It’s a good day for baseball

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Minnesota 12, Indiana 5 (Final)

Evan Crawford comes through with a RBI-double, and Chris Hervey’s fielder’s choice drove in a run, and Jake Dunning’s shot up the middle scored Crawford. But that was it.

Minnesota 12, Indiana 2 (Heading to the Bottom of the Ninth)

Derek McCallum drove in A.J. Pettersen with a towering shot to left field.

Pettersen had gotten himself into scoring position by dashing for second base when Leieninger wheeled and thought about throwing to first for the pick off. By the time Leieninger threw to first and Sabourin threw to second it was too late.

After the McCallum shot, pinch hitter Jon Hummel rocketed a line drive over the left field wall. This is a dude who has had seven hits this year; two of them have been home runs.

Minnesota 9, Indiana 2 (End of Eighth)

Hey, Handran retired the side again. This time, though, he did so with the help of an astounding play by Justin Gominsky in left field. He dove and robbed Sabourin of a sure extra-base hit.

Minnesota 9, Indiana 2 (Heading to the Bottom of the Eight)

Leieninger works quickly through three batters. This is a good thing, since the Hoosiers have been searching for an effective lefty out of the bullpen.

Minnesota 9, Indiana 2 (End of Seventh)

Another three up, three down showing for the Hoosiers.

Minnesota 9, Indiana 2 (Heading to the Bottom of the Seventh)

It’s apparently only a good day for baseball if you are a Gopher.

Indiana gives up two more runs, as Wyatt Hoff ends up hitting a batter with the bases loaded — the second time an IU pitcher did so today. Drew Leininger replaced Hoff and immediately got Minnesota to hit into what looked like a sure double play…until Rogers’ throw took Sabourin off the bag.

Minnesota 7, Indiana 2 (End of Sixth)

Josh Phegley gets his first hit of the day — a single to left — but is eventually stranded on third when Rogers strikes out.

Minnesota 7, Indiana 2 (Heading to the Bottom of the Sixth)

Monar did, in fact, return for the sixth. And got through it unscathed, giving up two hits but no runs.

Minnesota 7, Indiana  2 (End of Fifth)

The Hoosiers get on board when Derek McCallum’s error allows Evan Crawford — who’d just stolen second — to race home after an infield single by Chris Hervey.

Hervey scores when Jake Dunning, the No. 9 hitter, manages to reach out and hit a ball the other way and over the head of the right fielder.

But Sabourin left runners on first and third when he was caught looking.

Minnesota 7, Indiana 0 (Heading to Bottom of Fifth)

Monar works through a lead-off walk — and gets a batter looking to end the inning — but reaches 100 pitches. With Wyatt Hoff getting loose in the bullpen, it could be the last we see of Monar.

Minnesota 7, Indiana 0 (End of Fourth)

The inning ended before I even took a deep breath. Three up, three down.

Minnesota 7, Indiana 0 (Heading to Bottom of Fourth)

A weird sequence leads to Minnesota’s second run: Decker reaches on a strike out and wild pitch, then Sabourin can’t field a dinky grounder, and then Monar’s called for a balk and eventually walks a batter to load the bases. And then Matt Nohelty stands in on a breaking ball that doesn’t break and “drives” in the run.

Then Indiana’s Evan Crawford throws away a chance to complete the double play, allowing two runs to score. Crawford, it should be noted, is back at second base today due to injuries. He’d moved to the outfield prior to the season.

The fourth run of the inning was honest: Derek McCallum ripped a single to right field and scored Pettersen from second.

Fifth run of the inning came after a couple of bloopers into right field fell and loaded the bases; Nick O’Shea’s line shot to left field turned into a sac fly.

As for the sixth run…that Decker  guy (so he actually had 13 catches for 190 yards against eh Hoosier football players last season) ripped a line drive into right field to score a runner from second.

Finally, Monar got out of the inning with a strike out. Six runs on five hits and an error.

Minnesota 1, Indiana 0 (End of Third)

Three up, three down. Minnesota pitcher Chauncy Handran is cruising but will have to face the meat of the order for the second time in the fourth.

Minnesota 1, Indiana 0 (Heading to Bottom of Third)

After an A.J. Pettersen walk to open the inning, Minnesota’s Michael Rvasnicka squared to bunt.

Gotta appreciate the sound baseball fundamentals there. Move the runner along and all that.

But Kvasnicka’s hitting .462. Yes,  .426. And he’s a fairly mediocre bunter. Or at least was in this case: he bunted the ball off of the ground and simultaneously ran into it as he tried to get to first. That, baseball fans, is an out.

Monar did allow a hit after that, but got Nick O’Shea to fly out to deep left to end the inning.

Minnesota 1, Indiana 0 (End of Second)

Kipp Schutz shows he’s more than just a 3-point contest winner and knocks one up the middle to open the inning.

But a poor bunt attempt by Tyler Rogers gives Schutz no chance to reach second, and Evan Crawford grounds into a 5-4-3 double play to end the inning.

Minnesota 1, Indiana 0 (Heading to Bottom of Second)

Phegley’s perfect throw ends the inning. Nohelty, who’d been hit by a Monar pitch, never had a chance as he tried to slide into second.

Minnesota 1, Indiana 0 (End of First)

Jerrud Sabourin manages a nifty single down the left field line but never moves off first base as Chauncy Handran worked through the top of the lineup with good control.

Minnesota 1, Indiana 0 (Heading to Bottom of First)

Monar can’t get his curve to work in the first and ends up in trouble. But he got Eric Decker — yes, the wide receiver who had like 74 catches against the Hoosiers earlier this year — to fly out with bases loaded and two outs to work out of the jam without as much damage as there could have been.


And I’m here at Sembower Field to watch Indiana open the Big Ten season against Minnesota.

Blake Monar, the heralded freshman who was a draft pick of the New York Yankees, gets the start tonight. It’s really been the pitching that has let the Hoosiers down so far — they’re 7-14 after being picked to win the Big Ten — and there’s probably something to the fact that Monar gets the start in the home league opener.

Updates when warranted.


  1. Man as a Yankee fan who was hoping the kid would sign and an IU student who is glad he didnt I’m very conflicted on Monar……..Listening to this 4th inning is painful for the kid it sounds like he is pitching well but just cant get any breaks

  2. It was not a bad pitching performance besides the walks (tight strikezone for the umps though). Even after this game, Monar still has opponents hitting a very low average against him. Plus, he has still only given up one extra base hit all year. He will definitely be instrumental as the year progresses. Plus, Arnett has pitched awesome and we know Bashore can be great as well. Not sure if you have been watching much Jimmy, but it has been errors and untimely hitting that has been two of our biggest weaknesses! Granted, the bullpen hasn’t been that great either though.

  3. 1/2 game out of first place with 3 conference series to go!! The last 2 are home, so come out and watch!

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