1. I am surprised at the number of people still picking this team to finish with only 10 wins. Assuming we put away the next two opponents, going to 7-5 on the year, who says we can’t come up with at least 4 more home wins (Iowa, Northwestern, Penn State, and Illinois)?

  2. northwestern will be hard to beat, and so will illinois. iowa may be an easier victory, but are they at home? and everybody will be like sharks in heat expecting iu to be easy pickings this year so there are no gimmes.

    before the season i would have picked michigan and minnesota as possible victories but neither one looks like a win at all now; both are “vastly improved.” shows what good coaching will do. tubby and bielien both have those teams on track for regular ncaa appearances in the future.

    coach crean has iu on track for the same thing; that’s why i can handle a losing season this year. iu is a work in progress and is improving and, except for all the turnovers, much better frankly than i anticipated after reading before the season about how bad they would be. they have talent and are well-coached, so you gotta figure they will improve over the season.

    regarding whom they will beat in the big ten, look for at least one “upset,” on a night when everything is going right for the hoosiers. i say 11-13 wins this year and maybe the nit. do you need a winning record for that? overall or in your conference?

    and look for between 15 and 20 wins and the ncaa next year. and that’s a a lock.

  3. Wow are you optimistic. I agree with you but the B10 is tougher than anyone imagined including NW and PSU. Any team we beat in the B10 is an upset. If we are to even get 9 wins we need to win tonight.

    Defense will be tough tonight. Does Moore guard the 6’6″ guy or their 2nd leading scorer. Pritchard will be surrounded by guys who cumulative get 30pts/g. Maybe time for the zone

  4. I don’t care if you have the #1 recruiting class in the Nation, if you can’t develop those players into a team then it doesn’t really matter how good they are individually they will never amount to a winning team. Although I think Crean has done a lot of great things off the court to rebuild this program, so far, on the court he stinks.

    This is a team that doesn’t even undertand the fundamentals of basketball. How do you set a screen? What is a good shot? When do you dribble the ball? How do you pass the basketball? Where is the 3 Point line? How do you feed the ball inside? What are the qualities that make a good guard? What is a shooting guard?
    Is it true that if you do not defend the 3 point shot there is a greater chance the opponent will hit that shot? Damn…that’s a tough one.

    What scares me the most is that I see almost no improvement from embarrassing game to embarrassing game.

    When a coach allows players to consistently shoot seven feet beyond the 3 point line with ZERO success then I will most certainly question the intelligence of the coaching staff. I am not impressed with this coaching staff no matter how much these players hussle. Basketball is more than hussle, it takes intelligence and understanding of the fundamentals of the game. This is a pathetic excuse for a basketball team.

  5. As my name implies, that is where you belong. This is the bottom, you can come with back to the top with us or complain and whine like a baby until we get there, then jump on the wagon and say “yeah I knew we would do it, Indiana fan through and through”, this coach has the goods ask anyone who knows what they are talking about in CBB, not some dimwit on a blog.

  6. FINAL: NU 55, IU 42.
    IU: Dumes 13 pts; Pritchard 12 pts, 14 reb; Taber 6 pts, 6 reb; Moore 5 pts; Williams 4 pts; Jones 2 pts.
    IU: 18-45 (40%) FG; 4-14 (29%) 3PT; 2-6 (33%) FT; 29 reb; 21 TO; 16 (23) fouls.
    NU: 19-43 (44%) FG; 3-9 (33%) 3PT; 14-20 (70%) FT; 25 reb; 11 TO; 8 (15) fouls.
    NU: Janning 17 pts; Allen 13 pts; Ojougboh 8 pts; Adako 6 pts, 5 reb; Bataille 5 pts; Spates 3 pts; Alvarez 3 pts, 5 reb.

  7. Ok,so this year we stink.

    Am I going to hear the same lame excuses next year? “Well, you know we’re the youngest team in college basketball history, we’re just not going to be competitive this year with such a young team.”

    Blah, blah, blah…

  8. We blew up the entire program. What the heck did you think would happen? You really aren’t this dumb, are you?

  9. back to basics are you retarded? Seriously we have half walk ons and we have beaten some decent teams with only 1 guy back from last year. U go out and try to turn chicken$H!% into chicken salad. As far as I’m concerned Crean can stay on the recruiting trail all year this year and get some more players like his # 6 recruiting class coming in next year!

  10. Coach Crean,
    Okay, you have the youngest team and they are the 5th worst in the nation in turnovers, so would you please start Devan Dumes at the point. He maybe a little rusty starting out but he is a totally different player when he controls the flow. Don’t worry about him getting his shots because he’s going to get his shots. He’s the most effective driver and he is the best passer on the team. He’s also the only upperclassmen that can play the point. If you start out with him and Matt Roth at the guards, Story, Taber & Pritchard down low teams cant help out on Dumes on the drive because Roth will make them pay and Story and Pritchard are a hand full to defend one on one. Also, Taber and Roth don’t turn the ball over as much as the others you’ve started. Pluse Story can also check the other team’s best player. I have yet to see this line-up and I don’t think we can win another game until we see Dumes at the point. You’ve tried everything except this line-up. If I were the coach I would live and die with the ball in Dumes’ hands. I think you would be surprised if you let Dumes get comfortable running the team. GO IU!!!!!

  11. Dior and J Pat- Thank you!

    I couldn’t agree more. Or should that be I couldn’t agree moore. Anyway, I got blacklisted from Peegs for expressing my frustration with Moore after the game last night. I was frustrated and probably harsh, but you would’ve thought I called a Jihad on Bloomington. I think the outrage was mainly because a certain poster over there likes the way he tastes.

    Anyway, I know we’re short-handed and Moore is a little scrappy, hustling sorta player Hoosier fans love to love. That’s fine. I’d just like to see some different things tried at point. If those end up just as bad or worse, I’ll concede and he can run the show.

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