Soccer will be on the air

One item I did not get in today’s IU soccer notebook is that Saturday’s game at St. John’s will be broadcast on WGCL. That would be 1370 on your AM dial or 95.9 on your FM dial.

Chicago Fire and Big Ten Network voice Chris Doran will have the call starting at 4:45 p.m. Saturday with the game starting at 5.

There will also be a video webcast that can be accessed at, or just clicking the link.

The ambitious fan may wish to view the game online while listening to Doran’s dulcet tones on the radio, but the lag in broadcasts may make that more like watching one of those classic kung fu movies.


  1. Isn’t it nice that the Big 10 channel seems to not want to cover on aire a conf team in the quarter finals of a NCAA national final. If it were Women Soccer it would be talked about endlessly and aired forever. This is another good reason for parents not waste their children’s time with a sport that never has measured up.

  2. typical btn joke. Its more like lifetime than espn, i mean all they show is women’s bball and volleyball. What is the point of having a network like that, when no one is at the games. I turned on the btn a couple of days ago and their where not even 100 people in the stands of a northwestern women’s bball game. Its just a corporate scam to steal more money from us, i’m about to just cancel my cable if they keep this joke up. I mean how hard is it to show the soccer games? Its do or die, come on its the biggest sport in the world. Women’s sports can’t even give out 1000 tickets if they gave em away for free for a reason.

  3. As far as I can tell, there is no way to listen live to WGCL online. As for the BTN, I’m going to check on this, but I think it may be an NCAA rights issue that prevents these games from being broadcast. Throughout the tournament, the home team has had online video rights via CBS college sports. That is why you have to go through the St. John’s Web site to watch this game.

  4. Hey tommy, that’s quite a rant. However, I’m pretty sure ESPN holds the rights to the NCAA soccer tournament, but they choose to only show the Final Four. Its not the BTN’s fault.

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