AAU and agents

Another interesting story from the Yahoo team of Dan Wetzel and Josh Peter, who’ve been discussed on this blog before.

In this installment, they explore the ways sports agents are attempting to buy influence with AAU coaches.

Specifically, they explore one interaction between a New York-based agency and the So-Cal All-Stars, a prominent program that annualy produces multiple Division I players (including Malik Story, who is mentioned in the story.)

It’s worth a read.


  1. His recent teams featured more than a dozen potential NBA prospects including … Malik Story (Indiana) … .


  2. What a shock! I have said for years how can the NCAA even begin to regulate recruitment by colleges when the AAU is out there just making a mockery of the whole process. The NCAA should just down any enforcement activities until they can do something about the AAU and its clowns that call themselves coaches. It the same on all levels of all “travel team” sports. The coach is making bucks in hopes of yielding some influence for another payday. The loser on that level are the poor families that believe their kid actually have a chance for a scholarship, when then don’t.

  3. These AAU teams detract from the players’ high school teams and coaches. I think it is high time that the NCAA do something about the AAU. The AAU and the 3-point shot are ruining high school and college basketball.

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