McRobbie and Greenspan react to NCAA announcement

Here’s the full text of a just-released announcement from IU with quotes from Michael McRobbie, Rick Greenspan and Tom Crean:

BLOOMINGTON — Indiana University President Michael A. McRobbie and senior officials in the Department of Athletics said that for the most part they are satisfied with the conclusions contained in the final report of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, which was released today (Nov. 25).

“From the very beginning of these proceedings, we cooperated fully with the NCAA and, in fact, imposed severe recruiting penalties on our men’s basketball program,” McRobbie said. “Although I still believe the failure to monitor charge was unjustified, I am glad that the NCAA has accepted our self-imposed penalties with no further sanctions except a three-year probationary period.”

McRobbie said the committee’s decision clears the way for Coach Tom Crean to proceed at full speed with his rebuilding program without having to worry about any further sanctions or penalties being imposed by the NCAA.

In its report, the Infractions Committee said it took into consideration the fact that IU had already imposed significant recruiting penalties on the basketball program, including loss of a scholarship.

“Until this case, the institution had an almost 50-year record free of major infractions, of which the institution was justly proud and for which it deserves commendation,” the report stated.

“It is time to move on and put this episode behind us,” McRobbie said. “We have a new coach and an almost entirely new team, and they should not have to worry about being penalized for things that happened before they were even here.”

McRobbie also noted that the Department of Athletics has taken several actions to strengthen its compliance monitoring program for all sports.

“This was a one-time deviation from a half-century record of having no major NCAA infractions,” McRobbie said. “The coaches who were directly involved in this are no longer employed by Indiana University. And, we are very determined never to allow anything like this to happen again.”

Coach Tom Crean said, “I am happy that the NCAA has accepted our self-imposed sanctions, and it now appears that we will be able to put this unpleasant chapter behind us and move IU basketball forward in a positive way.”

IU Athletic Director Rick Greenspan said, “We are grateful that the NCAA concurred with our assessment of the previous coaches’ actions and intent, and the significance of our thorough investigation and very strong self-imposed penalties. Based on this decision, it appears that anything less than monitoring perfection in this particular case would have triggered a ‘failure to monitor’ finding.

“For Coach Crean and current and future players, we are pleased that they will be able to pursue their competitive goals unencumbered by further restrictions and limitations,” Greenspan added. “The Indiana University basketball program will emerge from this adversity and return to its rightful place of winning championships with honor.”

The committee found that former Head Coach Kelvin Sampson and his assistant Rob Senderoff had acted contrary to NCAA standards of ethical conduct by intentionally violating telephone recruiting restrictions and providing false or misleading information. Both have since resigned from their positions at IU.

The committee also found that the Department of Athletics had “failed to monitor the men’s basketball program in terms of the heightened monitoring required by the prior infractions history (at Oklahoma) of the former head coach.”

IU disputed the failure to monitor charge and argued that the compliance program in place when Sampson arrived was more comprehensive than many other peer institutions.

The Infractions Committee decision conceded that IU’s compliance program “exceeded” that of other comparable institutions, but said an even higher standard of monitoring was required from the outset of Sampson’s employment because of his prior history.

Under the terms of probation, which runs through Nov. 24, 2011, IU will be required to continue to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program on NCAA recruiting and eligibility rules for all coaches and their staffs and report annually to the NCAA on progress and participation.


  1. the mcrobbie/greenspan announcement article said: “Under the terms of probation, which runs through Nov. 24, 2011, IU will be required to continue to develop and implement a comprehensive educational program on NCAA recruiting and eligibility rules for all coaches and their staffs and report annually to the NCAA on progress and participation.”

    — iu should scrupulously document everything it does in this matter and then conduct workshops and sell handbooks to all other ncaa division one institutions to give them the “bible” on how to avoid similar penalties themselves. they could help defray some of their defense costs this way,

    and they could start marketing tee-shirts saying “clean and crimson,” as well as “crean and crimson.”

    whatever works…

    iu should consider itself lucky under the circumstances — they could have been hit a lot worse.

  2. I’m just so relieved at the result of these allegations. They could have been so much worse. Despite the rough time in Maui, I look forward to seeing the progression of the team. It is a humungous challenge they face and the players and coaches show bravado for meeting the challenges head on.
    Go IU!

  3. Greenspan is the snake who hired the snake that bit us. Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate for him to stand up and say, “I hired him, so as my parting gift to the university I’ll cover the legal bills resulting from my choice.”

  4. It is good to see that President McRobbie said, “although I still believe the failure to monitor charge was unjustified.”

    From this statement, one could also infer that IU is monitoring the number of empty seats at the IU football games.

    But just in case some intern needs a little help in their monitoring, here is a quick summary:

    08-30-2008 WESTERN KENTUCKY — 19,158 empty seats
    09-06-2008 MURRAY STATE — 19,102 empty seats
    09-20-2008 BALL STATE — 7,876 empty seats
    09-27-2008 MICHIGAN STATE — 17,393 empty seats
    10-11-2008 IOWA — 15,797 empty seats
    10-25-2008 NORTHWESTERN — 18,527 empty seats
    11-01-2008 CENTRAL MICHIGAN — 23,085 empty seats
    11-08-2008 Wisconsin – 18,607 empty seats

    Lets bring back the Knothole Club for football that would allow kids in grade school, middle school, and high school to buy IU football home game tickets at a discount.

  5. Congratulations to the Hoosiers. 50 years of doing good pays off when the chips are down.

    Keep up the good work Coach Tom, and the football folk need to keep a focus on the real prize of good teams who play with IU pride. Keep the rules and work hard.

  6. I am sick of people bashing the pride of the IU football players. Do you think they go out everyday busting their butts(not to mention bones) wanting to get beat? I’m glad the fans are sticking with the basketball players even though they are taking a beat down too. They deserve respect for going out there game in and game out. I would hope the football players would have been afforded the same courtesy, but not so among way too many IU fans. The assumption always is with our football players that because they get beat that they don’t play with pride. I don’t know why any young man would want to play in front of fans that yell some of the stuff at them from their home crowd.

  7. And I am tired of apologist that can’t read the writing on the wall that the majority of the players gave up.

    There were some bright spots, some that played injured, and played with pride, but others who just quit!

  8. Mike P

    How do you know that? Did you talk to them personally? Just because somebody gets beat bad on a play doesn’t mean they have no pride just like when an IU basketball player doesn’t block out and gets dunked on. It means they got beat because they were out of position, poor scheme, out-manned athletically, out coached, beat by a better player, had a laspe in judgement for a play and on and on. The idea of making criticism personal as if poor play always equates to quit or lack of pride is what irritates me.

  9. Yes I do talk to a few of them, but you can also read the body language.

    I put most of the blame on the coaching staff for putting the players constantly in position to fail, and effecting their mentality.

    It’s hard not to quit when you know that your “assignement” is going to get you beat anyways.

  10. Love that this thread is turning back to football. I’m visiting family for Thanksgiving and am sitting at the same spot that I was when I found out Lynch got a four year contract last year. What a difference a year makes! Why is there nothing but radio silence from the football program? I want to hear that some kind of change is being made, even if not the change I want (new head coach).

  11. Junkie, with respect to you, it does not take a genius to see that most of the players quit after the Ball St game and one of the many things Lynch failed to do was get them back. Most of them half assed the last part of the season and especially the PU game.

    Cin, Happy T day and I hope that seat is better to you this time around!!!

  12. fire lynch he sucks and tjhe apologists all accept Iu failure. Glass fails if he doesn’t get rid of lynch

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