Turns out there’s a new airport

You know it’s an historic day when the military band greets you with a rousing instrumental of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

The new Indianapolis Airport is shiny. And quiet. And quite uncrowded. I have no idea if this place is more spacious/more well designed/awesome at making you not realize how many people are around or if it’s simply a slow day to fly. For all I know, there are thousands of people wandering the old airport aimlessly.

Have to say I’m a little upset that I didn’t get to go through the newfangled  full body scanner they have at security here. The security dude made me take my hooded sweatshirt off and I was thinking how strange that was because the new scanners can supposedly see through clothing (creepy, I know.) It wasn’t so bad taking the sweatshirt off: I got to show my rad Ryan Howard t-shirt. Much jealously ensued.

Most of the people I talked to about flying on the first day at a new airport warned of major kinks. So far, I’ve noticed few. The credit card machine didn’t work at the magazine shop. The lady at the ticket counter complained about not having phones. I told her that just meant her bosses couldn’t call her. Her day brightened.

Guess all there is to do now is to wait to see if this new place can succeed at its main function: flying passengers where they need to go (and getting their luggage to go to the same place.)


  1. Chris – I’m picking up my daughter on Friday in Indy and assume the best way is via I-70, exit 68 as advertised? We’re accustomed to taking back roads to High School Rd which keeps us away from Interstate traffic. Also, did you happen to see the “cell phone waiting” parking lot off of Cook Drive?

  2. Greene. I travel frequently to pick up visitors at the Indy Airport. In my experience, the best and quickest way to get to the new airport from Bloomington is to take 37 to Martinsville and then over to 67. Take 67 through Mooresville to the new Ameriplex Parkway (formerly Six Points Road). You will go about 1 mile and then merge onto I-70. You are about 3 minutes from the new airport. Just take exit 68 as advertised.

  3. As Greene mentioned, I am wondering about access to the new airport from 67…is there any way you can look into that. It would be easier coming from the south up 67..instead of 465 and coming back west. Thanks

  4. thanks to frequent flyer for the info. When you merge on to I-70 do you go east or west to get to exit 68?

  5. does the ameriplex highway go under I 70 or do you have to get on I 70 and if so which direction north or south? Thanks

  6. I stand corrected it looks like you go north on I 70 for a short bit then exit on 68. Exit 68 isn’t on google maps yet…go figure

  7. Chris, are we to assume you’re on your way to Happy Valley for this weekend’s slaughter? How’s the wireless connectivity in the new terminal?

  8. Ameriplex Parkway runs into I-70 right at the airport exit. There will be signs directing you onto the Airport ramp when you reach the interchange. It is by far the best way to get to the new airport from Bloomington.

    Full directions: take SR37 north from Bloomington. Exit at SR39 in Martinsville. Follow SR39 left at the traffic light to go out of town and across the river, and then right to join with SR67 going north. Stay on SR67 through Mooresville. Turn left at the next traffic light beyond the Camby Road light, onto Ameriplex Parkway. Follow Ameriplex Parkway to the I-70 interchange, and follow the signs there, directing you onto the ramp leading into the airport.

  9. Good directions from Eric Isaacson. Once you turn onto the Ameriplex Parkway, it’s cake. Just stay in the lanes that the blue signs tell you to stay in, and you’ll find whatever it is you’re looking for.

    As for the other eric: They were selling grossly over-priced IU gear at many of the airport stores. How’s that for you?

  10. Chronic,

    We’ve got Verizon cards, so I used that. Can’t report back on the airport wireless.

    Yes, I’m in Pennsylvania a few days early to visit with friends and take Paterno to lunch.

    OK. One of those is false. You decide: I have friends, or JoePa would go to lunch with me.

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