a. A foul.
    b. A held ball.
    c. A violation.
    Art. 2. Stops play:
    a. At the expiration of time for each period.
    b. Because of an injury, blood or a lost, displaced or irritated contact
    c. To confer with the scorers, timer or shot-clock operator.
    d. Because of unusual delay in a dead ball being made live.
    e. For any emergency.

    If a player is injured, the official has every right, not to mention responsibility to stop the game and seek medical help for that player right then and there.

    The injured players team is not required to have possession of the ball, or even call a timeout, unless the injured player wants to remain in the game at that point.

    Most fans need to take time to read the rule book, and to read the interpretations letters from rules meetings to clarify the rules. It makes a difference when you know what is, and isn’t permitted during a game.

  25. Steve O,

    You might very well be right. Just from what little bit I have seen VJ3 and Dumes compared to what I have seen Hulls do running the point for Indiana Elite, I think Hulls will have a very good shot at winning the starting PG position. I still say Rivers sees his time at the 2 guard and not on point next year.

    I would not waste a year of Hulls eligibility coming off the bench, if VJ3, Dumes or Rivers develops to start over Hulls, I would give him a red shirt to develop. Of course, I’m not the coach, and Crean will do what is best for his players and the program.

  26. J Pat,

    They play on Jan. 9 @ Bloomington South, 7:30 p.m., I will let you know when tickets go on sale, you will have to get them early to get a seat.

  27. cool, thanks a bunch!!! Volleyball team missed the bid for the NCAA Tourney! Wonder if Coach Katie would have had them in the tourney, I liked her a lot!

  28. people, you shouldn’t discount daniel moore as point guard for the next 4 years because he’s short and not on scholly. i’ve been around the game along time and i’m telling you this kid’s the real deal. he understands AND sees the game at a very impressive level. with just a few games under his belt, he’s already the best passer i’ve seen at IU in a long time. bassett, strickland, coverdale, michael lewis, neil reed, and anyone else i can think of since zeke.

    do you think he won’t continue to improve? believe me, this is the tip of the iceberg for this kid. he reminds me of a young avery johnson right now. sit back and enjoy watching this kid grow.

  29. I see Rivers starting initially at PG next season for many reasons. He’ll have a year of practice in the system, he already has two years of experience on a Final Four contending team and even though guys are getting experience this year IU will still be a young team next season and need leadership on the floor.

    I don’t Hulls being the first guard off the bench is “wasting” his freshmen year, and I also don’t think IU will be in a position to redshirt someone of Hulls skills.

    I watched Rivers some at G’Town and didn’t see a reliable enough jumper to be a starting shooting guard. Maybe that was due to low reps, who knows?

  30. It could be argued that Rivers is quietly playing an important role this year as a voice of experience and enthusiasm in practices and on the bench. If Moore eventually stops dribbling off of his feet, he could be a pretty solid point guard for a walk-on freshman, at which point I would ask “How much did Jeremiah contribute to his development”?

  31. I don’t think it matters how many games IU wins this year…aren’t we under a post-season ban? My, how short some memories are…

    It IS nice to see a team like this one have some early unexpected success. Just imagine what the potential will be when next year’s class gets a season’s (or even half a season’s) worth of experience under their belts. This team is a lot more fun to watch than last year’s team. I got sick of seeing everybody but DJ just quit playing when they got a little dose of adversity.

  32. FKIM-

    No, as a matter of fact, we aren’t under a post-season ban…you might want to freshen up a bit on that one.

    As far as last year’s team, I agree completely. How frustrating was it, not just after the Sampson scandal but before it, to watch our supposed “elite” team get handily waxed by Xavier and UConn? How pathetic was that 4-point win at home vs Georgia Tech, a mediocre team at best?

    This year, victories will be hard-earned and appreciated. No more whining Jamarcus, underachieving Gordon, suspended Crawford, or erratic Stemler to frustrate the heck out of us and make us ask “Aren’t we supposed to be better than this?”

  33. Ahhh Stemler…what could have been

    Our main problem last year was size. We had DJ at the Center, and that was it. We had nobody that could play the 4 spot well, so DJ got double teamed, and still came out with fantastic stats. Xavier and UConn were both elite teams as well. I mean, losing to them is not as bad as losing to Penn State, Minnesota…

  34. UConn played us with their two biggest stars hurt, and we were at home. No excuses.

    Plus, weren’t we an “elite team” last year as well? Come on, we had the two best players in the Big 10, and perhaps the best inside/outside combination in the country. We should win all of our home games, period. If we do happen to lose one, I’ll take the Brian Butch bank shot, but not the UConn blowout. No way.

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