Indiana soccer update


  • The game never gets to penalty kicks, but it ends on one. Indiana is whistled in the box, and the Red Storm put away the PK for the sudden-death game-winner.
  • A late corner by Indiana goes for naught, and overtime is on the way.
  • Believe it or not, we are tied. St. John’s has just been peppering the box, and now we’re even with two minutes left in regulation.
  • With 18 minutes remaining, Eric Alexander notches a goal that really counters the intense pressure St. John’s was mounting. Hoosiers now have a goal to play with.
  • An injury break in the second half, and Indiana maintains the lead with 35:32 to play. Hoosiers just missed a couple of chances to extend the advantage moments ago.
  • It’s halftime now, and the Hoosiers are 45 minutes away from returning to the College Cup.
  • With under 10 minutes to play in the first half, Ofori Sarkodie gave Indiana a 1-0 lead over St. John’s in the NCAA quarterfinals. Sarkodie was on the receiving end of a beautiful give and go for his first goal of the season.


  1. That’s too bad, sounds like they let one get away. Good season though, congrats to the hoosier soccer team

  2. That’s four years in a row they’ve choked. Gotta wonder how much of that is coaching. Is Freitag the right man? Choking four years in a row in the playoffs isn’t good enough for IU soccer.

  3. They chocked, and freitag has to be fired. ASAP. We we were up by two with ten minutes to play. This is the first time in our programs history that we haven’t been to a final four in a four year cycle. Man I’m ticked.

  4. So, I can see nothing is going well with IU sports. That’s no surprise, we’re pretty much the doormat of the Big Ten in practically everything.

  5. Tonight a group of hard working players fought and beat a bunch of entitled arrogant entitled wannabees who think they are gods gift to sports. Ring excepted but one guy cant do it all.

  6. hard fought game. never ceases to amaze me that going to a “prevent” defense surrenders the play to other team. and on goal that tied match, if IU was in “prevent” defense, where were the defenders? Cain seemed to be almost alone in the box. No IU player near the easy put back.

  7. The decline of this program more than football or hoops has always bothered me the most about greenspan’s tenure.

  8. I never really believed that a 2 goal lead was the worst lead to have until today. How sad…giving up a 2 goal lead with 15 minutes left.

  9. aruss, you’re opinion doesn’t count here. you’re the guy who predicted the wake-iu basketball game would finish with both teams in the 40’s. you’re a real sports genius

  10. There’s no need to fire the coach, IU has one of the best staff’s in the country. All IU needs to do is recruit some natural defenders. For the past two years We’ve been forced to use some of his best midfielders in the back. We already have what well maybe be the best forward in the country next year in Bruin. The 09 class of kids isn’t anything special but they just signed Harrison Petts who is one the best players in the nation from Zionsvilee indiana(’10 class). Hopefully they can Get Perry Kitchen of Indy to who is one of the top 2 or 3 defenders in the nation as well( in 2010 class).

  11. I will repectfully disagree Soccer fan. Sarkodie is a great defender. He was able to take down Brazils forwrds in the under 20 world cup. You can’t get much better than that. Keep the assistants but the head coach has to go. I say hire Porter from Akron. He is a tough kid, and will teach these kids to play hard.

  12. First off:
    A new AD probably isn’t going to make a drastic move in the first year.

    Freitag was Yeagley’s choice so nothing will happen without his approval.

    The coaching staff could be rejiggered to bring in a motivational assistant. Yeagley and Freitag made a great team together. Yeagley did the motivational work and Freitag did the tactical work. When Yeags left they didn’t bring in a motivational guy and so the overall coaching staff suffered.

    If IU does look for another head coach, which they will need to in about five years regardless, then who would be best.

    4a: there is no reason to limit the search to former IU players and staff, but it will probably be the case.

    4b: the best younger coach with an IU background is probably John Trask at UIC. He has the energy and innovativeness to extend the great tradition. He relates to players and keeps up with modern soccer. And I think would make a good choice – probably the best choice. He was a bit of a rival to Freitag so who knows if Yeags would approve him as the next coach, especially in a stickey transfer of power situation.

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