It was a bloody day at practice

One of the real challenges for the Indiana men’s basketball team, which sits at 5-7 coming off two home losses heading into the beginning of Big Ten play at Iowa Saturday, is to both persevere as a close-knit team and also, frankly, hate each other while practicing. Because only then will the intensity of conference play be replicated.

Today, it seemed like it was.

“Today was crazy,” Freshman guard Nick Williams said. “A lot of blood and a lot of physicality. We were talking back and forth. We were jawing at each other. Hard fouls. Today was one of the best days we’ve had this year with practice and being tough with each other.”

Williams was then asked whether blood was actually spilled.

“A lot of a blood today.”

By more than one person?

“Yeah,” he said. “It was a lot of fun. Coach was jacked up. The assistant coaches were jacked up. The managers were jacked up.”

The best part about all of this is that Williams said this at about 3 p.m., or an hour before the team was scheduled to practice again.

Other tidbits from today:

  • Head coach Tom Crean said the team had about a 2.9 GPA in the first semester.
  • Steven Gambles “worked his way on” to the team with his performance in the classroom. Now he needs to “work his way in” with his performance in practice.
  • Crean said the recent losses to Northeastern and Lipscomb were not as difficult for him to deal with as the months of April and May, when he first arrived, were. Back then he had to assess the state of the program and devise a plan for moving forward. “Those were the days my stomach hurt more than anything,” he said.
  • Iowa is driving and kicking better this year than it did last year. The Hawkeyes are second in the country in made 3-pointers.
  • Indiana returns only 19 points in the Big Ten. The next fewest would be Iowa, which returns 405 points.
  • Crean liked what he saw from signee Derek Elston yesterday morning at New Castle. Elston had 30 points and 10 rebounds in two games at the Hall of Fame Classic and was named MVP of the event.

Listen to Tom Crean’s press conference.

Hear what Tom Pritchard had to say.

Hear what Nick Williams had to say.


  1. Well, let’s hope it leads to a close game in Iowa City.

    Hey Jimmy and Ricky and Aruss, did you see that Terry Bowden is taking a job at DIv. II Northern Alabama? SO much for your fatalistic, determinist stance that no one with any track record would want to coach at IU.

  2. wow talk about a lost oppourtunity with bowden…hey but we got lynch! the best worst coach in the world.

  3. After all that talk about how much Crean had cleaned up the program, the team doesn’t even have a better grade point average than last year’s squad? I thought all Sampson’s players did was smoke weed, mess around with girls, and never attend class. Because that’s all that seems to be reported.

  4. That team last year also had older kids where this year’s IU team is a bunch of newbies and frosh that have never experienced the necessary things needed to compete on the basketball court, get good grades and experience college. The grades will get better over time. We had one incomplete which coach is waiting for a grade for.

  5. Like it or not , Indiana basketball will return to prominence eventually , everyone needs to be patient , coach won’t have to recruit , they’ll be begging to play at IU.

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