1. seems like good kids, but common, they are not going to make any impact in IU building their reputation. just aint gona cut it lynch…but hey, might as well hook up your old buddies from south

  2. What isn’t going to cut it? Inviting someone to walk-on and offering a local guy to give us 4 OL in the class?

  3. pegs,

    Price is a work horse type kid. He is big, strong, and will do anything asked of him, not to mention he is an athlete with incredible football smarts.

    Blackwell is a tough, hard nose player who is used to the same offense that IU runs. He may not be a super star, but he is going to give you everything he has every play.

  4. they might be hard workers, but whats that going to do for us, when the other teams all have just as many if not more hard workers, that have the right talent as well. cant teach that.

  5. pegs,

    Price is the best lineman to come out of South since Bo Barzilauskas. Bo was bigger, Aaron is stronger and all around is a better player.

    His knowledge of the game is phenomenal, his work ethic is untouchable by most, and he will do what you want of him. He will have every opportunity to work himself into a starting spot, and I could see him switching over and playing DT in the future if the need for one comes up.

    As for Blackwell, he might not be the typical D1 player, but he was offered preferred walk on, not a scholarship. He is a kid that would probably earn a starting spot at linebacker or safety (over running back) at a smaller MAC or MWC or WAC school if he wasn’t here.

    What he will give us is a hard running kid, who isn’t easy to take down, and would run you over as quickly as he would try and make you miss. The kind of player our defense needs to face in practice every day.

  6. ill take your word for it Mike, that these kids are worthwhile and wait and see. i just dont want so many to get complacement with this level of talent. we want to win the kids that are considering much better schools, not MAC schools.

  7. pegs,

    I completely agree, we don’t want to be complacent with getting MAC level players. The only reason I say what I do about these kids is I know them and their families personally.

    David Blackwell played both running back and linebacker for me at Jackson Creek and was one of the best players I had there.

    He is a better defender than he is a running back (in my opinion), and was the leader in tackles at South during his sophomore year before they moved him to running back for lack of another viable option on the field or sidelines.

    I watched Price play both sides of the ball last year.

    Part of the reason Blackwell had so many yards this year was running the ball right up Price’s back and following him into the secondary.

    When Price was playing on the D-Line, teams put 2 players on him, and then ran to the opposite side to try and eliminate him as being a factor.

    He was originally recruited to IU as a preferred walk on. Due to some injuries this season, one lineman having back surgery, another being arrested and kicked off the team, they needed to pick up a lineman. Since Price was next on their list for lineman, they stepped up and made the scholarship offer to him, his love for IU and a coaching change in Ohio prompted him to accept and come here.

    Remember, Aaron grew up in Bloomington, played at Bloomington South, and every year South goes through the IU team camp and works with the IU coaching staff in those camps. They don’t have to make their decision on him off of tapes, and talking to his high school coaches, they know him personally and have worked with him first hand.

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