What the Scoop is Thankful for

5. Intern Jared, who works as hard as any of the athletes we cover and does it all for the glory of eating press box hot dogs.

4. The times when you guys discuss Bill Lynch and the Indiana football team without resorting to name calling, instead opting for rational conversation rooted in fact and not just emotion.

3.  The fact that no one has called any of us “Hoss” since February.

2.  Our family and friends and co-workers and all that.

1. Your passion for IU sports, and the sophisticated way you share it here. For that, I say: Mahalo, Hoss.


  1. I think you guys forgot you’re thankful for Dynasty for starting up controversy, and getting this blog rolling. I am the unsung hero 🙂

  2. It’s been a long day of picking at delicious leftovers…always a great thing. Unfortunately the best part of the day – lounging on the couch watching football – has been pretty boring. For some reason the Detroit Lions are still allowed to play on Thanksgiving, and the Seahawks are having an awful year.

    I am thankful for all of the readers that join us here on the Scoop. Without your sincere obsession for IU sports, and more importantly your interest and trust in our coverage, the Scoop would serve no purpose, and we’d be wasting our time.

    Most of all, I would like to thank Doug, Chris and the H-T sports department for giving me this opportunity.

    If it wasn’t for a story I did as a sophomore for class, in which I met and interviewed Doug and Chris, I probably wouldn’t be here.

    By the way, the dogs were a side benefit.

    Nothing like a dog at the game.

    Pizza in Assembly Hall just doesn’t seem right.

    Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day.


  3. I, for one, have truly enjoyed this blog. I had been on and off of a couple of others and this is where I will stay for sure. Happy T day guys!!! Great job with the quick blog topics and info updates! Take care.

  4. I’m thankful for this blog and those who post here. Even those I disagree with the majority of the time.

    I am thankful that we have this blog to discuss IU sports and most of all for the hard work Doug & Chris put in.

    I will also say I am thankful for Jared being on the blog this year, his postings have been great, thought provoking, and has definitely kept this place hopping.

  5. i am thankful to live in a country where collegiate and professional sports are such a big thing, a source of entertainment and inspiration and community pride and unity.

    i have heard that pows often replay sporting events in their minds or think of their all-time teams or otherwise focus on sports to pass the time and keep their sanity while in their cells.

    coaches who have come back from trips to vietnam, kuwait, iraq, etc, are often moved to tears by the enthusiasm of the military personnel for their appearances.

    what was that line by the charley daniels band? — “you just go and lay your hand on a pittsburgh steeler fan.” i am thankful that when we are all in it together, sports unites us.

  6. Too many to be thankful for to count, but I’d put these at the top:
    1. A wife who not only tolerates being widowed to the Hoosiers, but loves me for it and sometimes even indulges me with a little IU chatter of her own.
    2. Healthy, happy children.
    3. CHANGE! From Pennsylvania Ave. to 17th St., it’s time to turn things around.
    4. Spicy, brown mustard, leftover turkey, thick-cut bread, leather La-Z-Boy recliners, good beer, and 4 continuous days of football.
    5. The Scoop- Hoosier Nation’s leading repository of IU information, answers, and dialogue. Without you, I might have to put in a full day’s work actually doing work.

  7. I’m thankful for Billy lynch to be fired, oh bear nuts that has not happened yet! What da hell is wrong he should of been fired by now……… emphasis on period period period!!! All I want for Christmas is for him to be fired, seriously its the only hope I have being one of the half dozen football fans left.

  8. For those who care, IU football recruit Nick Zachery is on Bloomington Comcast channel 21 playing for his 4th straight 1A championship.

    Also, on Comcast channel 3 at 7:00pm tonight you can watch the MCYFA AFL Championship game from IU that was played on 10/26/08. You can watch my team win the championship. If you do watch, on my teams 2nd drive, 3rd play I believe, you will see one massive block as a DE for the opposite team gets truck sticked as my running back turns diesel as the lead block.

  9. The running chat during the game is awesome, if not addictive. Can someone please write a note to my clients for not making deadlines, due to listening and typing? Just musing, it hasn’t happened….yet. Thanks to all at the Scoop.

  10. As a former IU athlete, I would like to say that this is the best IU sports site. You cover all IU sports and the big issues, and I find your comments very insightful.

    Great job guys!

    Happy Holidays!

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