Sampson’s official statement

Former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson, now a Milwaukee Buck assistant coach, has released an official statement through his agent.

“I’m deeply disappointed in today’s findings by the NCAA, but the accusations at hand are things that happened on my watch and therefore I will take responsibility. I am truly sorry that there were so many people who were hurt in this situation. For the sake of everyone involved, including my family, it is time to move on.”

I read this as him, at least somewhat, falling on the sword. Granted, it’s too late because the sword has done a lot of damage. But it’s a mea culpa. And more than he has offered in the past.


  1. Translating Sampson’s Response:

    “Well, it’s time to pay the piper. I lied then tried blame everyone else and that didn’t work so I’ll go ahead and act like it was my fault. I don’t really believe that, though. Sure it cost the school it’s rep and lots of money. Sure it cost the kids a great opportunity. Yes it cost the assistant coaches and their families a lot. Oh well. See you in five years if anyone will have me. Thanks IU for the $750,000.”

  2. LOL A lot of samurai are offended by that analogy… falling on the sword implies honor – something Sampson has not shown! Hahha

    On a brighter note, 3 years probation is at least palatable. Not that we like having to swallow it, but still palatable. Kinda wish Sampson would have got lifetime ban. Not so much for him, but to send a message on cheating/cheaters.

    Tough year ahead… but a sliver of light has appeared !

  3. This is what the school gets for firing a coach that NEVER cheated and raised millions for the school! BRAND SUCKS!!!!!!

  4. Thank you, coach Sampson. I would have loved to see what you could have done with last year’s team in the tourney and what a team of last year’s returners with Ebanks and Holloway could have done in Hawaii.

  5. I am sorry but let’s move on…what???? I am ready to move on and I am not a mean person but I hope to GOD I am never within shouting distance of the man. Geez! I listened to Crean on the radio after the game today and he called the program a joke when he arrived, twice. I wonder if Sampson even realizes deep down how much he hurt the kids that played for him and the fans?!

  6. Could IU sue Sampson for the loss of the schorship in civil cout. Seema the NCAA finding would show in favor of IU. Any lawyers out there that could answer this?. I see where Sampson is making fat cash in the NBA now too.

  7. I personally am glad it is over




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