Catch Kyrie Irving and “Born Ready” tonight

[7:45 UPDATE]

Former IDS reporter Chris Engel has informed me that he spotted Indiana assistant coach Roshown McLeod in the front row of this game during the first quarter.


St. Patrick star Kyrie Irving, a junior currently being recruited by just about every school in the nation (word is that even Kelvin Sampson has even called him, hoping to entice him to join the Bucks), will face off with Lance Stephenson, one of the top remaining unsigned 2009 prospects, and his Lincoln team at 7 p.m. tonight on ESPN2.

Indiana coach Tom Crean is recruiting Irving, while Stephenson apparently has not been persued by this coaching staff (he has been through off-court turmoil, ranging from a fight to a charge of impropriety with a younger female student, that makes him an unlikely target for Crean and his staff.)

Seeing Stephenson play on a playground in Brooklyn, as I did a few years back, was simply amazing. I hope for the sake of hoops fans everywhere that he stays on track to play somewhere next season.


  1. I saw some of the game and Irving looked like a smooth player that liked to run and fast break. He was a bit overshadowed by his teammate Strickland that is headed to UNC. He appeared to be a 2nd or 3rd option on his team. His team is stacked with talent. Looked like a good athelte.

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