1. Is he really that attention deprived that he must wear a gorilla costume? That desperate for TV time that he beats on his chest? Look kid, IU hasnt had a mascot for a reason, why do you think you are any different? Get a life.

  2. The people who need to get a life are those trying to rag on a kid who enjoys IU basketball. He’s not trying to be a mascot, he’s dressing up and going to the games with enthusiasm. No different than painting your face.

  3. I agree with Michugana…Have we forgot when we were kids? I use to paint my face and go to my H.S. games. The Gorilla brings the spirit and enthusiasm to I.U. Basketball, which is great for the game, the fans and recruiting.
    I like to see I.U. bring back the dance squad.
    You go Gorilla!!!!

  4. A agree about the dance team, that was a Greenspan cut! Yes, he drives the moped around the stadium parking lot yelling and getting everyone excited, it is GREAT! and funny too.

  5. I dont get the animosity towards this kid. I like his spirit and livens up the Hall a bit. IU screwed up by not having some kind of mascot for all these years

  6. I think it is stupid, but the gorilla is somewhat more tolerable then alot of the stupid stuff we have to see in the stands. For example, the giant picture heads. I think I saw Rod Blagovich and other non IU related faces. I also despise some of the costumes, I mean come on lobsters and bananas???? When I was there from 99-2003 people went to see games and knew the game of basketball. It wasn’t a foolish spectacle of totally nonsensical crap. Its a joke and makes IU look pathetic.

  7. Yes, and what does a hoosier look like? A gorilla? I imagine something more like that guy from Nebraska; a cornhusker. Maybe it’s his halloween costume? How ’bout a banti rooster!

  8. IU basketball is a SOCIAL gathering. how can you take this kind of stuff so seriously? come on now. I KNOW the kids love it and I’m sure the recruits love the spirit too.

  9. My wife and I enjoy seeing what goofy costumes the kids will wear to the games. You’re only young once, have fun and enjoy the college years. I would imagine that gorilla man knows the game of basketball as much as any other fan. Time we forget the tyrant we had as a coach that wouldn’t allow students to have fun at games and let the kids enjoy it. Gorilla kid said he traveled to KY to see us beat Duke. A true fan in my book. Go Hoosiers and Go Gorilla!

  10. This sort of thing is great at Assembly Hall. Look at other schools nationwide on TV, they have characters all over the place. I think it builds spirit. IU used to have the students sit way up high and the big boosters sat low. Many of them just sat there. I think anything to keep spirit going at AH is great!

  11. My wife and are are in our fifties and we love the gorilla’s enthusiasm and we really like his seats! As for the big heads, when we sat in the end zones during the students’ Christmas break, they block my view so much I had to watch the game on the big screen. It likely doesn’t bother the students nearly as much as it did me.

    Thumbs down on the ever-growing use of vulgar language and chants.

  12. Some of you take this stuff WAY too seriously. How on earth does it make IU look pathetic? They’re students, they’re at the game, and they’re having fun. Why does a good portion of our fanbase insist on coming up with the most absurd things to complain about?

  13. I would rather see the gorilla (who is a fabulous guy….let me take a picture of him) than see that fool at Duke labeled “the speedo guy”…now that is an inappropriate outfit for a basketball game and one worth complaining about – not the gorilla!

  14. Nothing is wrong with the Gorilla as long as he stays in the student section and pumps up the crowd into a frenzy. He reminds me that IU Basketball is in a transition period. We will be seeing a different spirit at the “Hall”.

  15. The Gorilla is great. The huge mugshots of celebs, athletes and former Hoosiers are great. They need to start making them of current players next year.
    But the fans behind the baskets need some organization. Get them some more wild things to wave around and perhaps the leadership of the student body next year should go to Tom Crean and tell him next year during midnight madness and the preseason games that they need to come up with just a couple of simple ideas that fans should do together to create some real organized distration. As our teams continue to get better, our fanhood should as well. I do think the chanting of players names is cool. Its reminescent to Yankee stadium when the players are announced to their positions and the fans acknowledge them with a name chant.

  16. My goodness all you people bashin that kid need to line up, all call your Dr. and get a enemia…WOW That Kid is having fun the students LOVE Him..and all the rest of us there enjoy the kids having a good time in the stands…makes for a great atmosphere..All you haters need to be raggin on the ones showing up drunk and puking in the stands and there have been a couple this year !!!! so let the ones just having fun be, and direct your pent up fustrations what ever they may be on the students setting a bad example….GO HOOSIERS…GO GORILLIA

  17. Yeah I am glad to see most people like the creativity. The prudes need to understand that HE ALSO HAS AN IU JERSEY ON!!

    Stop being so anal and let kids be kids and have fun. People do crazy stuff in college. If you didnt go to college then you dont understand so stop it. If you did go to college and you still dont get it then YOU STILL NEED TO GET A LIFE.

    The guy has become a freaking cult icon whether you 40+ Bobby lovers can appreciate that or not. In my grandpa voice……”In my day Coach Knight would have never stood for that”. Yeah, thats because he was THE sideshow and you fogies loved every minute of it! Hypocrites!

  18. This dude is great! He livens up the Hall, so do all the other gimmicks. It gets students excited and wanting to come enjoy the game atmosphere. I love the comment bashing on him trying to get on TV. He’s there every game as with the rest of us who have no need to watch IU on TV, we’re there. What a bunch of prudes. Oh yeah, the guy that says “I was there from ’99-’03 I attended most every game through those years as well and saw many costumes then too. You must not have seen all the respectable IU students burning up Kirkwood after 3 different games in the Final Four run either. Jim makes IU look pathetic, prudish, and whiny.

  19. This alumni thinks the gorilla is a fantastic addition to the game day atmosphere at Assembly Hall! I love all the costumes and the big heads. Keep all of it.

    Many other college student sections seem to have some kind of silly matching dress code or shirt uniform rule. It’s boring in my opinion.

    I’m PROUD to support a team and a school that not only allows, but encourages their students and fans to cheer and show their support for the team in creative ways. The creativity and passion is and truly amazing!

  20. This alumni (age 63) thinks the gorilla is absolutely great! I realy enjoy all the costumes and the big heads (tho’ the bricks are my favorite). I love the spirit and creativity of the students! I’m hoping Coach Crean picks the gorilla to be honorary captain Wednesday night. Go team!

  21. The replies here remind me that there will always be a certain percentage of IU fans who believe that fans’ role in Assembly Hall is to sit quietly and watch the virtues of motion offense and man-to-man defense with great reverence and to do otherwise is blasphemy.

    I’m actually happy the gorilla is something one fan is doing on his own. I thought it was a university thing.

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