There’s (the beginning of) a building there

Many of you have asked about the progress of the basketball practice facility being built next to Assembly Hall. To this point, it consisted of mostly a mangled hole filled with wires and tubes and sewers and alligators (I made that up) that delayed the project so that it probably won’t be ready until after the middle of next year.

Well, today I arrived at Assembly Hall to find what looks to be a wall. I’m no engineer, though, so I took photographic evidence for you to review.  To take the second shot, I stuck my camera under the green screening on the fence. If that’s an NCAA violation, I apologize.

The basketball practice facility begins to rise.

A closer look.


  1. You’re on quite the hot streak Chris. First the heartfelt look at Dakich’s comments, then the never-ending coach’s show blog, and now pictures of a wall. The Scoop has never seen anything like this in its short existence.

  2. Chris, thanks for the update on practice facility. Now if they would just tear down The Hall and build a new arena so fans don’t get Veritgo when they are in the upper sections. Heck, we would sell more tickets and could have the student section surrounding the court that is a missing piece of the puzzle we need,

  3. Derek P,

    Obviously Jimmy has provided you with the above document, which gives at least a partial answer.

    What I can tell you is that when I last heard Rick Greenspan talk about the construction progress, he told the board of trustees in September that a price for the softball and baseball field had yet to be determined and said the project was in “final design stage.”

    It’s no secret that one of Greenspan’s goals in his final months as AD was to ensure that the money had been raised and the plans completed for the new baseball/softball complex. Greenspan was a baseball player and his son, Ben, played at IU.

  4. Happened across a guy tonight who’s working on the practice facility. He said they’re awaiting an engineer’s report to determine if they’ll be able to continue working through the winter, or if they’ll have to shut it down; there’s an issue with pouring the concrete in cold temps. Said the job has basically been a clusterf*@k since it started. Crean may need to keep that virtual tour dvd handy for a while.

  5. You know, I just looked at the document Jimmy posted and noticed that it states the completion date for the basketball facility will be Dec. 09.

    Though it’s probably not a big deal give all the program has been through, it has got to be upsetting to people within the department to think the team may have to move to a new facility in the middle of the season.

  6. Chronic,

    If the air temp is to cold, it will cool the concrete to quickly, slowing down the chemical reaction that causes the concrete to set up.

    If that reaction slows to much, and it is cold enough, it will allow the water in the mix to freeze, creating expansion forces inside the concrete itself and compromising the structural integrity of the pour. Concrete is a brittle substance when the forces are anything but compressive.

    Also, once the ground is froze, you can’t pour on it.

  7. Worked at IU maint to put me through school. I have heard that they ran into water and especially rock/limestone and that caused major delays.

  8. “ran into into water and especially rock/limestone and that caused major delays”

    I hear this all the time on major projects in this area. You always here “well, we hit limestone we didn’t expect”, just how in the hell can you dig around here and NOT expect to hit linestone!

  9. I agree with you Mike but I am pretty sure that is exactly what happened. The amount is what was not expected.

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