1. I find it interesting that no articles from the MSU Rivals site mention that he was committed somewhere else. After today…I’d be happy if Lynch never recruited the city of Detroit again.

  2. What a joke, either let lynch go back to D 3 and bring us with him or get a new coach than can do something right.

  3. That is 4 or 5 negative IU sports stories on the front page……..man what a depressing 2008 this was for IU sports

  4. RJH, I agree what a depressing year it was for the B-ball and football programs. The bad stories just keep hitting the newswires. This said, though I think that we have much to look forward to with the basketball program and I excited again watching the team develop.

    The football progam is another story of a team I think may continue to falter, yet I am supportive of the decision to keep Lynch for another year and let’s see what happens.

    I am so ready to see this year to be over and for the start of 2009 which will be so much better on some many levels.

  5. nice job lynch. no one wants to play for a loser with no upside. cant blame them. lynch offers IU football NO HOPE. let lynch try to recruit D, he wont get anywhere.

  6. 2009 will be better with IU hoops. It already is better!

    2009 IU Football though shows no evidence of improvement.

    Everyone should pay attention to Coach Jack and her ladies, they are doing very well, and may be tourney bound!

  7. Place your criticism towards the right person. The man who was in charge of recruiting Michigan and recruiting these kids is George Ricumstrict, the same man who has our linebackers performing so terribly every year. Coach Ric does little more than yell on the sidelines during practice and then “know his rank” during the game, keeping quiet. He’s smiling all the time because he knows how lucky he is to have a job being so clueless and recruiting no one of note from Michigan during his time here.

  8. The blame goes to Lynch. If not what the heck is every going to be responsible for? I guess Lynch knows his rank too, because he doesnt say or do a thing during the game.

  9. I wonder if Minnesota (pushed for both) and MSU (pushed) for Gainer because they don’t play us again until 2011? Ohio St. and Michigan replace them.

    Anyway, granted kids change their minds, but I’ve noticed that Minnesota’s staff is the under the table, backstabbing type of recruiting. Maybe they feel no harm no foul and all will be forgotten by the time IU plays them in 2011.

    Anyway, we’ve got still got a pretty d*mn good class coming in 2009 to go along with a pretty good 2008 class that mostly redshirted. So, I think we’ll be fine in a couple years. No bowl next year, but I do expect one in 2010.

  10. Here come the fire Lynch posts again. Let me ask you people, can you post anything else, I could just buy a recording.

  11. 9th or 10th outta 11th is not a good class morons. Hey Lynch Jr instead of being on here go out and get some better players or coach the ones you got. We could bring in the 85 bears and still have a losing record with lynch as coach. I can’t believe all this good recruits propaganda I see on this blog. We need playmakers and we are the ONLY big ten team now without a 4 star player atleast!!!!! Even Northwestern can pick up some 4 star players!!!!!

  12. Congo,

    As much as I agree with you, we do still have a 4 star player coming in this year, Duwyce Wilson from C. East is a 4-Star receiver, and Jerimy Finch is a 4-star player. See, we have 2. 🙂

  13. UH no. Wilson is a 3 star and they won’t even let Finch play for some reason. I guess they like giving up tds everytime. Hell I would have Finch playing both sides of the ball.

  14. Congo,

    Where are you getting your ratings on Wilson? Must be off the Peegs site who uses Rivals ratings. Rivals is good for basketball, not football.

    Scout has Wilson rated as a 4-star player, when you look at class ratings around the nation from places like ESPN, they all use Scout for their football ratings.

  15. yeah rivals, for the most part. Espn only has him 4th on the chart and i know we don’t have 4 4 star players unless lynch jr is grading them. We have some guys with potential, but we need a coach who can develop them something Lynch has proven he cant!

  16. This is what happens when you make decisions too quickly. This new A.D. had to jump the gun and proclaim Lynch as the coach……which obviously led to these withdrawals…..Some on here seem to take it personally that Bill Lynch is not fit to coach a Big Ten program……it is not personal….he is terrible, his teams minus the year Hepp died play with no hart, his offensive play calling is about the worst i have ever seen and he mismanaged finch and Willis this year; two of the better recruits this university has gotten in a long time…..now he is losing committed players…..the verdict is in and Lynch needs to go…..or we are just not serious about rebuilding our football program……
    Why invest millions in the program and leave someone not capable to use those resources most efficiently??? It’s a bad business decision, a bad athletic decision and a terrible institutional decision…

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