1. The officiating today was absolutely terrible. We all expect a blown call now and then, but our players deserve a lot better than being elbowed, tripped, and pushed without calls being made. For once I’m actually going to email the Conference with a complaint. Do these refs ever have to watch the games after the fact?

  2. Its woman’s basketball hardly anyone pays attention to it at all. You should just be glad they posted the results to this crap. Now anymore questions just look in your easy bake oven instructions for the answer.

  3. bk, too bad you have that take. I have gone to mens and womens games for years. It is a great team and fun to watch. Valerie, I agree completely and I think Coach does too. It was a shame watching that mess today and the refs should be punished!

  4. I agree. I would add that I hope the ladies are not going to let their season go down the tubes. It is now time for the tough to get going!

  5. Hey bk, people do pay attention to women’s basketball which is why we are on here posting about it. If you don’t, fine, but don’t be cutting on people who support the team and the sport. Just because there are no multi-million dollar contracts waiting for these girls after their college careers ends doesn’t mean they don’t play with all they have. Women are just as talented at sports as men, given half the chance, and it’s people like you that make it hard for the women to get that chance. The women play the same game with the same rules as the men, with the exception of the shot clock, which I think needs to be changed. They can shoot the three from the same line as the men and yes, some can even jump high enough to touch the rim. Isn’t that what makes the men’s game so exciting? Give them a chance and maybe your views will change.

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