1. You know that expression, “I’m for Purdue and whoever playing IU”, well today is almost an exception to that. NO, wait, that’s not right. Too bad either team has to win this one. MSU’s not playing their game today. Must be like when Painter and Weber have to face off against each other. LGB! LGB!

  2. FINAL: MSU 75, IU 47.
    IU: Jones 13 pts; Roth 10 pts; Pritchard 9 pts, 5 reb; Williams 7 pts, 7 reb; Dumes 5 pts; Taber 2 pts; Story 1 pts.
    IU: 13-42 (31%) FG; 3-16 (19%) 3PT; 18-26 (69%) FT; 27 reb; 21 TO; 16 (25) fouls.
    MSU: 25-59 (42%) FG; 6-21 (29%) 3PT; 19-28 (68%) FT; 36 reb; 10 TO; 12 (23) fouls.
    MSU: Allen 16 pts; Green 15 pts, 12 reb; Suton 12 pts; Lucas 10 pts; Roe 9 pts; Lucious 6 pts; Summer 2 pts; Thornton 2 pts; Crandell 2 pts; Gray 1 pts.

  3. What the heck was up with Dumas tonight?!?

    He deserved to get tossed. I kinda hope he sits out the game at the Barn for the crap he pulled with his elbows tonight. That has no place in college basketball.

  4. I agree with you DD. This definitely doesn’t have a place in college basketball and IU doesn’t need this kind of behavior either. I’m pretty confident that coach Crean will take care of this and I agree that Dumes shouldn’t play at Minn.
    This team seems to be a group of good guys and we don’t need that cohesiveness ruined.

  5. If there was a second elbow, I did not see it. I went fast forward on DVR through second half. The first elbow was a true graze and the MSU kid fell back and could have won an award. I watched it 3 times in slow mo. I will catch the rest on sports center.

  6. J Pat you sleeping with Dumes? The intent was there and that is all that matters. He has a history of dirty fouls. You already forgot the Moore/Purdue incident? Maybe someone should rattle his grill. Lot of guys from Flint on that MSU team and if I am not mistaken they will meet again this year. He will get his and I hope I am there to see it.

  7. I feel like Coach Crean will take care of DD. I also think he should sit the next game out. College ball is rough, but you don’t have to be dirty, and I hate to see a dirty Indiana player. I always thought Sean Kline was a dirty player too, but you have to remember he played for Davis.

  8. I agree that Dumas should sit. That is not the kind of IU basketball that I want to watch. They should play tough but that playground BS has to be stopped by CTC.

  9. Do conference rules stipulate that he can’t play the next game, regardless of what Crean does?

    CJ, DD has never played a game against Purdue. I assume you mean NW?

    I think we should not be so naive as to pretend like these sort of things don’t happen all the time. That said, it seems DD has been a leading culprit because he’s been busted so many times lately.

    That said, doing those things only makes him look bad, gives points to the other team and takes him off the floor. All things we clearly do not need.

  10. Wisco,

    There’s no automatic suspension for a flagrant foul, though I do believe the league will review the incident to see if it violates the Big Ten sportsmanship code.

    In two recent highly-publicized cases involving Michigan, Zach Novak was suspended a game for elbowing Wisconsin’s P.J. Hill and Manny Harris was not suspended after elbowing Purdue Chris Kramer.

    In both cases it was Michigan coach John Belein who apparently made the decisions to suspend or not; in both cases, the conference concurred with his decision.

  11. Maybe he should sit, but what he did was nothing compared to the way Buckner played. Remember how dirty of a player he was! They both could use some bench time.

  12. CJ, that was a bad comment, not needed. The first one was a brush, I watched it again today. The second was just after 2 players pulled his freakin jersey and he almost fell from it on the other end. My wife and I hit rewind 5 times and it was an awful no call, I know that does not excuse it though. The last one was just ugly and I agree that there is NO place for it at all. With that said, he should not sit at all. I was at the IU womens game today and the guard from Illinois blatantly and on purpose shot an elbow to Roberson on the head and neither of the 3 refs called it, she even laughed about it. Dumes should have to run a little extra in practice but in NO way should be suspended. Just my take. CJ, Flint is not all that, give me a break and just cheer for MSU. Next year we will kick that MSU butt again just like we did last year in front of the game day crew!

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