No. 5 Gonzaga 70, Indiana 54

Tom Crean, coaching.

Tom Crean says there are no moral victories. He can’t run his program that way because it could lead to losing ways seaping into the fabric of what he’s trying to rebuild.

But for fans and observers, today was just that. Indiana stuck with Gonzaga and played tough the entire way. Sure the turnovers are disconcerting, and many of the players attribute them to “stupid mental mistakes,” but they are hardly unusual this time of year and are to be expected from a team this young.

We’ll have more coverage in a bit.

Click here to download the box score of the game.


  1. I refuse to get discouraged about the turnovers. The positives that are apparent with this young team point to a bright future ahead. I appreciate their effort and the way they represent themselves, their coach, and our university.

    Go Hoosiers!!

  2. I don’t know about everyone else but I am getting really sick of the BTN cameramen. The are absolutely terrible. I cannot cound how many times I could not see the guard at the top of the key because the camera was zoomed in too far. Also, the camera would be looking at some random person in the audience, and then they would go back to the game and a play, or someone would have already scored!! This is getting absolutely riciculous. The Big Ten Network needs to get some people who actually know what the $%&@!! they are doing. Am I the only person who is fed up with this??!!

  3. For a young player the key thing to learn is the value of each possession. A lot of talk is centered on IU turnovers but thats not the issue. Each offensive possession can end different ways with the best for a coach is a score. The worst is a turnover leading to the other team scoring. And there are other ways in between these 2 that it can end. When a team needs a score or a stop it is really clear how good they are at valueing a possession. You can have 20 turnovers but shoot 60% from the field and have a good ratio on possessions. Or 12 turnovers but shoot less than 30% and not have good ratio per possession. This is IU’s problem getting a better ratio per possession. Not just offensive but also defensive too. Quailty of a shot is part of this. In other words improving the percentage of possessions that you score and lowering the percentage you give up a score is how you get better.

  4. IU06 and cappy,

    No, you’re not. I’ve noticed this during football season as well… watching other BT games, not just IU’s. I’ve called and sent emails to the BTN without any acknowledgment other than their service representative asking if I wanted to upgrade my service to a premium package. Maybe the premium packages cover these things, I kinda doubt it though. One FB game, I think it was the Michigan State /Purdue game, the ‘telecast’ got caught in the commercial loop and we watched about nine minutes of commercials and missed seven minutes of live game play. Maybe cappy works for the BTN?

  5. Yep, you’re right. Some is better than none. We just need to lower our expectations.

    Maybe we could export these games to some outside company, outsource them to a foreign firm or learn to find our recreation doing something else.

    Are these guys professionals or interns?

  6. I will say this, if you compare Football/Basketball coverage on ESPN to the coverage on the BTN, there are huge differences. The camera angles for the BTN sucks, and it looks as if a high school media class is producing the game.

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