1. FINAL: LIP 74, IU 69.
    IU: Dumes 18 pts, 4-7 3PT; Jones 13 pts; Pritchard 12 pts; Moore 8 pts, 7 ast; Taber 7 pts, 5 reb; Story 5 pts, 6 reb; Williams 3 pts; Roth 3 pts, 1-6 3PT.
    IU: 27-54 (50%) FG; 7-20 (35%) 3PT; 8-16 (50%) FT; 22 reb; 13 TO; 8 (18) fouls.
    LIP: 27-53 (51%) FG; 5-15 (33%) 3PT; 15-20 (75%) FT; 34 reb; 14 TO; 11 (18) fouls.
    LIP: Teller 19 pts, 6 reb; Hodzic 19 pts; Brown 11 pts, 7 reb; Slater 11 pts; Oden 9 pts; Lusk 3 pts; Pfaff 2 pts.

  2. This team will not win another game this year. Not trying to be mean, but they suck. They just don’t have the talent. Bloomington South could beat them.

  3. Didn’t get to watch the game, so I logged on to HT to check out what happened. Nothing but the brief stats shown above posted by TheColdWar. Hmmmm, guess I’ll check out Indystar.com. Guess what, their article was completed and posted at 10:17p. The HT Sports Dept s/b ashamed.

  4. Or you could skim through an entire game’s worth of discussion and notes.

    We lost to Lipscomb at home. After leading by 20 early. 5-25 looks possible. Not much more to the story.

  5. I guess I’ll be ashamed. Doug and Chris were just finishing writing at the time you mentioned. Then it was my job to edit, lay out, print and post those two stories to the web … I’m just not that fast!

  6. Don’t worry about it Jeremy. Keep up the great work. That goes for you, Chris, and you, Doug.

  7. many hoosier fans had an inflated expectation for this team, many will whine and complain but what did you actually expect from this program. They were not and are not going to the tourney whether they win 5 or 10 in the end it won’t matter

  8. Considering how sampson left the basketball program, I think this is what was expected,It will take some time to get back on track.

  9. I like the team and its effort, but Dumes is a ball hog, and Crean needs to sit him for shooting 10ft behind the NBA 3 point line. Im sure he is a gifted shooter and did well behind the line last night, but he shouldnt be shooting more 3’d than Roth.

  10. I agree. Just think the last two have been somewhat disappointing. And have changed my opinion of maybe being able to sneak out 3-5 in the Big Ten down to hoping we just get 1. You’re right, though, in the end it doesn’t really matter.

  11. Maybe Dumes is a hog at times….the 3 he took with 1:15 or so to go was ill advised for sure. It’s harder for Roth to get a good look and it wasnt his night last night. I say let them both take any decent looks they have; we need people who can score and these two can.

    I hate Peegs too.

  12. Dumes needs more control, and Crean doesnt seem to get that through to him. At times he probably thinks hes the 2nd coming of Bracey Wright

  13. This is the present RG and KS left us. We’ll get through it–just turn a deaf ear to the PU’ers and write it down for another year.

    We were at the game last night, and there were some good moments. We were much better when we were running down the floor on the fast break, and when we were not letting them behind us for layups.

    DM played better I thought, VJ too except when his dribble got him in trouble.

    I agree with Wisco about taking the shot when it’s there. Roth did have an off night last night. We ran the ‘corner play’ for him 5-6 times, and he could only get 1 down, but they were all good looks he has to shoot.

    They are FRESHMEN. No matter how bleak the win-loss picture is now, the future is bright.

  14. I agree, they are young and my expectations are low, but something about ball hogs that irks me. Something you never saw with Knight teams. Im sure Crean will get it done and I have all the confidence in him.

  15. You’re really blaming Sampson because Crean can’t beat Northeastern and Lipscomb? Crean watched Hoosiers too many times not realizing it was a work of fiction and took pride i gutting the program. So we all need to take our medicine.

    Crean got a two year extension before coaching a game so how about showing some integrity and giving some of his salary for this year back because he hasn’t earned it.

    As for Dumes, our offense is terrible and he’s the only one who can create his own shot with the shot clock running down. The ballhog stuff is over the line. Maybe our coach should do some coaching and teach a motion offense that actually gets people open.

  16. Aruss,

    How can you not blame Sampson? He left the program in shambles. If we had hired Crean two years ago when the cupboard wasn’t bare, we wouldn’t be dealing with this painful situation. How can you fault Crean for gutting the program? Did you want him to keep around the thugs, druggies, and players who refused to go to class? Crean did the right thing and he is definitely earning his salary. Things around IU Basketball are being done the right way again and it’s very refreshing to see as a fan.

  17. Aruss, you are a mess.. What do you not get about the fact that IU Basketball has 2 players who were physically on the team last year? Both at one time being walk-on’s. There was a complete and total overhaul. That would be the equivalent of graduating like 11 seniors in one year. The JUCO team in my town doesn’t even have as many new players as IU.

    You don’t even have to blame Sampson.. Don’t blame anyone, or make any excuses. This team is just not very good!!!!! It’s a group who’s NEVER played together. The starting point guard is a walk on! Dumes and Taber are the only players with ANY D-1 playing time prior to this year. I just feel lucky that IU is fielding a team this year.

    People like Aruss can talk all the crap they want, but he shows a total lack of any college basketball knowledge. He must be a brand new fan of the sport. This is probably the deepest hole that any team has had to endure in the past 10-15 years.

    And Aruss, by the way, when you and your bandwagon jumping friends come looking for a spot back on the wagon in 2 years, when IU’s playing in the final four, someone should kick you right in the head as an f-you for being a fair-weather fan!!

  18. While Lynch and Company were terrible, it wasnt a complete surprise. Cant say that for Rich Rod and the Big House that was oh so punny this year. Hah!

  19. pretty sure that IU lost so I could secure my bet with a Duke fan friend of mine that we would have fewer wins than they had losses this year. I figured I might as well profit somehow from this season… Now all I want is for them to win 1 Big Ten game. We can’t be the 2008 Lions. Yep, another Michigan team that sucks.

  20. Lip won their first road game outside of the Atlantic Sun Conference since December 2007. Blaming Sampson for blowouts to ND, Wake or Gonzaga is one thing but losing to Lip at home is another. We gave up a 21 point lead…how is that Sampson’s fault? Put down the kool aid.

    Look at Michael Adrian’s post. Crean has made us the laughing stock of the nation. And what really burns me is Crean is one of the highest paid coaches with a long term contract who has won NOTHING at IU yet Hoosier Nation backs him 110% with a roster he gutted intentionally. While Coach Lynch who has proved it on the field and coached us to a bowl while being one of the lowest paid coaches is disliked by half our fans because of an injury filled season.

  21. Arsus, you are dipping to even more pathetic levels. Say hi to the mom and dad when you go home for supper at the Lynch’s. It’s an insult to compare Crean to a lowly unproven coach, that has lost his entire career. There is a reason why Crean has such wide fan support, and you’re too dense to understand it. Thank you Crean for gutting the team that was full of thugs, druggies and kids that couldnt care two bits about academics.

  22. Aruss, while I semi-agreed with what you wrote up top, you get all burnt over some kid from Michigan finding a computer and posting this. I have laughed at Mich basketbal forever, even when they had the fab 5 Cheaney and company were dropping it on them more often than not. We all knew folks would kick us while we are down!

    First I will say that IU should have won last monday and vs Lips last night. Those are games IU should have won, period. I question many things, why Story and especially Williams are so tentative and why Moore makes the decisions he does, why Roth can do nothing more than shoot the 3 and play NO defense, why we cannot toss the ball to Jobe even once(he can only improve), why Taber is playing so much, why there is NO flow to the offense and more and more standing around, why we play 2-3 zone and Lips plays man to man because pound for pound we have better athletes…they dressed 10 kids with one to hurt to play, why we ran the same play to Roth twice at the end of the game, why there is less and less bench coaching going on, why there was NO emotion or sense of urgency in IU in the second half, why there is NO leadership. If I was Crean I would play my worst 5 kids until somebody decided to lead the team. Why the hell is Dumes not at the point? Taber should be on the bench and Jobe should be playing as to develop him for next year. I love Taber but is he playing out of a seniority thing???

    I am not mad and am smiling actually because I expected to stink this year but ask yourself this, has IU improved since Chaminade??? In my opinion they have not and they are at home vs lesser comp.

    I will drink the Crean kool aid for a while, but I do not like what I have seen with the last 2 games at all. Just being honest and from the heart. Sorry to ramble!

  23. JPat, are you serious? I usually enjoy your posts, but come on. Dumes at the point? You want Jobe to play over Taber? I mean…seriously??? And we’re talking about a bunch of true freshmen. Of course they’re going to screw up.

    I think some people need to get over these ridiculous “we’re IU!” expectations and realize that this year isn’t going to be pretty. We’ve got a LONG way to go to get back to where we once were. And I would hope you’re still “drinking the Crean kool-aid”. My God, we’re only 12 games in to an enormous rebuilding project!

  24. I knew I would get killed for rambling like I did but this year never irked me until last monday and last night, come on man. That team sucked and I was at the game watching IU blow a 20 some point lead. Why are they not more on the same page, why have Story and Williams not developed, why not have Dumes at the point…Moore and Jones are not working at all, and why is the coaching staff not as into it, and why is there NO leader. Why would I play Jobe over Taber, Taber should be a leader out there and he looks more confused than he did last year. I am just telling it like it is. When I jotted out my schedule and researched the teams, we should have at the least won BIG TIME last night. Jimmy, we are only 12 games in but have they improved??? If you read my post, everything I said was a prttet legit complaint. I have kept relatively quiet and kept positive but Lipscomb was awful and IU was at home.

  25. I think I meant pretty legit. You have to take me with a grain of salt, I am questioning a lot of things but man I love IU ball and I want them to play to their postential, that is all.

  26. I just wonder how Aruss and J Pat make definitive know-all statements and expect everyone to accept their statements as gospel. All opinions are worth reading. I would ask both individuals this question, did your resumes get lost when Lynch and Crean were being hired?

  27. Jay, I hear ya and yes I am the guy coaching from the couch. Well taken. Please don’t put me in the exact same category as Aruss. I love Crean and support him but I wonder about some things this past week from the 2 last games IU played. I don’t expect you to take my statement as gospel but can you honestly say that you did not see any of this that I saw. If not, maybe I am wrong…who knows. take care.

  28. J Pat,this is going to be a long season. Keep in mind that you can’t teach ability. Crean and his staff are trying to teach these kids, they along with next years class and perhaps the next year will make this a great team to watch. For now, watch and try to enjoy. By the way, you have a right to state your opinions, that keeps it interesting.

  29. Exactly…you can’t teach ability.

    Aruss, you make me embarrassed to be an IU fan. Stick to your man-crush on Bill Lynch and go away until after hoops season.

  30. Wisco – you’re right about not teaching ability but can you teach free throw shooting? how about switching on defense? or motion offense? setting good picks?

    Looking at the IUPUI game vs. the Lip game which IU players have improved? I’m not asking for a big ten championship but with what we are paying him and the free reign he’s been given there has to be some accountability for the regression of this team.

  31. God, Im sick and tired of hearing people like Aruss whine about us not being a premier program in basketball at the moment.

    Great programs don’t stay great forever!

    let’s look at football. What happened to Nebraska, Miami, Michigan, UCLA, etc.

    All premier programs years before, now, some made bowls, some are waddling in mediocrity or worse.

    Now, let’s address Aruss’s argument. Since Crean has been given no expectations and all the money, he should be magical and win games. Well, first off, what does he have to win with. We have a bunch of jucos, 3 star players, and 2 sparsely used players(Well, Taber did start some games) last year

  32. Sorry, accidently clicked the submit button, the argument continues…

    Well, first off, what does he have to win with. We have a bunch of jucos, 3 star players, and 2 sparsely used players(Well, Taber did start some games) last year. These players have absolutely no team chemistry, which is understandable. They aren’t used to each-other’s tendencies yet. Will they? That remains to be seen. For god sakes, we have 2 people that have been or are walk-ons starting! Don’t expect a bunch of freshmen to instantly know the right thing to do in a situation on the court. Don’t expect them to instantly pick up switching on defense, and whatever lofty expectations you have.

    Aruss, do you support drugs, failing at school, and a lack of respect to your coach? Serious question, because according to your posts, you were against Crean gutting a roster of these drug-using, academically failing athletes.

    “While Coach Lynch who has proved it on the field and coached us to a bowl while being one of the lowest paid coaches is disliked by half our fans because of an injury filled season.”

    Proved what exactly? That he can’t sustain a mediocre season? That he can’t prepare for games(Our bowl game against OKSU)? That he can’t inspire players? That he doesn’t take accountability?

    I can understand that injuries are sometimes freak accidents, like Tom Brady for example, but injuries also point to lack of conditioning during spring games, practice etc. Don’t think that a bunch of random injuries is the instant scapegoat for the absolute failure of this program.

    Also, i’d like to know where your source is for Crean enjoying to gut a roster…Nice bias.

    I’m relatively sure the reason he got his extension is that he got enough players to actually field a team. I highly doubt that any coach we could have possibly gotten would have assembled a decent core of players such as this. He had absolutely no connections to any recruits(sans Nick Williams), while several other coaches had relationships built up for months and even years.

  33. I think saying you’re disappointed in the free throw shooting, turnovers and some other things at times is reasonable. I still think those things come down to talent, experience, and what we are working with, but yes they can be improved.

    The point is, with this talent, I don’t care if he makes them shoot 100 FT’s a day and teaches them RMK’s motion and makes them run 10 death valleys per turnover…the talent is not there to substantiate your comments. A comment like “I think Crean needs to do X or ought to try X or whatever” would be fine. Calling for his firing or saying how horrible he is at this point is beyond laughable. Pair that with the fact that you’re BL’s best buddy (I’m still somewhat torn on him to be truthful) and it makes the situation ridiculous. I hardly believe you’re even serious, but that you just want to antagonize some people, maybe you’re one of those football first Hoosiers who is really jealous, I don’t know. Anyway, that’s it.

    Put Knight, Wooden and Smith on the bench together and the picture wouldn’t be too much different. A good coach is essential, but they often get too much credit when they win and too much grief when they lose. You have to have the players. And, this team would get a tough run from Bloomington South and even a good team from the HPER might be able to hang in for awhile. I’m not saying that to dog on them, I love their effort, but the overall talent to be competitive is just not there.

  34. Zach and Wisco, I enjoyed both of your posts. I know some teams just have OFF nights, but can you honestly say that IU should have lost the last 2 games at home, especially the Lips game. After beating Cham in Maui and winning vs Cornell and TCU at home…I expected to win at the least one of the last two games. I agree that you cannot teach ability but when matching Lips with ability and coaching, IU wins. I was at the game and Lips was not good, period. I will try to be patient and reading you guys posts keeps me humble. Have a great New Year!!!

    Wisco, drink a beer at Tommy Condons for me.

  35. You can turn a weed into a rose! Look at it this way lets say your a construction worker. Well take away your hammer and your tape and see how well your house turns out. Or maybe your a mechanic. Take away your wrenches and your sockets and see how well your car runs. Its the same with Coach Crean. The guy is trying to build a somewhat decent team with guys that normally would ride the pine.The Hoosiers will steal games from five teams this season. Four at home and one on the road. I will say this. You have a 7’0 center stand him 1’0 from the basket and teach him to jump straight up with the ball in his hand and dunk the damn thing. You cant teach height! USE IT! Bleed Red Baby! GO IU!

  36. I thought they were disappointing too, J Pat. They both seemed winnable, and prior to these last two we had won the ones we thought we had a shot at and the lost the ones we expected. Some of those teams we beat probably are a little better than these two, also. But, a lot of teams lose games they shouldn’t have, especially bad teams.

    To say some things need improved or I’d like to see a different line-up or try something different just to see what happens…all those things are fine with me. There are a couple things I’d like to see him try just because I’m frustrated with what’s been happening and why not try anything? But, Aruss’ comments are just absurd.

  37. Still, it’s obvious the talent is not there. Also obvious, the team is young. You will get inconsistency from a young team, it’s just gonna happen. I don’t like standing by as teams like Lipscomb beat us, but that’s the way it has to be for us to get better

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