Cast your vote for the top IU sports stories of 2008

Late this week, we’ll be publishing two lists of our Top 10 Indiana sports stories of the year, with one list from voting by our H-T sports staff and one list from voting by readers.

You can access an online ballot to vote for your Top 10 by clicking here.


  1. After reading a write-in nomination concerning the student section, I regret not writing in “Students don’t buy tickets; then continue to cry about Assembly Hall seating arrangements.”

  2. Fire Lynch Sign was definitely top-2. That sign will turn out to be one of the more important moments in IU football history. It will be known as “The Day that Fans Firmly Rejected the ‘Basketball School Only’ Label That Has Allowed the Administration to Completely Ignore and Neglect IU Football for Decades”.

    Another alternate version: “The Day that IU’s Commitment to Mediocrity Was Finally Challenged”

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