Zeigler charged

[4:30 Update]

Zeigler has been suspended indefinitely by Bill Lynch.

Here’s the press release from IU.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana University football coach Bill Lynch has indefinitely suspended redshirt freshman offensive lineman Dennis Zeigler (Indianapolis/Pike) following his involvement in a crime which resulted in criminal charges being filed against him. Zeigler saw action in the first four games of 2008 before suffering a season-ending knee injury.
“He (Zeigler) faces serious allegations of misconduct that in my opinion require immediate action,” Lynch said.  “As a result, I have suspended him indefinitely from all team activities, pending the legal resolution of this matter.”

“As a consequence of the serious nature of this allegation, this student-athlete has been suspended from his intercollegiate activities immediately,” Director of Athletics Rick Greenspan said. “While there must be an opportunity for a fair adjudication of this allegation, we are bitterly disappointed that he has unfortunately placed himself in this regrettable position. We recruit student-athletes and provide them with a unique opportunity to achieve their highest academic and athletic potential. At the same time we educate them about proper social behavior, and accordingly expect them to be productive, contributing members of our community.”


You knew this was coming (some of you from the beginning, when reports of the 6-7, 300-pound dude crawling around surfaced), but Indiana offensive lineman Dennis E. Zeigler, 19, has now been charged with conspiracy to commit burglary (a class B felony) and  conspiracy to commit robbery (a class C felony) in the same incident that involved freshman cornerback Cortez Smith.

Smith faces two B-felonies and has been suspended from the team by coach Bill Lynch.

There has been no word on Zeigler’s status.

Here’s a story cops reporter Marci Creps wrote on Christmas Eve.

Charges were filed today against a football player involved in a robbery Dec. 17.

Dennis E. Zeigler, 19, faces charges of B-felony conspiracy to commit burglary and C-felony conspiracy to commit robbery. Zeigler is an offensive lineman for the Indiana University football team.

The charges stem from a home invasion robbery reported Dec. 17.

In the probable cause affidavit filed by Bloomington Police Detective Jarred Burns, Zeigler initially said he’d been a victim in the crime. In the robbery, two men entered an apartment on Mueller Parkway and ordered the two residents and Zeigler to the ground. At one point, Zeigler said he attempted to get up, but one of the suspects held a bat to the back of his head and told him “stay down fat boy,” according to the affidavit.

The residents thought it was supicious that Zeigler eventually crawled to the front door and shut it. When police asked Zeigler why he’d shut the door, he had no good reason, according to the affidavit. After the robbery, the two residents confronted Zeigler about his possible involvement. According to the affidavit, Zeigler became so angry that he punched a hole in the wall.

Eventually Zeigler changed his story, initially saying that he’d been approached outside the apartment by a man he didn’t know. He said that the man asked him to help rob the two residents because they owed the man money.

He later admitted to helping two men commit the robbery. At that time, Zeigler identified the two suspects as Courtney “Cortez” Smith and “Elz” who was later identified as Lazell McClellon. Smith is also a member of the IU football team although he was suspended following his arrest last week.

Zeigler was able to provide police with information about the crime including what happened to the items taken by the suspects. During a search of an apartment occupied by Darius Johnson and Jarrell Drane, police found the wallets, IDs and other items belonging to the victims. Both Johnson and Drane are also members of the football team. Both face no charges related to this case.

According to the affidavit, police requested that Zeigler be summonsed to court to answer to the charges versus issuing an arrest warrant.


  1. I blame this all on Bill Lynch… Maybe he should recruit smarter players.. What a bunch of f***** idiots!!!!!!

    J/K about the Bill Lynch thing. Wish I could put this one on him.

  2. That sure did not sound like the Steve O I have read. Glad to see the JK.

    These big kids are adults now and need to be accountable for themselves. Lynch has no choice to suspend and after hearing the facts, then dismiss or punish. Frankly, I don’t need a hearing to recommend dismissal, but I am not in charge. Anybody on my team caught in a felony is gone. Clean house and set the standard. Corso had similar problems and let them get away with it. Unacceptable.

  3. I still contend that the story is still not complete. You can not tell me that these guys no matter how stupid it appears to be, robs these guys for a cell phone, wallets with ID’s and an x-box. The key to this story is the dope that was found. As unclear to me, those in the apartment have to be into something that cannot be ignored. Especially when the only apparent motive is what? These young men shouldn’t want for anything. Not only do they have full rides, they get paid to play. By the time the semester begins refund checks are in the mail…Dig deeper…those in the apartment are what…dope dealers? The picture is still unclear….questions need to be answered. The problem of the Team’s embarrassment and the Coach’s response…is obvious…. what parent or coach wouldn’t be embarrassed by an incident like this….The enterprise of educating young people is a process… that’s why they call it school… Despite our disappointment in the program…somebody has to address a much bigger problem than the atheletic department at IU…it is probably an indication of a much larger culture on campus of partying and weekend rushes that are a part of every campus, whether they are reported or not….Still, the story is incomplete…

  4. Who cares if they were dealing drugs -regardless its still robbery.Not what you want your univesity football team to stand for.The story sounds complete to me -send these kids to jail then back to mom and dad.Send other complaints to Indiana police dept.

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