1. Coach Crean,
    Thanks for your excitement during this “off” season. You have easiy shown what class basketball looks like, even with the season the way it is. I appreciate your heart for the game.

    Thanks again.

  2. The very first photo in the gallery says “Indiana guard Daniel Moore looks to the official as he calls a foul…..”, guys if that is Moore, he found one heck of a cosmetic surgeon! He looks just like Dumes in that picture. FYI.

  3. You have to feel bad for Crean. Stupid turnovers just plague this team.

    Moore needs to sit for extended periods of time, he is a TO waiting to happen 90% of the time.

  4. I will agree that Moore has many limitations. He drives into trouble with no place to go and he won’t shoot but he is not the turnover leader on this team. He has 60 TO’s and 73 assists and has a team best 1.2 ratio of turnovers to assists. You want your point guard and your shooting guards to do much better that this. Jones has played better of late but he has 73 TO’S and 70 assists. You are NOT going to be a good team with your point guard making more TO’S than assists. Then there is Dumes. He leads the team with 75 TO’S and only 32 assists. Williams has 54 TO’S and just 18 assists. Your shooting guard and your small forward must help your point guard in game situations handle the basketball. Right now these 3 positions are the keys to get the team turned around. Jones had a great 1st half and then went back to being weak with the ball. He must do better and build his upper body strength during the off season and continue to improve his offensive skills or he will be the 3rd choice for running the point next year.

  5. Not to worry, faithful fans. In 8 months we will have 4 recruits rated 90 and above by ESPN coming in to refresh our program and raise us back to a level of competitiveness that will see us battle anyone in the Big 10 on any given night. We will also have a new football coach search to look forward to around the same time.

    I cannot wait for summer to catch glimpses of Watford, Muniru, and Creek. We are going to make a run at the NIT next year, and excitement will be back in Bloomington.

  6. ron b, I like the stats you give, but none of that matters because Moore does not shoot, he is not a threat, he does not score. I want my point to get us 8 or 10 a game.

  7. Face it, please. The reason the above “point guards” have more TO’s than assists is because night after night they play against players who are far superior athletes. Most of these guys are not near top tier Division 1 athletic ability. But, rest assured, help is on the way.

  8. J pat, I guess you did not read what I said. I said he would not shoot! Why not? Him or coaches telling him not to shoot really bad either way. I just get tried of guys thinking Jones is so much better controlling the ball. We need a point guard who will not commit unforced errors,have a high assist to turnover ratio and get points like you say. I just don’t think Jones will be the guy running our team next year. Maybe Jones has a chance but he has got to get stronger with the ball. Sure he can score going to the hoop but then he gives the points back with turnovers. He is getting better the last couple of games. Maybe practicing against Rivers and Hulls is helping him.

  9. ron, I just thought from what you wrote that you liked Moore simply because of the stats you give. This year, Jones should play, he is better, period! Next year, as Mike says, Rivers will most likely start with Hulls and Jones subbing in. Moore will be left out.

  10. J Pat, I don’t think Moore is a Division 1 Guard. He got a special chance to play for the team he loves. What I don’t like is these guys who shoot from the hip about Football or Basketball players or coaches without facts to support what they say. They base their comments on if or not they like someone with nothing to support their claim. I guess it comes from coaching basketball teams in my younger years. If you are going to rag on somebody get your facts straight and then temper it with actual game
    knowledge. Someone could lead the team in turnover’s like Dumas but without his scoring this year IU can’t compete. Also Dumas goes to the rack and so does Jones so it stands to reason
    they would make more turnovers because they are forcing the action. Those are understandable. It’s the unforced turnovers that drives coaches and fans crazy. I think we are on the same page based on what I have read in your comments over the last few months. Mike P. too. Now Aruss thats a different story!

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