1. Crean is saying what is supposed to say to keep his players/alumni up but you can see in his eyes that he is looking to the future. I hope IU wins their next 2 and does well in the BT tourny. But, as a “fan” I see the future.

  2. Is it just me or has Crean been kinda pissy in his interviews lately? It is completely understandable that he is frustrated right now, but it seems reporters can’t get a question off without him showing some kind of disgust for the question being asked…who does he think he is, knight?

  3. Would you be frustrated by one big ten win? I think so.. He is not trying to take the frustration out on reporters but it is pretty easy to do.

  4. Good god, people. Crean is pouring his heart and soul into this job, this team, these kids and some a-hole reporter asks him, in effect “do you want to win?” … that would get the pope pi$$ed eventually. Crean is not going to go all ‘woody hayes’ on someone, but he’s frustrated with the season, the losing and the stupid questions.

  5. Hank’s got it right and I’d add that Crean seemed a little heart broken about the loss yesterday. I think he wants it so badly for the kids.

  6. “Verdell looked very upset after the game, what did you say to him?” is not a stupid question. Yes the reporter knows that all these players are upset and tired and frustrated…but crean visible went up to verdell right when the game ended, doesn’t seem like a ridiculous quetion to me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m behind Crean all the way and i’m sure this season has been hard on him. I was just pointing out that he has developed a short fuse and the ability to make these reporters sound like idiots

  7. angry, it was a dumb question. That was an emotional exchange between Coach and Verdell, not the place or time for a reporter to ask that question.

  8. “Verdell looked very upset after the game, what did you say to him?” — I think the issue here is that the reporter was asking Crean to comment about an individual player or an exchange with an individual player. Crean almost always refrains from talking about individual players, unless it is to praise the individual. Even then he usually talks about the team. He just doesn’t leave a player out there to be singled out. He refrains from commenting about individual players on his Monday night show with fans who call in and even with Fischer. He does it without sounding as pissy as he did with the reporter who asked about Verdell, but I think he sounded pissy this time because he, too, is emotionally drained, he wanted to get out of there, and he probably thinks reporters should know by now that he isn’t going to leave one player singled out. The fact that they keep asking him to do so probably does piss him off. I’m sure our curious minds would like to know what a coach says to an upset player at a moment like that, so I understand the reporter asking, but bottom line, it was a private moment and Crean kept it that way.

  9. Hey Gang, I was at the Northwestern game Wednesday nite and was fortunate enough to speak to Verdell after the game. These guys are coming from winning traditions in their high schools. It’s very hard on them to go thru what they are going thru. But, they are glad to be at IU and so is Coach Crean. I told Verdell to hang in there, and next year will be tons better, and the year after that, they will be very good. V (as we call him here in Champaign) is very appreciative of the support of himself and his teammates. Let’s don’t be down on them or Coach. Let’s help them all get thru this and soon we will be back where we are used to being. GO BIG RED!

  10. Now everybody wants to listen to me? I said this the day we hired him. Everybody was like ” No way hes awesome, I’m gonna name my kid after him” now what you say?
    Fire Crean Now!!

  11. Fire Crean Now is funny.

    I happen to like Verdell Jones. His turnovers make me money.

  12. FCN, you’re still an idiot, and no one is agreeing with you.

  13. Let’s not lose focus on what’s really important.

    Tijan scored a Big Ten bucket and his confidence is soaring. Did you see him run up and down the court after that hoop? He’ll drop 40 next week and we’ll be on our way to sweeping the Big Ten tournament field. Watch out Big Ten!

    All kidding aside…it’s tough to enjoy the small victories when we fall short of the “W” so often.

    Even so, we just have to keep our heads up and support this program through thick and thin. I was proud to go out to a local restaurant/bar in Lafayette and wear my cream and crimson as I watched the game.

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