1. What a spanking by Kentucky!!! Perhaps Division II opponents would be a good start for the program. Program needs a new coach. Crean is not the answer.

  2. FINAL: UK 72, IU 54.
    IU: Dumes 15 pts; Roth 9 pts; Williams 8 pts; Jones 6 pts; Moore 5 pts, 5 ast; Pritchard 4 pts, 6 reb; Taber 4 pts, 7 reb; Story 3 pts.
    IU: 21-57 (37%) FG; 4-20 (20%) 3PT; 8-17 (47%) FT; 27 reb; 20 TO; 15 (21) fouls.
    UK: 26-52 (50%) FG; 4-15 (27%) 3PT; 16-22 (73%) FT; 35 reb; 23 TO; 13 (19) fouls.
    UK: Harrellson 15 pts, 7 reb; Meeks 13 pts; Patterson 12 pts, 8 reb; Stevenson 10 pts, 9 reb, 6 blk; Liggins 10 pts; Miller 5 pts; Galloway 4 pts; Stewart 2 pts; Halsell 1 pt.

  3. Do yourselves a favor, everyone, and don’t respond to Doug the rabble-rouser. I think he is really Aruss.

  4. as long as we don’t lose by 52 to northwestern or whoever say finishes 10th in the big ten then we are in better shape

  5. Haha…yeah Doug can’t be serious. Surely he is just messing around and poking fun at the way all Hoosier fans call for new coaches the second something goes wrong.

  6. Aruss- Again, it baffles me how you can get depressed about the basketball team yet be so blindly loyal and demented about the football team…

  7. After being shelled for the first several minutes we again came back as well as we could. There were flashes at times of really good stuff. Playing in that environment against future NBA prospects is a daunting thing. I DID NOT appreciate Seth Davis’s comment about him being so bad as a player he could play for Indiana though. What a jerk. Adversity is actually good for these kids. They will learn from it and toughen up for the Big Ten. TC kept his head in there and kept the kids’ heads in the game. There was some better aggressiveness from the point guard spot with Kyle Taber playing a steady game along with Devan Dumes and Nick Jones. I personally would like to see Matt Roth get more minutes. He can light things up and pick us up with his threes. We need to work on FT and get some points up there with the clock off, learn not to pass into the pivot with trees around, take the shot when it presents itself. Defense tough as usual. Competitive all the way. No panic, no loss of composure, no intimidation either. TC is such a motivator and teacher. We will be back, believe it. Nothing to be ashamed of but plenty to learn. We owe KY one and we’ll get it eventually. If we don’t win a Big Ten game except PU and IL, I’ll be happy. I truly hope we rub both their noses in it. After the boo party at IL last year with absolutely no control by Weber, I want that one so much it hurts. We owe PU one from the humiliation at this year’s Bucket game — but I detest that bunch so much I want to bury them every time. The Hoosiers will be back — count on it.

  8. Time to go back to…our guys were really working out th…I thought we had some good spots there in the first…gosh jolly, we’re trying are hardest and with just a little more practice…I thought we made some improvement in…did you see the size of those guys, wow, I mean, a few more seasons and we’ll have it.

  9. After the start we had, I’m glad we were able to keep the loss under 50. While games like this one are certainly not fun, anyone who gets too upset about this team clearly knows very little about basketball.

  10. I thought keeping the loss under 20 was great in Rupp, those poor guys played hard against some huge athletic, experienced players. I too hope we can kick some Ill. butt, Weber is a cry baby.

  11. Listen to us settle.. “A loss by under 20 was great” WHAT? A loss by under 20 is great? Wow i guess I can see why we s_ck, our fans are getting dumber by the day. I still say it and you’ll be saying it too by the end of the year FIRE CREAN NOW!

  12. what cracks me up is that if Tubby was still at UK, they would have shelled us because he would have had them fired up for the second half. UK will have to live with Gill now and I am still not sure he is the answer. I was OK with the game. It was too bad that we could not have scored a few more points when UK went dead in the 2nd half for a stretch. Jim, you want to win as bad as I do. That is why I miss Hep on the football field, it mattered to him like it does to me. As far as the Seth Davis comments, like Wetzel…I do not forget that kind of stuff and if you hang around long enough and travel to sporting venues, you run into these guys and can respectfully or not-so let them know you remember when…

  13. I am a first time poster, regular reader. I am amazed at the posts I read from regular posters who don’t seem to understand what a rebuilding program is and what it needs to accomplish on a game by game basis. I personally think that Tom Crean and this team are doing better at this point of the season than we had any reason to expect.

  14. Vic, if you are speaking of me and have read my posts in the past, I said I would give Crean and the tean this year. I do admit it is harder than I thought. As far as wins and losses, I think it is about what I thought it would be but I still have a hard time gettig drummed by 15-30 points.

  15. I agree with J Pat. Shooting free thows has nothing to do with talent. Not executing and turning the ball over 20 times a gave has nothing to do with talent. I keep hearing what a great basketball IQ Moore has but his shooting range is 5 feet and in, he constantly gets caught in the air trying to pass and the passes he does make cause the receiver to turn the ball over because they are so poor. Crean needs to bench him and let Jones grow into the position since he’s the one who will get playing time past this year.

  16. J pat,
    No I wasn’t speaking of your posts, in fact i do agree with you as well as Aruss. I was speaking of those who are already calling for a new coach.

  17. RELAX… Did you expect to win in Rupp? These kids have never played in an environment like that. The fundamentals will come.
    Getting beat down like that can be a good thing. Right Bill Lynch?

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