3 additional IU football players named in probable cause affadavit

2:30 UPDATE: The probable cause affadavit for Lazell McClellon, which gives the details from the police report on this robbery, is linked at the bottom of this post.


H-T reporter Marci Creps has filed an update on the investigation of the robbery last week in which IU football player Cortez Smith was charged. Here’s her report. She will have a longer story on this situation tonight on HTO and in the H-T tomorrow.

By Marcela Creps 331-4375 | mcreps@heraldt.com
December 23, 2008

Three additional Indiana University football players have been named in a probable cause affidavit filed in the case of an apartment robbery reported last week.

Formal charges were filed Monday charging Courtney “Cortez” Smith with robbery resulting in bodily injury and burglary in connection with the Dec. 17 incident. Smith plays cornerback for the IU football team.

A second suspect, Lazell C. McClellon, of Detroit, was formally charged Monday with robbery resulting in bodily injury, burglary, resisting law enforcement and battery resulting in bodily injury.

The robbery occurred Dec. 17 at an apartment in the 500 block of Muller Parkway. Two men called police to report they’d been robbed of a variety of items including iPods, cell phones and a quarter ounce of marijuana, according to the affidavit.

In the affidavit, the victims stated that Dennis Zeigler was visiting the home when the burglary occurred. Both men stated they were suspicious of Zeigler’s actions during the robbery as he crawled on the floor and shut the door.

Zeigler is an offensive lineman for the Hoosier football team.

According to the affidavit, police later interviewed Zeigler who told them he helped set up the crime for Smith and McClellon.

After the crime, Zeigler told police, he joined Smith and McClellon in a nearby apartment occupied by Darius Johnson and Jarrell Drane according to the affidavit. Johnson and Drane are also members of the IU football team. Johnson is a linebacker and Drane is a safety.

According to the affidavit, McClellon was staying with Johnson while he was in town.

Although Zeigler admits to helping in the crime, he currently faces no criminal charges.

Stay with HTO for further updates.



  1. Darius Johnson was arrested earlier in the year for being passed out drunk, then assaulting police and medical personnel who were trying to help him.

    Jarrell Drane was arrested that same weekend for illegal consumption after recording a BAC of over .08 when someone from a group of people he was with was caught urinating in a parking lot.

    Why hasn’t Zeilger been charged with anything? Sounds to me he is as guilty as the other 2 guys.

    An interesting side note, Johnson is a Criminal Justice major.

  2. Eveyone that thinks they are going to be a lawyer is criminal justice, which is a bit of a joke. Lynch has his hands even more full. FIX these problems Lynch, otherwise he will hurt IU’s reputation even more.

  3. As I stated on the 18th:

    I may not be Columbo, but the visitor sure sounds like he could also be a football player. 6′7″ 300+ lbs.?

    1st reefer madness, now strong-armed burglary. Merry Christmas, Hoosiers.

    Welcome to 17th St., Mr. Glass!

  4. This is crazy… These dudes have alot of balls to think they could get away with something like this. What kind of mentality do you have to have in order to pull something like this off?? Guys like this need a good a$$ kicking.

  5. All, absolutely all, of the individuals involved in this incident should be booted from the team yesterday. When you look back to Patterson’s comments earlier in the season, I guess we can now see four of the guys he was talking about. If Lynch, Glass, and co. want to talk about building a program the right way, then they need to take the correct step and boot these guys off the team. There are enough problems with this program, no need to keep a cancer like this around. Time to cut the tumor out before it spreads any further.

  6. I can’t help but feel a cynical pleasure with any event that makes coaching harder for Bill Lynch next year.

    Cramer- I agree. However, the only problem with cutting these players is that they will now be on the loose around Bloomington with nothing to do. Lock your doors, everyone.

  7. due process everyone. we all jumped to conclusions when lewis was suspended last year and it all worked out.

  8. Where was the due process for Sampson we fired him before the investigation! Someone really needs to beat your head in Aruss.

  9. I consider that very offensive to Sampson. I mean he has some success in his career and had more than 1 god damn win in the big ten. Also, if you recall he did not lose to 52 to Purdue or was shut out every second half against sub par defenses!

  10. Umm..it all “worked out” Aruss? What exactly is “working out” to you? Do you mean the 3-9 joke of a season with Kellen playing lazy all year?

  11. Time to give everybody the news that this is not going to be tolerated any longer. Screw-up like this? Get your second chance somewhere else.

    Well Mr. Glass?

  12. Gee, what a surprise. Bill Lynch clueless on and off the field advising players, no accountability in the program so screw them to! I’m just gonna wait to be a fan again when they get a coach the players play hard for!!!

  13. Kevin, what about Mr. Glass? He hasn’t taken over yet.

    Baba, you may not think Lynch can turn things around, but why would you want things to be harder for him? Will you be rooting against IU next year? I would think that you would want IU to bounce back next year.

    philmo, I’d like you to tell me how Lynch was supposed to predict that these guys would do something like this. He quickly suspended Cortez Smith, and it looks like the same will happen with the other players. All you can ask is that the appropriate discipline be taken care of. Unfortunately, this stuff happens everywhere. Hardy got in trouble when Hep was here.

  14. while these problems can happen at any program, they are not acceptable at IU. sh!t,if we cant even win footall games, lynch might as well try to produce good citizens. he cant even do that right. Glass? lynch? they all need to be fired. i am sick of zero good news from the football program. the players effort on the field and their behavior off the field are a reflecion of the coach and their respect for him. its clean lynch has zero respect from anyone that matters.

  15. Jimmy-
    It’s a tough question. Do I root for a 5-7 “improvement” season next year, which would inevitably prolong the mediocrity of the program by giving us an additional year of Lynchball, or do I hope for a bad year, so that we can fire Lynch, reach rock-bottom, and bring in a much more exciting coach to rev-up the hungry fan base?

    I have a “fire sale” mentality right now. I think it is time to re-format the hard drive.

  16. Lynch may have worn out his welcome, but I don’t think this story matters too much in that conversation. Every major college football team in America has to deal with these issues, and apparently we do too. Like Lynch or not, but this shouldn’t be a deciding issue. Discipline them appropriately and move on.

  17. yall no. deTroIt mAFia riCHtown aint bout dry snitchez. punk them sucka mcs. darius elz foever richtown posse.

  18. Jimmy,
    It is going to come to the new AD to deal with these issues. RG isn’t going to do anything now, with a week left in his tenure.

    This program needs to be set back on track.

    The precedent that gets set early in the new year will go a long way to laying the foundation.

    Just my opinion.

  19. *Two men called police to report they’d been robbed of a variety of items including iPods, cell phones and a quarter ounce of marijuana, according to the affidavit.*

    Did they really need to report that last part? Honesty is great, but gee wiz. Did they think they would get it back or something?

  20. LOL. I think I would have kept my mouth shut about the trees. And to Richtown, your boys snitched on eachother. Ain’t nobody on here snitchin.

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