Bloomington is a good place to live

So says

Forbes also says Bloomington is home to something called the University of Indiana.

B-Town comes in 10th on the site’s list of top college towns. But that still leaves it fourth in the Big Ten, behind State College (4), Madison (3) and Ann Arbor (1).

Lexington (5) also ranks ahead of Bloomington, as does a place the Hoosiers football team will visit later this year, Charlottesville, Va (9).

Your thoughts?


  1. Lexington aside that list is pretty solid. Lexington has a different feel to it, which is not college town feel. Ann Arbor and Madison are great places and I’ve never had the pleasure to go to State College, I only travel to Big Ten schools!

  2. I’m not sure what the writer bases his opinions on but I also wonder if he has even been in Bloomington and especially on campus. The IU campus is one of the most beautiful in the nation, the students are exceptional, and the town is a happening place. If he is talking about facilities, ours are excellent and will even be better with future improvements that are planned. I love football and I for one love Memorial Stadium. I can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday afternoon. Also, it’s INDIANA UNIVERSITY, not the University of Indiana. Makes me think even more that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  3. OK, I read the article and it’s a formula piece where you take the median income, cost-of-living, crime index, etc., and add them up.
    Chapel Hill is near the top. I’m there all the time. Going tomorrow. Chapel Hill, Raleigh, and Durham are basically all one big city. UNC has roads all thru it with LOTS of traffic. It is not a peaceful collegiate setting. It borders on urban. Franklin street, where the bars, restaurants, etc., are located is about 3 blocks long and then you are in the city. I’ve never gotten where the whole “UNC is beautiful” thing comes from. It’s okay, nothing special. Now Davidson, down the road, that’s a beautiful place.

  4. I went to school at IU and attend grad school at Chapel Hill. IU by far. Living is cheaper at IU and the people are way more sincere ( here they stab you in the back. Must be a southern thing)

  5. what are you smoking when you cant imagine a better place than emorial stadium on a sat…who you watching? Btown is a great town, and Madison as well, but the tudra of WI is not an ideal place to be in the winter. Same with UM

  6. Jimmy, don’t even give the jerk the time of day. He can’t spell, he can’t think, and he probably squats. I think I smell pig.

  7. Besides calling it the “University of Indiana,” the only supposed picture of Bloomington with those ratings is a photo of the NCAA Finals being played in Indianapolis. The word “Indianapolis” painted on the court should have been the first tip-off on that. Those sort of foul-ups from a heavyweight like Forbes makes me feel better about the every few years or so mistake that slips into the H-T’s sports coverage.

    I must be alone here in liking Lexington as a city and a college town. Sure, it’s probably just the bourbon, but I’ve always really enjoyed my visits there.

  8. Charlottesville being on this list is a JOKE ! Lived there for 4 yrs and it is a “closet” racist city that lives off the reputation on a University that did not admit Blacks or women until the early 1970’s !

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