You know it’s too early when . . .

. . . you’re waiting in the drive-thru at McDonald’s and the guy behind you hits your car. My guess is that he ordered his McSkillet and then promptly fell back asleep, only to awake upon hitting my car. Luckily my bumper performed its duty — to be bumped but not harmed — and I was able to collect by breakfast burritos without further interruption.

You know, I never really realized just how strange McDonald’s eggs look until I ate them in the dark. I swear to you that when I bit into that thing and revealed the contents inside, the eggs were glowing. I mean, those things are fluorescent.

Anyway, I decided to call into the B97 morning show to check in with those guys. Frankly, I was feeling guilty because I was supposed to talk with them a couple of times from Maui but ended up missing them because of the time difference and the NCAA announcement. That and I’m easily distracted by fresh pineapple.

Fittingly, the boys followed up my brief spot with a song by Eminen. As you have no doubt comprehended already, Eminem and I share many traits: unending and fierce anger, the ability to bust rhymes on cue and, of course, being easily distracted by fresh pineapple.

So now it’s off to Winston-Salem, where Indiana faces No. 15 Wake Forest at 7:15 tonight (ESPN).

First thing you notice when you begin to look at this game is the size advantage for the Demon Deacons. They start three players 6-9 or taller. The center, Chas (pronounced Chase) McFarland, should be familiar to those of you who follow the Indiana AAU scene, as he played on the Indy Spiece team that also featured Greg Oden and Mike Conley.

Of course another Indiapolis player, Jeff Teague, is the real driving force behind Wake’s early success so far. We’ve written in numerous places of Tom Crean’s overflowing praise for the 6-2 sophomore, who is average a team best 21 points per game.

After destroying the first three teams it played, Wake Forest had to stretch a bit more for wins against Cal State Fullerton (75-69) and UTEP (82-79) in the first two games of the 76 Classic in Anaheim. The Deacons won the event by beating Baylor 87-74.

It is, to put it lightly, going to be a difficult game for IU. But I am anxious to see how the Hoosiers react to the environment.

As I thought about the win against Cornell the other day it hit me that when you consider all of the circumstances it was one of the better wins I’ve seen the Hoosiers have at Assembly Hall the past three seasons. For the young Hoosiers to recover from Maui and find a way to control that game was more impressive than it probably looked from the box score (just another Big Ten team beating an Ivy League team).

So, what are your thoughts on what will happen tonight?


  1. We will get hammered. Wake is bigger, faster, stronger, and although they are somewhat inexperienced in some positions, they still have alot more experience than we do. Add that to the fact that this is IU’s first real road game and I see a horrible beat down. 92-58 Wake

  2. I will be very excited, crack a miller lite half an hour before the game and by the 10 min mark i will be depressed and choosing between calling my friends to talk about our great recruiting class next year, or calling them and talking about the Colts…..thank god for the colts…

  3. I never knew that was your voice on B97. Any reason why your voice sounds so digitized and under water?

  4. I’m hoping for a closer game than the ND and St. Joe’s games. Let’s try to keep it a loss by under 20 pts.

  5. Let’s put tonight’s prospects into geographical context, the Whoosiers anywhere on tobacco road this year, we’re definitely going to get SMOKED.

    But just like the Maui games, I’m less concerned with the final outcome and more interested in seeing how we respond to the newest challenges and what we’ve improved upon since our last outing. We really need to focus on slowing high powered teams down and holding their score to a respectable level. Reducing the 2nd chance points (i.e. better rebounding) and limiting the points off turnovers will be critical if we’re going to be somewhat competitive in conference play. I’d also love to see our young guards gain some confidence in knocking down their shots.

  6. I’m looking for us to slow the game down to a final score for both teams in the 40’s or 50’s. On defense we should be in a tight zone letting them shoot from outside all day. On offense, we don’t take a shot unless there are 10 seconds or less on the shot clock.

    ps Korman needs to eat healthier.

  7. I have to agree with Chronic. Slowing the game down so that we don’t get blown out will be a big factor. Rebounding and turnovers should always be a priority, but this game especially.

    I find it interesting that a guy with Chronic in his nickname talked about getting “smoked”. might be something more to that.

  8. Chronic- adjective
    1. marked by a long duration or frequent recurrence
    2. always present or encountered; being such habitually

    As for the urban usage, I did graduate from IU after all! Before goth and grunge, this town was full of hippies.

  9. The young Hoosiers will get caught in the Wake of the 6’9″ Forest. Sorry…could not resist.

    I hope to see:
    1)never ending hustle from start to finish
    2)above average shot selection
    3)better ball control (less turnovers)
    4)good boxing for rebounds
    5)no quit

    I hope it is a reasonable margin of defeat and Chris gets a decent meal.

  10. The Hoosiers will be alright. We will take our lumps but be better for it. The Future is bright for INDIANA. Did anyone see the “bright young coach” from Pur Dont lastnight.

  11. Chris, enjoy it all while you are young. One day you will wake up and you’re old! Just enjoy! You will live through the MDonalds and fresh pineapple, but someday you may need some very good medicine.

  12. Chronic, I wasn’t aware that Bloomington wasn’t still full of hippies; some of them just look different nowadays.

    I’m going out with co-workers to watch the game, and wearing an IU sweater. It’s an act of bravery. Luckily few people around here really even realize the Annual Beatdown (Big 10-ACC Challenge) is going on. What we must remember, though, is if Wake destroys us like they did in ’03, it’s better this time. That team had lots of veteran players who played together before on the roster; this one is a bunch of newbies who only recently met one another.

  13. I think Chronic’s got a best take on what to watch for. It’s gonna be tough, but maybe the Hoosiers just stick it out, take a beating, and come away with (something resembling) confidence that holding onto the ball won’t be as hard in conference play as it was tonight.

    WW’s keys are good too, but I’m not so worried about shot selection. Explore a little and get the ball to Pritch if you can, but I think in this game the Hoosiers should just light it whenever they get a little daylight. Against a taller, faster, more athletic team, if you wait around for the best possible shot, you’re going to be fighting the shot clock on every possession.

  14. I would disagree that we need to slow things down tonight just to keep it close. I think we should run our normal offense tonight (of course while limiting turnovers). These guys need to learn how to run Coach Crean’s offense and get accustomed to that. They may be struggling with it a little right now, but the more they run it the more the will become familiar with how to score within the offense. I would rather see us get beat by 30 or 40 and run our normal sets and get better at that than slow it down so we can have a game in the 40’s and 50’s and have a chance to win. It isn’t all about winning and “staying close”. We can’t just chuck the offense after 6 games just so we can stay close in this one. Just one man’s opinion though.

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