1. It’s hard to read some of these allegations by the pompous “committee” knowing Myles Brand is situated at the core – but the hiring of Sampson with all his baggage should have been a red flag to somebody in charge of I.U. ethics. A true failure on the part of I.U.’s AD (IMHO).

    I couldn’t be prouder of our new Coach and the job he has already done at I.U. Go Hoosiers!

  2. Greene, I thought the report was very fair. They even noted IU’s history of compliance and the school’s being ‘justly proud’ of its record, which the committee characterized as ‘worthy of commendation’ (not an exact quote). Really, the whole thing, as I see it, is equivalent to a strong verbal rebuke by your school teacher for stupid or foolish behavior (hiring Sampson), but no lashes or detention. That I can take. IU should not have hired Sampson, but they’ve self-punished in a number of ways, and the committee left it at that.

  3. It seems the class of 99 did not learn what IU honor is all about.

    BTW, what you smell is tha something is rotten in the state of the NCAA.

  4. The class of 99 was sad to see Knight go for sure. Coach K, in the end it was phone calls. You yourself admit that the NCAA was a little hard on IU and even admitted a year ago that Duke has messed up the same thing the same way in the past. You were slapped on the wrist for a major violation several years back. Do your homework. Tell Christian he is lucky Hurley bailed him out with the 3-pointers in the early 90’s or we would have another banner. You are waiting at the computer from the time of the last response but I am going to bed. Good Night.

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