Shooting free throws

Tom Crean attempts one of his free throws.

Tom Crean has admitted to not being much of a basketball player in his day. But on Sunday he proved he could hit his free throws under pressure, as he took part in a contest with the other seven coaches at the Maui Classic. Crean hit three-of-five shots he took. No winner was declared; the event did raise money for local charities.


  1. that’s not tom crean. it doesn’t look like him, but the clincher is this dork shoots like a girl. a 2 hand set shot? elbows otu? c’mon. maybe he wasn’t much of a player in his day but he IS a D1 coach.

  2. oh no. i just saw the other pic of crean. we’re in trouble. i hope he lets his assistants teach shooting technique.

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