1. We’ve all been looking forward to this. Now the decision is at hand. No matter what the ruling is, it must be somewhat satisfying to at least have the decision made so that we can know where we stand.

  2. Too bad “timely” doesn’t factor into this decision. Who’s left from the original infraction? Coach? AD? President? I guess just the fans. The one’s who had nothing to do with the decision in the first place.

  3. Chris:

    Is it true that the NCAA releases its report to the school in advance? If so, do you have any thoughts on how stiff the penalties might be by the mood of the coaching staff, athletic department, IU officials? I understand it would all be speculation but am still curious.


  4. Per NCAA rules, IU learned of the decision on Sunday, 48 hrs. prior to the public release. Assuming the game ends at 3:30 EST, Crean’s presser should be ending just before the findings are announced, but fresh on every one’s minds going into tomorrow’s game.

    Could they not have waited until after we’ve concluded tournament play before dumping this situation on our young team? Myles & Co. sure have a knack for timing, eh?

    Forget the fact that nobody who will be employed by or enrolled with IU after Jan. 1 had anything to do with the matter, as Lt. Lockhart said in Full Metal Jacket, “it’s a huge sh*t sandwich and we’re all gonna have to take a bite.”

  5. Perfect analogy Chronic 🙂

    I just want this cloud looming over Indiana to disappear. Every IU fan has been looking at this event with terror. Hopefully we can actually put this thing behind us.

    It still p*sses me off how everyone not involved in the situation is getting crushed with penalties. Stupid Myles…

  6. And to think Herbert and Greenspan are still getting paid!! What a load of ********** And think of all the wasted money for Dinaro, Cameron, Davis, Samson,McNeely, and on and on–not to mention Ice Miller–a few million $ for nothing but pain and suffering! Who is responsible–will no one step up and admit the error of the decisions they have made applying the wrong standards and the ineptness of their leadership?

  7. The IU athletic department/compliance office sent area businesses a “rules of the game” handbook yesterday. It details how people/businesses need to conduct themselves around student athletes. The moto inside the front cover is…”when in doubt,check it out.” Not sure what to think about it. To me its a good sign…

  8. Chronic, I’ve used that very quote many times in various situations, none of which is more appropriate to it than this one. An excellent choice.

    Whatever the punishment is, I think IU should just accept it and move forward. It won’t recur under Crean, we can’t change what’s happened and the best thing is to accept what we’re dealt and go on. We still have some good young talent and more coming in next year and no reason to think the current coaching staff can’t continue bringing in good players who are also good citizens.

  9. Not exactly, Zach. It is about failure to monitor by the institution. Just because there is turnover in the university cannot absolve that institution from compliance and the resultant sanctions. IU did this to itself. IU’s basketball as well as other areas has been mismanaged. The NCAA and others have pointed out that IU didnt monitor and/or control Sampson initially. It is not Brand’s doing…that is laughable.

    Noncompliance, denial and avoidance…McRobbie said he would fight this. Better to admit to mistakes, commit to corrections and support the insitutions.

  10. Huck, when did you start speaking the King’s English??

    You make good points, and I don’t entirely disagree, but still, current players and coaches are left to endure punishments for the acts of others. Surely you’ll concede Kelvin Sampson’s complicity in the violations; should not he then bear the burden of punishment as well? At least, beyond being put on ‘show cause’ status by the NCAA, when he will likely never again work for a member institution? That’s like a student being put on social probation by a college after they’ve withdrawn from school.

    I agree that the university’s responsibility for compliance is perpetual, but am troubled by the de facto effect of the punishment attaching to innocent parties.

  11. I certainly hope that the NCAA will have some compassion for an IU program that has taken major steps to right all the things that Sampson and the bandits did wrong! I would venture to guess that no other program in college basketball would make themselves as vulnerable as IU has in correcting all the mistakes.

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