1. I have a question – where is the coverage of tonight’s Women’s game? They go to Madison and win it in overtime and yet there was no discussion, no coverage, and there is no article recognizing the ladies getting a conference win?

  2. still NO story. I bet if they had won the last 4 games, there would be 2 stories. Great game. I am glad they won because the season will turn out on a positive note. It would have been hard to come back from losing that game after the comeback and fight and then to be on a 5 game losing streak. Maybe they turn the corner now, they looked aggressive, especially Braun!

  3. Chris, thanks. I was just giving you a hard time. I am used to seeing a blog or 2 after the womens games. I will go and read now!

  4. Korman – can I start posting here again? I have some things I need to get off my chest about Dumes’ suspension and the football program.

  5. Aruss,


    Though if I were you and I came back to this blog, I would sit in the back seat of every restaurant I go to and have a clear view of the door. Because I’d know that Mike P. was after me.

  6. Wisco,

    I will be fair, but I won’t attack just to attack. Like always, I will answer him with the facts at hand, and then shread through every lie, half truth and piece of ignorance he post. When it is done, like always I will leave little scraps for the rest of you to feast on.

  7. Haha, nice. You’re too kind. I don’t even remember the conversation now, but a promise is a promise, no?

    I try to avoid it, but when my better judgment escapes me (as is often the case), I’ll take some of those scraps.

  8. It was a bet during a game, he said if IU didn’t get beat by 30 or more, he would quit posting on here. They lost by 24 or 25 that night. I have to admit, he has done well, and asked permission of Korman to come back. Korman agreed but issued a warning as did I that he will be posting at his on risk.

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