Hardy out for season

James Hardy will miss the rest of the season because of a torn ACL in his left knee suffered Sunday, according to Buffalo Bills coach Dick Jauron, as reported on NFL.com.

Hardy will be placed on injured reserve, which officially ends his season. The No. 41 pick last summer’s NFL draft, the former Hoosier caught just nine passes during his rookie season with the Bills.


  1. I hate football. I f#&$*#@ hate football so f#&$%^$ much. I would quit watching, but like all Buffalo fans, I hate myself. I figure my heart will eventually stop from the constant letdowns the Bills provide, so it’s kinda like suicide.

    I’m coming after you, JP Loss Man. I’m gonna beat you with a plastic ketchup bottle until you apologize for never learning how to win a football game. HOLD ON TO THE F#&$*#@ BALL!

  2. I liked Hardy until he failed to travel with the team to Indy during pre season and blew the game off in the media and said it was NO big deal going home. Then he dogs out IU in the media. I do not feel bad for him at this point. He is on my S list!

  3. I don’t blame him for not coming in preseason, he wasn’t going to play anyway. As for what he said about the coaches, I stand up and applaud him coming out and telling the truth about the problems here.

  4. I cannot agree on either topic there Mike. He showed NO love to us IU faithful by not coming. Heck, Randle El as a steeler showed us Colts fans much love when he came to Indy. I also talked to a reporter from Buffalo that asked him about the fans coming to the game to see him even if it was on the sideline in Indy and he says, “I have bigger fish to fry”. I would agree about him talking about the problems at IU and the coaching staff but Hep gave him a chance when he was a better bball player in high school. It was a slap in the face to many people when he made those comments.

    evvmike: in a roundabout way he said that IU did nothing to prepare him for pro ball.

    Crock o sheet!!! It is noy like USC and Florida were knocking down his door for football!

  5. I said it while he was at IU and I’ll say it again now, James Hardy is a punk. His off the field antics (beyond what’s been reported in the media) are well known in b’town and when he left many said good riddance.

  6. Maybe good riddance except for all those TD passes he caught.

    Sorry he got hurt and best of luck to him, but I’m not real concerned about what he does.

    I can see some people having a problem with him dogging the program. Although it’s not like it’s a secret and he was probably mainly referring to how much more complex the NFL is than the Hoosier offense.

    However, how does him not coming to a preseason game in Indy constitute a slap in the face to IU fans?

  7. Yeah, I don’t really give a rip if he didn’t come to Indy for a preseason game. Why would anyone take that as a slap in the face?

    I enjoyed watching him catch all those passes for IU, I wish him no ill will & hope he matures & has a nice, successful career. But Hardy has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer & if he wants to whine about IU not prepping him for the NFL so be it.

    Hep didn’t bring him in to prep him for the pros – he saw raw talent in a kid that needed an opportunity. Heaven forbid he got a free college education out of it. If Hardy wanted prepped he should have gone to OSU or Michigan.

    Wait…what? They didn’t want him? hmmm…

    Some people are short-sighted & I can only hope he warms back up to IU as he matures. If not, oh well. I think Tracy Porter still appreciates IU.

  8. Maybe I took it too personal, I don’t know. I know that I paid good money to see him even if it was on the sideline and when he blew it off HARD to Buffalo reporters,made me mad.

  9. Ok, J Pat, I’ll buy that. Honestly, though, I would NEVER pay full price to see a preseason game unless it was the ’85 Bears or the ’68 Packers or something. But, hey, to each his own. It’s the holidays!

  10. College kids sometimes make stupid, immature decisions. I was fairly impressed overall with the improvements in Hardy’s maturity over his years here.
    Personally, my animosity was more aimed at Adawale Oguleye, who in those fun little Monday Night Football intro sessions always said his H.S. instead of us… Until we made a bowl game- I heard him reference IU then.

  11. Megan, I was mad at Ogunleye for that too. The next day he apologized to IU and said it would never happen again, that he was proud to be from IU. I guess the high school he attended was having some issues and he wanted to give them a shout to pick their spirits up.

  12. Fair enough; it’s a great place. I’ve been fortunate enough to have been a few times, including the first one vs. the Bears; and a dinner where Coach Crean spoke. All I can say is that while we will always love the Dome for sentimental reasons, it’s laughable trying to compare the two. Which, by the way, it’s coming down this Saturday morning.

    So, I’ll definitely give ya that one. Still don’t blame Hardy for not caring about a preseason game though.

    I’m anxious to see how Lucas Oil is for hoops; I sold my tix for Gonzaga because I was sick. Any thoughts?

  13. Wisco, I was very excited and poistive as my wife and I entered. I paid for lower level and kind of a corner view. I was a little surprised at how far back we were from the court. There was a movable set of 30 seats behind the basket and then we were row 24 out of the second set of movable seats. It would have almost put us closer to get in the second tier, higher. My advice would be that unless guaranteed to sit within 30 rows on the lower level/floor, just sit in the second tier. The court was at the far end and they had a big black tarp hanging in the center of Lucas Oil so as to feel it was more closed in and to help the shooting but we could not see the big screen from where we were seated because of the tarp. I would go again to any game but not to a final 4. For the final 4, the court will be in the middle and I just am a guy that needs to see the game being played. It is too big a place to have the floor in the middle. They sold all alcohol which was a surprise. If I think of anything else I will let you know.

  14. Yeah, the alcohol and the proximity (for me and many) is the best part of the Indy games. Not surprised to hear your thoughts about the distance, etc. Similar in the Dome, need to get a prime seat or your left mediocre at best.

    Still would be hard to pass up a Final Four tic if the Hooooosiers where there. And, if I had tix to the Final Four and we weren’t in it, I’d cash in and scalp it anyway.

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