1. Boy, I sure wish that Crean would learn to coach… we should be winning by 50…that Daniel Moore should be playing for the girls’ team… Man, at 5-4, the Hoosiers are looking like last year’s football team! Bowl game! Bowl game! Maybe Crean drew some inspiration for this game from coach Lynch…

  2. What are you talking about? You must have no knowledge of college basketball. We have 14 new players with nearly zero Division I experience. We won’t beat anybody by 25 let alone 50. And as for Daniel Moore, he is a walk-on freshman and has done extremely well for IU at the point.He has an extremely high basketball IQ and is a terrific ball handler. Ya, we are 5-4, but 3 of those losses came from top 12 teams in the country. Get a clue man…or woman.

  3. If I’m correct, I believe this was a parody on the user Aruss, who is a known Lynch supporter… but even if it wasn’t meant as one, it certainly is a joke

  4. Heard that former MLB pitcher Mike Maddux(Greg Maddux’s older brother) was at the game. Is he pals with Crean?

  5. Great team victory! Other than a little coasting at the end the Hoosiers showed what they can do given a little more game experience and a little more confidence in themselves. Hang on, there will be more fun down the line. Yes, there will be some rough patches and some games that might get away but I have said it before and I will say it again — this team will surprise a lot of people with what they accomplish, especially those who didn’t give us a chance initially. TC is a real TEACHER as well as a super-inspirational coach and you can see the kids grow with each game. They listen and they perform. Things will only get better. Count on it.

  6. Great win for the Hoosiers. However, every team we play from now on is going to press us like crazy. We HAVE to do a better job dealing with that.

  7. Josh,

    Jordan is right, someone was parodying (skewering?) the poster Aruss, who is almost unique in his continued enthusiasm for Bill Lynch. Read this blog for a few days and you’ll encounter Aruss.

    Now, about the game. I thought IU showed potential the second half. If they can play that well for 40 minutes (or even 30+)they can surprise some people. And of course this entire season is only a building block for subsequent years. The only negative I can take from this is that they quit playing with a couple minutes left and gave up half of a 20-point lead. That’s not good.

    Steven Bardo’s assertion that he and his Fighting Illness compatriots used to ‘put it on’ the Hoosiers in Assembly Hall aside, the announcers were complimentary of the team, Crean, the fans and particularly Tom Pritchard, who I will continue to call an ‘I told you so’ on, having sung his praises for a full year now!

  8. On ESPN2 at halftime, the commentator was talking about how boosters had gotten too involved with the selection of the coach when Sampson was chosen, and IU has to learn to not let boosters have too much power (or something like that). There were a lot of problems in the Sampson selection and aftermath, but this is the first I’ve heard that pressure from boosters had anything to do with it. Does anyone know what in the world he was talking about?

  9. Bob B.,

    I noticed that as well. Normally I really like Jimmy Dikes, but I think in this case he didn’t know what he was talking about. Noone I knew even had an inkling Sampson was a candidate, let alone pressured the admin. to hire him. It just came, literally, out of nowhere. I think it’s since been established that Pres. Herbert wanted a minority candidate and settled on Sampson, who is Native American. That’s not a criticism of hiring a minority; I’m just saying that as I understand it, the only person pressuring for Sampson was Herbert.

  10. I was at the game, so I didnt hear what he said, but it seems odd to me that he even approached that subject, whether he was right or wrong. Those blabbering heads usually go out of their way to stay positive. Ultimately, I feel about the same as I did about Wetzel’s article….I could not possibly care less.

  11. Bob B, ESPN is full of crap. The Sampson hire was not a booster thing – it was Herbert’s baby… we got some ESPN hack-wanna-be showing his stupidity.

    Regarding the game: excellent job. IU only committed 18 turnovers… and if you exclude the 5 turnovers in the last 90 seconds, that brings the number down to a much improved 13. They need to work on breaking the press, but with this team, it’s one ‘fix’ at a time. I suspect Crean is already working on it…

    Tremendous effort and energy in this game – the Story 3 at the end of the first half set the tone, and the Hoosiers came out fired up to start the second half.

    I am still impressed with the play of both Daniel Moore and Tom Prichard… both continue to improve and will carry this team along.

    Also, much better job both on the boards and at the free throw line.

  12. Eric-

    Good call on Pritchard. I think it’s fair to say that his early impact is not that far off from what Gordon was doing last year; plus, Gordon had DJ there, while T.P. has been “wiping up” after a bunch of fellow freshmen.

    As far as the boosters go, I have no idea whether the commentator’s statement was grounded in reality; but, as a general principle, I think he is right in suggesting that the excessive influence of boosters is a bad thing. It’s not all that different from shareholders making demands on companies when their quarterly profits dip; this results in a company/program scared by their boosters/shareholders into a philosophy of short-term immediate gratification instead of long-term health and stability.

    Case and point: we got Sampson, and he gave us short-term happiness (Gordon, 2 tournament appearances), but like Krispy Kreme doughnuts, he wasn’t build with the long haul in mind.

    Crean, in contrast, is all about the long-term. Think Costco as opposed to Wal-Mart: investing in players, fans, and philosophy; building belief and responsibility. No short-term cheap thrills built from Chinese plastic junk that will break down or leave in a year (Jamarcus Ellis, Gordon)

  13. Bob:

    Jimmy Dykes was on Eddie Sutton’s staff at UK during the Chris Mills/Eric Manuel situation that got Dwayne Casey the show-cause penalty… ’nuff said.

  14. Husky,

    I agree with everything you say. I wasn’t arguing against a decrease in booster influence. Jimmy Dikes apparently just shot from the hip on this one. Why he’d do that I haven’t a clue. Believe me, I so much happier with Crean than I was with Sampson, I can’t even express it.

    My enthusiasm for Pritchard started last year when his H.S. team was on one of those ESPN showcases and he had 24 and 12. Think how good he’ll be after another year or two in the weight room.

  15. Dykes doesnt have a clue to what he is talking about unless he is referring to Cook.

    Sampsons name came up from the firm we hired. Greenspan was uncomfortable with Sampsons past, Herbert loved the man. Herbert had Cohen and Ferguson(Trustees) fly out to Texas and meet with Sampson. The trustees used Cook’s plane, thats the only thing Ive ever heard about anyone outside the adminstration.

    In the trustee’s defense, they have been thrown under the bus, when the man that deserves all the blame is Herbert. Jeff and Steve had big concerns about Sampson and Sampson told them to their face and to all of IU’s adminstrators a sad story about how much sorrow and embarrassment he felt. So they gave him a chance, and it came back to cost a lot of people…

    Herbert even wanted to let Hep go while Hep was getting sick. He was ready to hire Larry Coker but Greenspan and others talked him out of that one…

  16. Can we focus on the team? In chat during the ND game I predicted NIT for this team after looking at our schedule (Korman can back me up on that). Once we get Verdell back and running the point, the turnovers and silly mistakes should decrease tremendously.

  17. I was on campus in grad school at IU when Sampson was hired and I agree with the above posters. Many knew that Herbert pushed the Sampson hire so when a few stories were written about it when he was let go, I understood it was true. Green was the fall guy whether you like him or not. Also, from what I understood, IU went after Mark Few but when he had NO interest it got very quiet. Out of nowhere Sampson was hired! The guys on TV last night were wrong on this one and they should be called out for it.

  18. I too have noticed that we can’t have a game without the mention of Sampson. It varies with the announcer as to their take on the whole matter too. I’m just SO thankful that Vitale wasn’t doing the game last night. I can’t stomach the guy and usually turn the sound off. I would turn on Don Fischer but there’s usually too much of a time delay to match his comments with actual time. Anyway, I guess we just have to move on and like J Pat says, call them out if it gets too carried away. The game was great though.

  19. Mike Maddux (older brother of Greg) spoke to the IU baseball team and was spotted sitting next to the IU baseball coach’s wife at the basketball game. So, I’m assuming it wasn’t Coach Crean, but rather Coach Smith that got him here. Look for the IU baseball team to do big things this year!

  20. “Maddux met Crean when Maddux was the pitching coach with the Milwaukee Brewers and Crean coached at Marquette”…from the Terre Haute News

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