They’re on their way

The Indiana basketball team is currently en route to Maui after taking an early flight this morning. Team members stayed in Indianapolis last night and will arrive in Hawaii at about 8:30 tonight. The players have not practiced since beating IUPUI 60-57 on Tuesday night and aren’t scheduled to be back on the court until Friday.

The Hoosiers open the Maui Invitational with Notre Dame at 5:30 (EST) Monday.

As we reported earlier today, Verdell Jones is OK after hurting his ankle in the second half of the IUPUI game.


  1. This has started out as a fun year for IU basketball. Its fun to watch a team that plays to and above their talent level. After watching such a disappointing season last year with such a talented team, I am actually excited to see team basketball played in assembly hall. There are no big name recruits who will be busts and leave for the NBA after one year. There don’t seem to be players who think they are above the rules and better than the team. I am excited to see the rest of the season and see Tom Crean bring Glory back to Assembly Hall!

  2. Right on, Andrew. This year is the reverse of last year in terms of both expectations and achievement. Last year’s team was so overrated it hurt, even before the Sampson fiasco. We were left with one big disappointment in the end.

    This year, expectations are low, making the potential for overachievment robust. Think of how nice it will be to steal a game from Ohio State or Illinois – so much nicer than watching Gordon light up Arkansas for 8 points, or IU getting pummeled by a depleted UConn squad at home.

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