Jones was on fire

IU watches the video game.

At one point in a basketball game played between Indiana and Notre Dame on Saturday night, Verdell Jones let his eyes go wide. He turned to his cheering teammates.

“I’m on fire, yo,” he said.

Well, his video game likeness was actually the one playing well, having hit a 3-pointer and gone hard to the hole for a thunderous dunk to spark a run that would allow teammate Devan Dumes to beat Notre Dame All-American forward Luke Harangody 33-20 in the first round of the NCAA Basketball 2009 video game tournament.

(A brief aside: isn’t it a bit strange how the NCAA prevents EA from using the athletes’ actual names under the guise of “amateurism” but then allows all the virtual players to be designed and built like the real players they actually represent?)

Dumes’ run would end in the second round. Daniel Moore, the other player to represent Indiana, could not get past Tory Jackson in the first round.

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  1. Aloha Chris…hey great job brother! Welcome to Hawaii..glad the sun finally came out eh? We got DRENCHED yesterday even on Oahu in Honolulu. You should be GOOD to go from here though broh…hit the beaches, hit Haleakala, the Road to Hana, 7 Sacred Pools etc.

    Hope you and the rest of your crew, JD from HN and the rest of the IU media core including Hutch and Fischer all have a Great time out here in the “808”. Try a Teriyaki Spam Musubi, too…winnah, winnah, teri spam dinnah! You’ll be surprised..great for eating as you Cruise and Sightsee the Island since it fits in your hand-a local favorite!

    Enjoy the Hoops. Btw, I got IU shocking ND tomorrow…I see a lot of Malik and some of Taber Time and TIJAN helping keep the All American a little off balance. Either way i’m hoping IU can leave the Valley Isle at least 2-1. Am I crazy? We shall see….unfortunately i’m stuck in Honolulu and cant make it over..too busy. But will be watching.

    Chris..any PICS you can take of the team and the Traveling party…a “behind the scenes” kind of thing for their trip to Maui would be FANtastic. Thanks, have FUN, watch out for the Jellyfish signs when the Kona winds are blowing, spf 35 and up and ENJOY it broh! Safe Travels to ALL in the IU travel party and FANS!! GO IU! Craig.

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