The Lynch dilemma

Bill Lynch

First things first: the Scoop will not be endorsing a candidate in the race for president, in case you were waiting for that to make your decision.

Moving on . . .

For the last several weeks, the comments section of this blog has been aflame with talk of firing Indiana football coach Bill Lynch. This conversation germinates on its own — that is, it’s not related directly to any post we’ve made — and seems to run mostly in favor of firing Lynch.

It is time we address this talk formally. To do that, I think we need to ignore the issue of whether or not Lynch, whose team is 3-6 this season, deserves to be fired. Because, to me, it is not the determining factor.

What matters more is that current athletic director Rick Greenspan is a lame duck. And future athletic director Fred Glass does not take over until Jan. 2.

A couple of questions, then:

  • Could Greenspan actually fire Lynch? Greenspan gave Lynch a contract after the Hoosiers reached their first bowl in more than a decade. Lynch, of course, became Terry Hoeppner’s right-hand man in 2005 and filled in for him when he became sick. Hiring Hoeppner is widely seen as one of Greenspan’s most important moves. Would he close his tenure by firing Lynch? And would he be allowed to?
  • Assuming Greenspan does not fire Lynch, would Fred Glass be able to do it? Glass is taking over on Jan. 2, long after coaches are generally fired (and hired, for that matter). The glaring weakness in Glass’ robust resume is his lack of experience within an athletic department, specifically with hiring big-time, big-ego coaches. Yes, he’s probably been in the position of hiring somebody before. But did he have to do it with clandestine committees and search firms and communication between intermediaries and all that comes with this sort of hire?
  • Say Glass does walk in on day one and fire Bill Lynch. Is he in any sort of position to really understand what IU could pay a new coach? Can he really identify a big-name candidate like the ones many of you have suggested and then make an offer for $1 million a year or more?
  • If Glass does all of the above and manages to make an incredibly quick hire (say, a week) that would still leave the new coach less than a month to re-recruit many of the already committed recruits while also trying to add addition players and assemble a staff. How would this effect IU’s recruiting? Would players defect? It seems inevitable. Maybe current players would leave as well.

Taking into account all of the above factors, how do those of you in favor of firing Lynch actually see the scenario playing out?

Your essay should be no more than 1,000 words and should be written in double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font.

Or, just unload with it below.


  1. As much as I want Lynch gone, I think he will be here at least one more year sadly. I do not think IU is in a position to unload him after one year and pay off the salary unless somebody offers to buy him out.

    If his supposed great recruiting class starts to fall apart, I think it could speed up his further demise, as right now this is the only shining light on an absolute horrid year.

    Once again why was there not a national coaching search for this job after the bowl game, IU has lost any momentum to get a decent name coach now.

  2. Too much turmoil to make a move now. Give him another year, let the basketball/NCAA deal get finalized, allow the new AD to get settled. I also believe one bad season doesn’t justify firing him. Getting a ‘big name’ is neither likely or a guarantee of success (Rich Rodriguez, Charlie Weiss, Tommy Bowden). It’s not practical or warranted to fire Lynch now.

  3. Damn it, I just got on here to see who Chris was going to tell me to vote for.. who cares about Lynch

  4. Nice subject Chris, this one should go crazy.

    Could Greenspan fire Lynch? The bottom line to this is yes. He might be a “lame duck”, but he is still the AD, and should still have that authority. Though I don’t believe he has the authority to do it on his own. I believe he would need the approval of the trustees to actually remove him. Would Greenspan make the choice to fire him. Absolutely not. I still believe that Sampson would be our coach if it was 100% Greenspan’s choice.

    Fred Glass is in the wrong spot to fire Lynch. The availability of a relevant coach, the time required to build a staff and recruiting would suffer a major blow. That is assuming they had a candidate they could replace Lynch with soon after firing him.

    The only effective way to remove Lynch this season, with a new AD coming in, would be to let Lynch know he would not be retained and form a committee now. This could and should include Fred Glass in the process.

    This would allow us to get a coach in here in December, give him time to evaluate and assemble his staff, and still hit the recruiting trail.

    Alas, it will not happen, Greenspan will leave and write his book, Glass will take over and concentrate on the IU basketball team, and Lynch will be given 2 more seasons before the pressure by the alumni becomes so great, the University will be forced to make a move.

  5. It would be tough for Fred Glass to come in and fire Lynch once he takes the reigns. I think it is unlikely that Greenspan would do it before he leaves too. So, unfortunately I think that means we are stuck with Lynch for another season or 2.

    I wonder if Phil Fulmer is intersted in building a Big Ten program?

  6. Glass can fire him, and dammit that is what he is paid 400,000 to do. The job isnt easy, and frankly the decision to fire or force a resignation is not hard. There are people on this blog thatget paid a fraction to these clowns and we make harder decisions on a daily basis. All these guys are buddies and part of the same club, they look after eachother and that makes IU progress grind to a halt. Fire him and find a replacement right away.

  7. trustees are out on the firing of lynch… with mcrobbie the trustees have taken a backseat..

    if lynch is to be fired it will have to come from mcrobbie, which wont happen…

    lynch will be here next year and we will go 2-10. Avg. around 23-25,000 fans… Then he will be fired.

  8. I am amoung those who believe that Lynch is just not the right guy for the job… He took over via default, and Greenspan made a hasty descision in making him the head coach. I have made this comparison before, but it’s almost like the Mike Davis hire, except for the championship appearance. Lynch, like Davis, is a really likeable guy, and I would hate to see him straight up canned… It’s a tough situation. But just like the current situation in America, change is needed.

    The only problem I see, is that the class coming in next year looks pretty good, and I would not want to lose any of those guys. It is pivotal for the growth of the program to keep the fresh faces coming, especially those who could really help this team win some games…

    It seems there is just no simple solution. It would be great if Lynch just resigned.

  9. is a decent football team…

    Chris – two questions for you:
    1) How much money IU would be willing to pay a football coach? Lynch is $600k. I happen to think that IU could pay $1m-$2m, but would they? I’d like to think so, but I doubt it.
    2) What would it take to bring a proven winner to IU? The IU football head coach isn’t exactly a dream job for other college coaches… Money would go a long way in enticing someone to take the job…

    Even if Lynch is a lousy coach (his lifetime record certainly supports such a conclusion), I think we need to think about, not only how and when we could get rid of him, but who we are expecting to replace him…

  10. Don’t you think that as an institution (history and fan “fervor”) that we are much more similar to Kansas and/or Missouri when it comes to football? Those schools are now realizing some success after 7-8 years of keeping the same coach. I don’t have their stats in terms of attendance etc. but they’ve both clearly gone through the early struggles and have benefitted from having the opportunity to build their respective programs. IU fans want a “quick fix” and think that throwing money at the problem is the answer.
    IU is playing 3 true freshman with Willis being red-shirted. That coupled with the highest ranked recruting class that we’ve had in several years points to moving in a positive direction even if this is a step back. Didn’t ND go to a BCS bowl during Weiss’ first year and then regressed to a horrid year last year? And they ARE a football school! He’s got a 10 year deal!

    We can’t keep changing in football at IU and just expect that a savior is going to end up here. It apples and oranges compared to basketball. If you got a guy who’s a class act, beloved by the high school coaches and is recruiting well (for IU) why not give him his chance? If we have 3-4 good recruting classes consecutively, that’s how you build something. You don’t build something by projecting an image that a change is going to be made every few years.

  11. I know I am not a big name coach, but I would take the job on a few conditions.

    I don’t want much in the way of salary, $250,000.00 per year, with a 5 year guaranteed base and a 5 year option providing I had a winning record from my 3rd-5th season.

    A new car, Chrysler 300C, pearl white, Dub City Edition.

    A new house, nothing fancy, but with a theater style film room in it and 8′ tall door ways (I get tired of hitting my head in the morning daze).

    I want at least double the current recruiting budget (even though I have no clue what it is) and at least 4 times the current assistant coaches salary budget so I could get some real coordinators and secondary assistants in here.

    I will gladly make less than my coordinators and assistant coaches. They do the real work at this level, it is just the head coaches job to get everyone on the same page and understanding my philosophies and passion I expect them and my players to have day in, day out.

    Oh, and my first order of business as the new coach, would be to rip out and burn the page in the playbook that has the inside draw to Thigpen. That play would NEVER be ran again in Memorial Stadium unless it is ran by an opponent of ours.

    Chris, please forward this with my email address to Michael McRobbie.

  12. If IU wants to be serious about football and wants to have any fans in the newly added stands they have to fire Lynch. Not only are they terrible they lost to two mac schools. The team is uninspired and unwatchable. If they let this guy stay then i’m not wasting my time as a fan or money. There is a reason why everyone thinks he should be fired around here, that is he is a terrible coach. Why would they hire someone that was apart of the longest losing streak in D 1? Whats next bring in Goldman sach to take over the finances. Whoever is in charge needs to grow a set and do the right thing we are regressing and going nowhere and its not gonna get any better with sling blade LYNCH.

  13. Can I be the def coordinator??? I only want 100,000 and that is less than Lynch Jr. I want the car too though. I want to play Finch at free safety or OLB and I will make the CB’s play up on their men and I will keep blitzing when it works and I will recruit my A$$ off. I also want to be able to fly my wife and kids to the game like Crean and at least one college buddy!

    Seriously though, I think it should be done sooner than later. The right thing to do is let him go now and start the search. There are many jobless coaches and good assistants out there to choose from. If the NAME is big enough, IU loses few or NO recruits. With that said, I do not see Greenie doing that so it will fall on Glass. Glass has to know that with next years schedule and Lynch as coach, IU wins NO more than 3 or 4 games and the crowds will be down to 18,000 to 24,000. I have 4 in our group of 10 that has dropped out for sure that have been with us for almost 10 years. I think we will see a lot of that if Lynch is retained. Oh, he is too clueless to walk.

  14. football does not have the urgency that basketball does at iu or that football does at notre dame or michigan. if bill lynch is not getting it done, it is a back-burner kind of problem compared with l’affaire sampson.

    and by some of his comments, i detect that michael mcrobbie is getting sick and tired of dealing with iu sports issues rather than academic ones. he might just prefer to put the football coach issue on hold, leaving bill lynch in place, and “think about it tomorrow.”

    it would be bad timing to fire bill lynch right after the season and leave a new coach, should one quickly be found, in the lurch, along with AD glass, contract and recruiting-wise. but it’s done all the time — and look at the lurch tom crean was left in. but iu was under the gun on that one and they are not re bill lynch. firing bill lynch and hiring a new coach will mean that 20089 is treated as a “lost” season.

    does bill lynch “deserve” to be fired? yes and no. yes, based on his poor record and iu’s underachieving play and the hunger of iu alums and fans for a “big time” — or just a better — football program. is that a realistic hunger? not really. if iu thinks there is a coach out there who can elevate them permanently up there with ohio state, oklahoma, alabama and usc, they are deluded — a gary barnett — who worked miracles at northwestern- – comes along once in a hundred years, and he’s been there and gone and there’s still 90 years to go till the next one.

    coach hep was the perfect fit. he might have been iu’s miracle worker, had he lived. iu should view it as cautionary that he was taken from them so early and sadly. not to make light of hep’s passing, but the football gods obviously do not smile down on iu, except to mock and sneer.

    the most sensible thing to do would be to let bill lynch stay another year, see how his highly touted recruiting class does, and if they respond and iu has a good year, then consider renewing him. if they continue to underachieve, then fire him.

    but who to get to replace him? the usual suspects — brian kelly, brady hoke, skip holtz, butch jones (CMU) — might not be interested in coming to iu, seeing as it has a reputation for being a coaches’ graveyard and they will all probably get better offers.

    when iu replaces bill lynch, they will need to get someone young, dynamic, charismatic, fundamentally sound, honest, a great recruiter, who can attract a great staff and coach on his feet to win on the sidelines.

    if only urban meyer were 20 years younger and didn’t know how good he was going to get…

  15. You got it backwards if they KEEP LYNCH 2009 is a “Lost” season. All the positive energy is gone and the fan base is tired of Lynch. No one said we could turn into Ohio State, I dunno where you got that from. But its not unrealistic for us to be 6-6 7-5. Last year we were second to last to the big ten and we are not looking any better this year. Anyone who says Lynch should stay in my mind is either a PU fan or just flat out retarded. I mean you can’t be watching the games. We have the worst coach by far in the big ten and probably the MAC. If they let him stay for another year im disowning anyone I know who goes to the games and burning my IU gear, i’m serious. This guy is the most incompetent coach I have seen in my entire lifetime.

  16. Hondo,

    I agree with you to a point.

    Everyone knows what Charlie Weiss is capable of. It was understood what he was up against, and given the state of the Huskies program under Ty, the mountain Weiss has to climb might have been bigger than previously thought.

    Under Gary Pinkel, Missouri has shown improvement every season except 2004. Kansas under Mangino had maintained a steady record near .500 each year from his 2nd year on till last years season when they blew up.

    IU this year went from a 7-5 team to a 3-9 or 4-8 team. Last years team was young, we returned a majority of our starters, yet we are going backward, while playing one of the weakest schedules we have seen in years.

    So why stay the course when it is heading down into an abyss?

  17. J Pat,

    If you want to be the DC, you must run a base 4-3, but have a working knowledge of the 3-5, 4-4, and 5-2. Also, Cover 2, Tampa 2 and Cover 4 must not be included in your vocabulary other than to describe the defensive set used by our opponent.

    If they were to be used, other than in the situation spoke about above, that would be grounds for immediate dismissal and forfeiture of all future payments owed to you under contract.

    Can you live with that? 🙂

  18. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Lynch has proven himself to be a BAD, LOSING coach. He had several years at Ball State and instead of the team improving he destroyed the program to the point it has taken Hoke 5 years to rebuild it. Sure IU could sit around and wait and see if he can turn things around, but the answer is already there. NO. He can’t turn it around. So each year he stays is not only a year wasted, but also moves the program back even further (if that’s possible). We’ve been in this position before with Mike Davis. We didn’t want to lose recruits or current players so we hired the guy the players wanted and just look how that turned out. Cut ties now with Lynch, take our lumps with transfers and de-commits and start over with someone who at least has a CHANCE. Big E said that hiring a big name doesn’t guarantee success and he is right, but keeping Lynch DOES guarantee failure.

  19. back on topic

    I agree the timing of the AD turnover makes firing Lynch a little more difficult IF the powers that be decide to do that. It is not impossible though. Glass needs to decide if he wants to keep him. If the answer is no, then he needs to tell Greenspan to do it. This would allow the proper amount of time to hire a new guy and let him recruit. Greenspan should not make that decision on his own, cause next season isn’t his responsibility.

  20. we need cuban or another wealthy boosters money to buy out Lynch, because the coward wont resign. he has no honor. cuban has written off IU athletics anyways.

  21. mikey,

    Yes they do run the Cover 4, I just hate the Cover 2, so I included it.

    If you want to learn about it, there is a DVD out called “Base Rules for 4-3 Cover 4 Defense” with Mike Yeager, an IU assistant coach who is responsible for Safeties. I am sure you can find a copy easily, I don’t see many coaches looking to mimic IU’s defense.

  22. Lynch needs to be fired, and heres an idea on how it goes down. Glass has already said that he respects Lynch. Offer Lynch a job in the AD Dept. after the first of the year paying a decent salary. Buy out his assistants with one year of pay. This can all be accomplished through a collaboration of Glass, Greenspan, and McRobbie possibly even before this season is over. If we get the right coach in place, we will not lose many recruits. Might even gain a few high profile guys along the way. If you think that these highly rated recruits are going to want to come to IU with the mess we’re putting on the field right now you are mistaken. Some of them are re-considering as we speak from reliable sources.

    Will be interesting to see what the attendance for this weeks game is? I have had tix for 4 years and missed the nw game, went to cmu, and promised my wife we will never set foot in memorial stadium to watch a bill lynch coached team. he’s a good guy i’m sure, but saturday was just painful to watch.

  23. Cuban is the man! Glass needs to figure out how to get him and his billion dollars back to IU.

  24. From a fan’s perspective, we need one thing regarding the football team: optimism; the feeling that things are always moving forward and getting better. With the current coach that optimism is not present, nor is it building for the future.

    In a very quick amount of time, this program has lost all its momentum from the 2007 season, become stagnant and even worse, indifferent. There needs to be a leader with tireless ambition and unrelenting enthusiasm.

    This can be compared to the men’s basketball program. This upcoming season might be below the university’s historical standards, but there is a “feeling that things are always moving forward and getting better.”

    The football program needs this feeling. It has to make this promise to its fanbase and supporters. With that commitment and the positive by-products of it, there will be more fans visible than ever thought possible.

  25. Glass may not take over officially until Jan. 2, but that doesn’t mean he cannot have any influence over hiring or firing Lynch now. As a matter of fact let Greenspan fire Lynch, and let him once again become the scapegoat…he’s leaving anyway and Glass can come on board with a clean slate.

  26. Greenspan will not fire lynch.

    Lynch will not be fired.

    Canada WILL be fired and a new offensive coordinator will be brought in.

  27. um….: bringing in a new off (or def coordinator) for that matter is not the answer. what coordinator worth a dime is going to want to come in and coach for potentially one year? Besides, Lynch has his hands all over our off and def philosophies. He is the head coach, if he so disliked the delayed hand-off to thigpen he has the authority to squash it. He also could tell dial up a defense that is at least in the picture when our opponents catches a pass (if watching on tv).

  28. is any of this a surprise to anyone? IU has HISTORICALLY been horrible at football. Penn State will tie IU for the number of unshared B10 titles ( IU has ONE in 108 yrs of football) 350 all time victories…. 120 B 10 victories or so… Where do you find this information? Not from IU you have to call the B10 office and ask them….

    IU football has been horrible since the git go…ND concentrates on one major sport– football- and lets BB go to hell. IU should concentrate on the thing we do best, BB and then just let it ride.

    Now that the UT coach is canned, how about him– 150-52 or something like that….

  29. A solution only works if your know what the problem is?

    Is Lynch the problem?

    I’ve been an IU football fan since 1987. I lived through the glory days of Mallory – eke out a bowl bid each year and every now and then beat a big time opponent – and the long wilderness since then.

    I think Hoeppner did and said all the right things. I wish he were still coach. But even if he were, we’d still be clawing and scratching for bowl eligibility every year.

    Our defense has been bad for more than a decade. Fast and big players go to schools that can recruit fast and big players. Our offensive line has been under-sized for more than a decade. Same problem.

    Every now and then we land a phenom – Randle El or Hardy – and he carries the team.

    Tell me how any coach can fix Indiana’s problems. Then I’ll listen.

  30. There are still 3 games left in the season. It would be interesting to also ask this same question at the end of the season.

    It is my prediction that;
    – IU will finish the season at 3-9.
    – IU will be outscored in its last 3 games by 150 points.
    – Two of the 3 remaining games will be ugly and the third one will be nasty.

  31. Have to disagree with Bhss73…ND is(or at least should be) ranked in the top 20 in college basketball. That symbolize that they are letting basketball go to hell? They are in a MUCH better position than we are.

    The idea that we would lose recruits if Lynch left depends on who we bring in. A coach like Fulmer for instance, would actually help us. His class at Tennessee is ranked in the top 10(#7 rivals)> Bowden’s class was also in the top 15 i believe. I just want someone that will have a constant level of success. Someone like Fulmer, Bowden.

  32. Old John would like to know what a new coach could bring:

    1. Coaching Philosophy
    2. Leadership
    3. Strategy
    4. Play calling
    5. Defensive and offensive schemes
    6. Discipline…etc…etc

    Need I say more, we could go on forever…

  33. Lynch has proven that he is a quality person and an asset to IU; also that he is a good assistant coach and no inspirational leader as a head coach. Make Lynch the assistant head coach at 300k, keeps the recruits lined up now. Keep most of the staff for 1 more year. Hire Chris Speilman-OH ST linebacker, now ESPN announcer- as head coach at 750k. Give him 2-3 assistants this year and help him recruit in FL, TX, PN, OH, GA, AL, and CA. Turn him loose on the defense and get in everybody’s face! If Speilman betters this year’s record then give him a multiyear contract, if not the experiment is over, look for a big name and a big pay out. Glass must do all this early in Jan. The other guy can not be allowed to participate in any fashion.

  34. Hopefully Lynch will just resign… I’m worried about losing some of the pretty strong recruits we have coming in next year though. Unfortuantely, another coaching change would probably mean some recruits backing out of verbal committments.

    It is soooo important for IU football to keep some good talent coming in year after year. A coaching change at this juncture would probably set IU back another couple years, if that is possible… So I want Lynch out, but I would almost wait until the recruits sign LOI’s. LOL seems like a dirty trick, but IU needs to do whatever it can to keep this recruiting class in tact.

  35. Bill Lynch is not the problem with Indiana Football. Bill Lynch is the same guy who put IU in a bowl game last year, the same guy that directed the offense under Hoeppner, the same guy who helped recruit the players that are here. The talent at IU is better than it has been in 10 years, thanks in no small part to the relationships that Lynch has with high school coaches in the state of Indiana and the midwest.

    Injuries have played a HUGE factor in the season. There has been no continuity of the offensive line which has led to problems on offense. These problems on offense have led to the defense being on the field too long. This in turn has led to more injuries on defense. Coaches put players in positions to succeed. Players have to play. Do you not think the coach is going to put the best players on the field? If your favorite player isn’t playing it is because he isn’t playing well enough in practice.

    Coach Lynch MUST stay! A program like IU’s is going to take time to be built. The new facilities will help, success in basketball will help, recruits knowing that the coach in their living room is going to be there when they graduate will help. Conversations about firing Lynch will only give ammunition to those recruiting against IU.

    It is okay to be frustrated; it is not okay to blame the head coach in the second year of his regime for the problems of the past decade. Support Coach Lynch and his team.

  36. Bob, is that you Bill Jr? Common, excuses excuses. None of those account for the lack of fire and desire on this team.That is the coach’s job. End of story. Hes a failure in many aspects of what a head coach needs to do. IU failed in giving him the job to a proven loser.

  37. BOB- You are going to get an earful from the blog. Bill Lynch did NOT put the team in a Bowl Game last year. Hep had already landed that plane, and Bill simply put his hand on the controls as the jet pulled into the gate (he also crashed into the terminal, getting blown away by OSU). And what talent are you raving about under Hep? Talent that gets you 4 wins a year? Talent that helps you go 4-0 against cupcakes and then lose all7 of your conference games? Talent that loses to a Division II team at home? (S. Illinois) Talent that loses to a first-year football program? (UConn) Hep showed plenty of enthusiasm, and had things looking a lot better, but Lynch simply ran the ship into the ground, starting with his 3rd and 6 call against Northwestern last year.

    Don’t overstate the “good vibes” of the program. We are a Big 10 school, for crying out loud, and we seem to be the only major conference school in the country missing out on the cyclical success that everyone from Kansas to Wake Forest seems to enjoy.

  38. Lynch won the job by default, and the University just went with the easiest option! Lynch has not shown the ability to successfully coach at any school on the D-1 level. What makes you think he’ll succeed now?

  39. phillip fulmer is not the answer. he is another gerry dinardo, an old guy on the tail end of his career. i doubt if he would want to come to iu anyway. he can make money on the tv commentator circuit and not have any aggravation except catching planes.

    and, after being at a football school like tennessee and based in the mid-south, he is too much of an old dog to teach all the new tricks necessary to be successful at iu — he has no recruiting ties to indiana, the midwest or the big ten and developing all that would take time for him.

    iu should go after brian kelly at cincinnati. he might not want to come to iu, though; he may wait for the boston college job to open up (he is originally from boston) or michigan (if richrod goes to clemson or tennessee; kelly coached at grand valley and cmu). that is all sports talk rumor blog stuff at this point, though. kelly is a possibility.

    other possibilities are brady hoke at ball state and butch jones at central michigan. a long shot would be jim harbaugh, who is tom crean’s brother in law and whose dad coached at iu at some point, i think. he burned his future coaching bridges with his alma mater, michigan with comments disparaging their academics and as prestigious as stanford is, he may want to get back to the midwest.

    but not phillip fullmer. he is not the answer.

  40. 1) Fulmer DOES have recruiting ties to the midwest, but they’re limited to Ohio; in any event, I don’t think he’d have any interest in IU.

    2) why would Brian Kelly want to leave Cincy, where he’s already paid nearly twice what Lynch is, for IU? I doubt he’d be interested either.

    3) Harbaugh? He’s already making $1 Mil a year (see #2 above) so why would he leave Stanford for a less prestigious job at IU? Especially when the Pac-10 appears to be even weaker than the Big 10.

    4) It would take more than one win over IU for me to be impressed with Hoke–but salary-wise, he’d be the sort of guy IU could realistically get. As would Butch Jones (unless he’s waiting for WVU to open up again), or, for that matter, Jerry Kill.

    5) I see no way, financially or even logistically, how Greenspan/Glass could pull off a coaching change now anyway. On the other hand, I also see no way Lynch can hold onto all, or even most, of this allegedly great recruiting class if he loses the next 3 games. In sum, I expect BLSr to be back in 2009 and for the “vicious circle” that is IU football to continue.

  41. Fullmer is not right. I agree. Hes too old and more than likely has no interest in IU. Sorry but no thanks to Hoke as well. Hes a burger away from a heart attack. I want Hep like enthusiasm from a 30-40 year old coach. One that is hungry to make his mark on college football. There has got to be someone out there. Surely anyone is better than lynch.

  42. Greenspan has fired over 11 coaches in his short time at IU. He should not be making ANY more decicions about he future of IU athletics. He had the opprotunity to hire a basketball coach from within, and IU’s top athletic program has only suffered from it. Greenspan is out in January,(why not before?!), however he has no business continuing to make decisions affecting the futue of IU Athletics. This includes football and Coach Lynch.

  43. There have been a lot of good ideas posted. Think about this, some will get mad but that’s okay.
    1. IU is a basketball school.
    2. Indiana High school football isn’t up to par with the other Big Ten States. Just the number of high schools playing is lower than every state except Iowa.
    3. Attendance is and always has been a problem. We might travel well to Tucson, but can’t make it to Bloomington.
    4. IU has to be willing to ante up and pay a coach. By all standards Crean is not over paid, Lynch is underpaid.
    5. The IU family must commit to football! If there is real commitment, the revenues generated will aid the entire university.

  44. D.J.,

    If they are serious, IU can pay the money to get a Coach.

    On Fulmer, I don’t see him going anywhere to coach. He has been in Tennessee for the past 30 years, starting as a player, then a grad assistant, an assistant, and then the head coach. I don’t expect to see him at any other BCS school. He bleeds Tennessee orange.

    I don’t know why Brian Kelly is brought up, Cincy has been solid, but play in a weak conference and a traditionally weaker schedule than ours. I don’t see him going anywhere, nor do I see the alumni supporting him with the $$$$$.

    I agree about Brady Hoke, yes he beat IU, yes BSU is 8-0, but they play in the MAC and currently have the 121st ranked schedule for toughness. IU’s is 60th to compare. I just don’t think he is as hot as some think, and if I am not mistaken, they are senior heavy, so we will see next year what he can do.

    As for Harbaugh, he is a Midwest guy. Born and raised in Ohio, went to Michigan, and has said before he would like to coach in the Big Ten. Considering that, and he has family in Bloomington and at IU (Crean), getting him could be a possibility.

    Two question need to be asked, can he build a D1 team to be competitive? The other question is can he keep his mouth shut and not embarrass himself or the school if brought here?

  45. Of course IU “can pay the money” if they’re serious–they just promised $23.6 million to a coach who hasn’t even coached a game at IU yet.
    The question is, are the “big $$$ people” serious this time around, when they haven’t been before? Speaking as someone who was under-whelmed by the Glass hire, I gather his main strength is his potential as a fundraiser. We’ll see.

    Brian Kelly’s currently in a BCS conference, so I don’t see a Big 10 schedule as a factor for him one way or the other. And, again, UC’s already paying him loads more than IU’s paying Lynch. He’d be far more likely to bail this year for one of the “name” openings like Clemson, UTenn, etc.

    I’m still not convinced Harbaugh could be persuaded to leave Stanford’s FB job for IU. It’s a clear step down, and his simply having a Midwestern background seems to me to be insufficient by itself to get him truly interested. Maybe if Brewster leaves Minny, or Dantonio leaves MSU, it would be a different story.

    If I were going to the MAC again for a new HC, I’d be at least as interested in Jones or Kill as in Hoke. I suspect Jones still covets the West Va job and is keeping his powder dry to see how Stewart does there. Kill has an impressive resume, (including a win over Lynch & IU) but also has major health issues.

    At this point I’m fully expecting to see BLSr back at the helm in 2009. Whether all of his assistants return (especially if Glass can find some $$$) is a different question.

  46. If Lynch stays for next season, I’d expect attendance to be about 20K-25K a game (for understandable reasons), with the exception of the Purdue and Ohio State games where those teams will fill up the stadium with their fans, respectively.

    If our AD wants to experience that for himself, then he’ll soon see. Unfortunately, the hole will be that much deeper.

  47. I’ll hold my response to the first question only, “should Greenspan be allowed to…” The onlything greenspan should be allowed to do at this point is breath. He has finished the job that Brand started and relegated IU to the basement of Big Ten Sports. Why is this man even allowed to be on Campus at all not to mention hold his job for another two months.

  48. i doubt we can get 20k in memorial, you aretoo generous. Seriously, id say 15k at best.

  49. I would be all for Harbaugh. The man can recruit. He has the #18 class in rivals. He seems to be able to recruit his place well. He owns a racing team in Indianapolis, and he has the family in the state. His salary is not bad. He makes 750k a year. If we are williung to fork over the million plus, we might get him. The question is, can he recruit the Midwest? If he can recruit 4 star players with the likes of USC and UCLA in his state, i wouldn’t put it past him

  50. Thank you, Paul. Greenspan shouldn’t be allowed to get a new pen from the office supplies without permission, yet alone make any real decisions.


    Let it be said: If Indiana can go blue, then turning around the football program should be a walk in the park.

  52. I’m just amazed that with all of Korman’s insight – that the SB Tribune hasn’t snapped him up to straighten out those Domers….

  53. as long as we are bandying about names, how about skip holtz? is he the heir-apparent to charley weis at ND because of his old man? or at carolina state? or maybe florida state after bobby bowden resigns?

    still think brian kelly is a long shot, but he would more likely wait for boston college to open u p; he’s a chowd, from the boston are; he would be in a bcs conference; and he would play notre dame every year.

    agree butch jones has strong ties to west virginia through richrod. and pipeline from mac to big ten is not automatic. witness urban meyer. wonder if rich rodriguez would can his defensive coordinator and hire jones to take his place at um to groom him as a successor if next year is as much of a disaster there as this year is.

    am disturbed the by the statistic that rick greenspan has fired eleven coaches in his tenure at iu. this tells me he is one of those guys who thinks he can ride in and clean up messes and solve problems with a terrible swift sword —

    — the kind of guy who would take a reckless, knowing chance of a kelvin sampson. sorry to bring it up, but can you say lack of institutional control, baby? i do not look forward to when iu hears from the ncaa.

    iu should probably endure lynch for one more year unless he voluntarily quits after this year, endure him and his relatively low salary for the next, see if he turns it around assuming he can keep this fantastic recruiting class everyone is touting.

    if that doesn’t pan out, then iu should lay the ground work and go get a good young coach and bite the bullet and pay the man. it’ll cost a million dollars a year to get anybody any good. i doubt if iu is serious enough about football to spring for that.

  54. The real question is what are we waiting for in firing this guy? I say we look at some of these big 12 coordinators. As weak as the big ten is it would not be a pipe dream to be bowl contenders every year, its not like we play anyone.

  55. It’s really disheartening that this university accepts complete failure at football. When someone like Lynch with a terrible track record is handed the keys and drives it off into a ditch time after time, you have to make a change. This is so vital to bring back the fans to get anything going again. People are not just going to show up to watch us get destroyed by sub par teams like IOWA or the MAC PACK. Its really disrespectful to the fans if they keep a proven hopeless loser. That being said I think Lynch is a good person, just not a good football coach.

  56. We are in last place. If that’s acceptable than you can bet when football revenue comes in when also will be in last place.

  57. it’s been published that Harbaugh makes at least $1 Mil a year at Stanford, a school which could easily match or surpass any offer IU could make to him. Similarly, Skip Holtz is said to be making approx. $1.16 Mil a year at ECU. Unless some of IU’s big donors can be convinced by Glass that FB coaching matters as much as BB, guys like that are out of IU’s league financially. Same with Kelly, who’s allegedly making nearly twice what Lynch currently makes.

    The MAC guys–Jones (for now), Kill, maybe Turner Gill–are the ones IU could have a realistic shot at given the school’s apparent budgetary priorities in the Athletic Department. Lynch is paid less than any other BCS Head Coach except Wulff (Wash. St.), and less even than approx. 15 Head Coaches at non-BCS schools.

  58. and the fact that lynch will take such a pathetic D1 salary, is an indicator that his value is equally bad.

  59. Looked it up again 😛 DJ is right. It’s what I get for trusting Wikipedia when it said he made 750k 😛

  60. Well, Jim harbaugh is supposedly interested in the Oakland Raiders job

    HA! Almost had ya there….Wait he’s serious? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  61. I have been a season ticket holder for the last 3 years. I make decent money but it’s still a costly outing, especially if I take my kids. I hate to bring bad news to the rest of you but the economy is tanking and will continue to tank for the next 24 months (minimum).

    I will not buy another ticket at IU if Lynch and any member of his staff is retained next year. Why should I waste $$ watching such poor coaching when I can see the entire game at home on a 42″ high def TV? I don’t have to look out for the Beer Nazi? I don’t have to piss into a 20′ urinal (nice upgrade?). I don’t have to pay for $4.00 watered down Cokes. Most importantly, I know how to make decent popcorn. That crap at Memorial Stadium is gross.

    I have learned to ignore the “official” IU attendance stats because they are bogus! Last week they said we had 25K !! Not even close to that were in the stands.

    Next year’s avg. attendance? 15K tops.

    I realize our prices are probably cheap compared to other Big 10 schools but we also don’t have a lot of jobs here that pay well. I would rather have cheap tickets, reasonable food, reasonable parking fees and a full house until such time the demand is necessary to raise prices.

    I noticed the last two years when they ran the 2-for-1 ticket deal that the people in those seats had absolutely no idea it costs a lot more to take your family to the game.

    Another thing, why can’t we get rid of those low life scalpers from out of town? I feel like grabing the ear of the guy holding the “Buy tickets” sign and draging him to the idiot holding the “Need tickets” sign and tell them both to go back to school!!

  62. I believe that what we are seeing here is a vote of no confidence on behalf of the Hoosier Nation about Lynch’s performance. When such a vote carries, the government needs to resign or try to prove itself in a new election.

    Of course, IU football is not a government, and I do believe that the fans, students and maybe team have lost confidence in the coaching staff. That alone should be a cause for Glass / Greenspan to act now, as once you lose the confidence of the team and fans you really can’t get it back.

    Glass is already on the job, whether he thinks he is or not. And if he doesn’t think he is, that worries me more than anything. He might not be in the office right now, but he needs to be working alongside Greenspan in a transition. Just as Obama’s team is working on a transition plan, Glass needs to be as well.

    This AD transition itself has no bearing on whether to keep Lynch or not. The right decision, which I believe is to get rid of Lynch as head coach, needs to be made and Glass / Greenspan need to work together on that decision. They need to make the decision between now and the end of the season so they can find the right coach that will keep the recruits and current players. If Glass and Greenspan can’t work out how to work together, then IU made the wrong decision by hiring Glass.

    I believe the reason that Greenspan gave Lynch a contract last year is that he knew that the Samspon issue was going to boil over and he wanted to get the football decision done and off his plate first. And I don’t believe he ever took a rigorous look at Lynch’s performance last year. Those of us who did, had our opinions clearly stated on this blog, saying he was not the right man for the job. I think most of us can agree now that it was a hire based largely on emotion and the “good guy” factor rather than skill, leadership and the ability to carry on all that Hep had started.

    As Hep said often, “don’t quit”. Don’t quit the work he started in building the football program into something we can be proud of. Sadly, I don’t think Lynch is the right head coach for that, though I would be in favor of keeping him as part of the university in a role that is more fitting for him as Toledo has done with Amstutz (

    We need to move ahead, IU football needs “hope” now, and that was what Hep brought. And now that hope is gone and we are left with dispair. A despair that seems much deeper than where we’ve been before. A despair that we seem to have no confidence in Lynch overcoming. If the combined Glass / Greenspan team cannot see that then I fear that our confidence in Glass will quickly wane as well.

  63. With IU averaging @ 25 to 30,000 paid “attendance” per game, how can IU afford to keep Lynch? I have 6 great tickets with two friends and alums that choose to stay home versus driving to Bloomington. Lynch needs to announce his resignation before the Bucket game or IU should fire him with cause and pay no severance!

  64. Glad to see the Scoop chose to delve into the matter. It is time the increasingly vocal discontentment within Hoosier Nation is given some attention the media (not to mention within the department’s deliberations). Judging by the comments above, I’d say Glass’ hand has already been forced on this one. Losing recruits is inevitable. Losing many long-standing ticket holders is unacceptable, particularly as the expanded Memorial Stadium is set to open with a crowd which may not fill 2/3 of the visitor’s section.
    *Greenspan: I can’t imagine Greenspan currently has the authority to make any decision of this magnitude without prior authorization from McRobbie. Greenspan’s stature is well past that of a lame-duck; he is effectively a neutered duck (what’s the fowl equivalent of a gelding?). As you’ll recall, he was marginalized by committee and effectively benched during Crean’s search. I don’t think McRobbie and the trustees are any more comfortable with his decision making now that his resignation is on file (and by demand no less!).
    *Glass: Just as this election will produce the most involved transition of power in our nation’s history by a president-elect, so too must Glass use this transition period to be quickly brought up to speed on and intimately familiar with our most pressing issues. He previously indicated that he would use this time to meet with our coaches, alumni and boosters. This should allow him the opportunity to measure not only Lynch’s support (or lack thereof) but also to grasp the resources he will have at his disposal with which to make a move on the position. He will have to move quickly and decisively from the start. Hoosier Nation is suffering a rapidly-spreading crisis of confidence at a time when the department is heavily leveraged by multiple capital improvement projects. Declining gate receipts, coupled with the specter of decreasing sponsorship due to the pending recession, may severely limit Glass’ hand. Swift action is needed before next year’s slogan goes from “Defend the Rock,” to “ATTEND THE ROCK….PLEASE!!!” My money says Glass is well aware of the depth of the despair within Hoosier Nation and the urgency of action required to stave off this growing insurgency. I figure Sampson’s indescretions were visible from NCAA Headquarters on W. Washington, certainly Glass’ corner office on N Meridian provides him with a clear view of the Lynch mob forming around the Rock.

  65. Its real plain and simple ask Lynch what his record was this year. Then tell him he is chitcanned. Call security if we have any and tell him to get everything and go drive another program right into the ground.

  66. I’d love to be the guy who says You’re F***ING FIRED BILL YOUR F***ING FIRED BILL GET YOUR S**T BILL CAUSE YOUR F***ING FIRED 🙂

  67. Lynch needs to be removed as head coach, but he doesn’t need to be treated the way “philmo” and “billy” say.

    Lynch should be offered a job as a recruiter if he would agree to step down and relieve IU of all financial obligations owed on his current contract.

    After all, the man does have the highest ranked recruiting class IU has seen in the past 20 years coming in.

    If he would not agree to stay on as a recruiter, at that point you must tell him he will not be retained as head coach, and part ways with him in a civil manor.

    Either way, Bill Lynch should not be allowed to continue on as the head coach of this football team as of the clock hitting 0:00 in the 4th quarter on November 22nd at Ross-Aide Stadium.

  68. okay lets be a little fairer billy boy. Tell him if he wins at penn state he can keep his job. I think we can all agree this is a very fair plan.

  69. Mike P is correct. By all means, there is no way we want Lynch completely gone, he apparently knows how to recruit. I would love for him to be on the next staff if he happened to be relieved of his duty, especially if the coach has very little connection with the area. If you were

  70. going to move to a different part of the country, you would want someone who knew the area to guide you along yea?

  71. Hey this isnt rocketscience. There are MANY people who know the hoosier land. I coulnt care either way if Lynch stay in some non HC capacity, or not. Highschool coaches love him? they will like a passionate new coach, whether he is from here or not. Case in point, Crean. HS coaches have their own back and interests to look after, they arent going to spurn a new IU coach that is passionate and qualified.

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