Rivals.com: Withey to consider IU

Jeff Withey, a 6-11 center who was the No. 36 player in the class of 2008, is considering IU as his next destination after decided to leave Arizona, according to Rivals.com national recruiting analyst Jerry Meyer.

Withey left the team, before ever playing a game, after coach Lute Olson abruptly exited prior to the season. He plans on enrolling at his new school in January, which would make him eligible to begin playing there in January 2010.

Indiana, of course, doesn’t have an open scholarship for Withey. It doesn’t even have enough scholarships for the six players it has already signed in the 2009 class. But that will not stop Tom Crean and his staff from considering a player that could — just maybe — give the Hoosiers more than a legit chance at making the NCAA Tournament in year two of the rebuilding project.


  1. beautiful, sadly some kids will get asked to leave or drop their scholarships, but this is the for the better good of IU, be the best we can be…within the rules.

  2. Getting Jeff Withey will be a long shot, but it would be a great addition and a key corner stone in rebuilding I.U. basketball. Like I have said before, I believe that Rivers will give up his scholarship to help out the 2009 class. But, as we seen before, someone else will see the writing on the wall in reduced playing time and will decide to go else where.

  3. Scott- Why do you think Rivers will give up his scholly? Have you heard this? or just because of his financial situation you think he should? just curious…

  4. Since he won’t be eligible till January, maybe he will pay his way for 1 year and essentially become the first recuit of the 2010 class. Crean could sell it to him. Playing time, best fans in the world, and it’s Indiana.

  5. Wes, No insider info here. If you look at who is on scholarship this year, Rivers is the most likely candidate because, Yes, of his fathers financial situation. Only time will tell or maybe a flying potted plant might by spotted again in Coach Crean’s office.

  6. With all the bad press surrounding Crean how are we going to attract anyone? I mean they are already talking about his replacement on Blogs. WE should have never traveled down this road.. I hate to say it, but I told you so!!

  7. put down the crack pipe FCN. Rivers shouldnt have to because his dads rich. There are other kids on the team from well to do families, where do you draw the line? Whos to say Withey can afford to pay his way? OUt of state fees are not cheap, he will go elsewhere for a full ride. again, a few current players will be out next year if crean keeps getting 4 5 star kids.

  8. Still, our major problem is that we don’t have anybody along side Pritchard to be a low post threat. With him, we have that, and depth behind him with Maniru, Capo, Elston. We should be set to go.

    Ignore FCN, he just wants attention. Like a little puppy.

  9. just watched the vid, wow. he looks like a legit player with size…athletic, thick…not just a 7′ toothpick trying to shoot jumpers. i like!

  10. Coach, where’s the integrity baby! Six signed and no place in the hall? Sounds like an ol’ mother shoe nursery.

  11. Tommy,
    Coaches can’t text recruits anymore. NCAA enacted that about a year or 2 ago after some kids were getting thousands of texts a day from coaches.

  12. I’m with “Fire Crean Now.” Imagine us keeping this guy this far into the season! No national championships, no Big Ten Championships,no wins against Illinois, Purdue, or Kentucky (until later today)and – worst of all – he hasn’t written a single comment on HT blogs calling for Lynch to be fired. Bring back Davis – “help is on the way.”

  13. His ability to time the defensive players shot is incredible for his age…. did you see all those blocks? and they were all clean!

  14. Nice to see a video of a guy playing defense instead of shooting open jump shots, open layups, uncontested dunks etc. I hope we get him and maybe the 2010 scholly is the angle

  15. CK, thanks for some great news and the link/vid!

    What a huge building block for our program if Withey is signed.

    The scholarship issue remains a concern, so the discussion regarding this is intriguing. Having Withey down low would open up some more scoring opportunities for Rivers on the inside-out plays, so perhaps Doc would forgo some of his $5M paycheck so his son would give up the scholarship for Withey.

    Looking forward to more news on this.

  16. If Withey is signed, I would look for Jobe to transfer out, and his scholarship to open up for Withey. Who knows though. I am sure Crean will get it figured out.

  17. I love Jobe as a person, but I will be very upset if he has a scholarship next year when we can give it to much more talented individuals.

  18. there has been talk for a long time on many blogs about Rivers paying his own way. I am not sure that is fair to his family. Just because it is known through media that dad makes a lot of money. There could be other players on the team now from very wealthy backgrounds but the media has not hyped it up. 3

  19. Crean likely set some preformance goals in order for Jobe to keep his scholarship for 2009, and right now it is obvious that he won’t meet the necessary critera. As for Roth, there is no way that Crean pulls his scholarship after he stayed loyal to IU when everyone else (but Prichard) bailed on him – also, Math Roth could become a deadly marksman next year when IU actually has an inside threat other than Prichard. I actually think it’s more likely that Verdell Jones decides to leave next year after he realizes that Hulls and Rivers will be taking most of his minutes next year.

  20. for some reason, I think that Nick Williams will decide to give it a go somewhere else. I think that he is of the mold of the rest of the undersized team and he’s not showing the type of ability that you would expect from a “Player of the year”.

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