Star: NCAA ruling expected today

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Indiana officials expect the NCAA to announce its findings regarding the school’s infraction case today.

We’ll have more on this story as soon as we can.

The NCAA generally sends an e-mail to the media at about 10 a.m. informing them of its intention to release a decision, then does so later in the afternoon.


  1. They may have tipped their hat a couple of weeks ago… stating that a post season ban could in fact be imposed during a current season… when asked regarding the ruling…

  2. NCAA Response: “Because of phone calls we at the NCAA beacon of integrity and beer ads have decided IU should be banned from all postseason play for five seasons.

    Although we haven’t done much of anything to Free Shoes University (FSU) and can’t be bothered with what took place with Reggie Bush and USC it is our goal to set a strong example of the dangers of phone calls.

    We did take into consideration that pretty much anyone involved in the scandalous phone scandal of all scandals is no longer attached to IU but it is still our intention to hammer them for there years and years of cheating. Okay, just the first Sampson year. Mostly we just want to punish them for hiring Kelvin Sanctions in the first place. The End.”

  3. Sam,

    That wouldn’t be so funny, if it wasn’t so likely to be that way. I love getting pounded over and over for phone calls while others are paying recruits and getting nothing.

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