Dumes update

Chris Korman writes:

Junior guard Devan Dumes has not been able to practice since injuring his knee in Tuesday night’s game, Indiana head coach Tom Crean said Friday.

Dumes, the team’s leading scorer, aggravated a previous injury to his right knee early in the loss to Michigan State and has been limited to light drills only, Crean said. Dumes has been receiving treatment for the injury, which Crean called a sprain, but a timetable for his return has not been set.

Freshman Malik Story has also been limited this week due to step throat, but did practice some Friday, according to Crean.


  1. I understand from orthopods (orthopaedic physicians) that sprain are harder to heal than breaks. Depending where the sprain is, he may be out for the rest of the season. If he does return, again, depending on where it is, he could risk the chance of needing surgery. Not a good thing for an athlete.

  2. Sprains in general do heal slower as ligaments have less vascular structure to supply blood for the healing process. You can always tell when someone has no medical background when they say, “Fortunately it wasn’t broken, it was only a sprain.”

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